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Brand Rating
Excellent Brand
Value for Money
Running Costs
$340 Over 10 Years
Kagoo Score
Our Verdict:
The highest scoring medium washing machine on the market, with a very good spec. It has a child lock and a delayed start timer and features adjustable spin speed.
Features We Love:
Big drum capacity (9kg)
Child lock
Delayed start timer
Pre-wash function
1,100 RPM
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Kagoo Score

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With very low running costs and representing excellent value for money, we have ranked the LG WT1501CW number 1 in medium washing machines and number 2 across all washing machines.


Kagoo Score
Brand Rating
Value for Money
Running Costs


Kagoo Score

Why Has it Scored 88?

LG is an excellent washing machine brand.
It is over 2 years old and it is likely that newer, better washing machines are available.
This washing machine has running costs of $340 over 10 years, which puts it in the cheapest 4% of all 2,400+ washing machines that we have calculated running costs for.
It has some great features:
Big drum capacity
Has a child lock
Has a delayed start timer
Has a pre-wash function
More free time
NFC tag on
Call, connect, resolve
The hottest thing in cold

What is the Kagoo Score?

We calculate the Kagoo Score for each washing machine by looking at its reviews, features, popularity, age, value for money and running costs.

The Kagoo Score is an easy way to understand whether the washing machine is recommended.

The Kagoo Scores are constantly being updated. As newer, higher spec washing machines come to market, the older washing machines will gradually have their Kagoo Score reduced.


Key Reasons For and Against

Big drum capacity
Has a child lock
Has a delayed start timer
Has a pre-wash function
Slower than average maximum spin speed
Does not have a load balancing system
Only eight washing programs
Big Drum Capacity
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The smallest drum capacity of washing machines is 1kg, the biggest is 45kg, and the average drum capacity is 7.9kg. The drum capacity of the LG WT1501CW of 9kg is bigger than average when compared to most other washing machines. It is bigger than 82% of all washing machines when ordered by this feature.

What does "drum capacity" mean? Less Edit
Slower Than Average Maximum Spin Speed

The maximum spin speed of the WT1501CW of only 1,100 RPM is in the slowest 9% of all washing machines when sorted by this feature. The slowest maximum spin speed of washing machines is 100 RPM, the fastest is 2,800 RPM, and the average maximum spin speed is 1,300 RPM.

What does "maximum spin speed" mean? Less Edit
Has a Child Lock
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The WT1501CW has a child lock, as do 62% of washing machines.

What is a child lock? Less Edit
Does Not Have a Load Balancing System

Like most other washing machines, the WT1501CW does not have a load balancing system. 66% of washing machines do not have a load balancing system.

What is a load balancing system? Less Edit
Has a Delayed Start Timer
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The WT1501CW has a delayed start timer. 82% of washing machines also have a delayed start timer.

Chart Hide Chart What is a delayed start timer? Less Edit
Only Eight Washing Programs

Most washing machines have between 4 and 30 washing programs, including the WT1501CW which has eight washing programs.

Chart Hide Chart What does "washing program" mean? Less Edit
Has a Pre-Wash Function

The WT1501CW has a pre-wash function, unlike 95% of washing machines which do not have a pre-wash function.

Chart Hide Chart What is a pre-wash function? Less Edit
Value for Money

Value for Money

We determine value for money by calculating a quality score for each product based on its reviews, features and age, and then comparing this quality score to the product price. A washing machine with a high quality score and low price will get a good value for money score.

We have analysed the LG WT1501CW, and ranked it:

Good Value For Money
This washing machine is both high quality and a low price, making it excellent value for money.

Product Quality Score
High End Good Value for Money
Kitchen Objects - 036 - Washing Machine
Poor Value for Money Budget Choice

Whilst the product is in the most expensive 92% of washing machines, it has mediocre features and at $904.99 it appears to be great value for money overall.

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Value for Money of Similar Washing Machines

The chart below compares the value for money of the LG WT1501CW (the red dot) against some of its competitors (the blue dots). Hover on a blue dot to see additional info for each competitor. Click the dot to view that product.

Better Value For Money Worse Value For Money
Running Costs

LG WT1501CW Running Costs

The WT1501CW is in the cheapest 4% of all 2,400+ washing machines that we have assessed for running costs. Based on typical energy prices and usage levels, we estimate the WT1501CW will cost $340 over 10 years to run.

Running Cost Calculator

Washes per week: washes
Show running costs over: years
Electricity cost when switched on $343
Electricity cost when on standby $0
@ $0.12364061 per kwh - Edit electricity price and usage
kwh per wash
kwh per hour left on standby
Electricity price $per kilowatt hour
Annual electricity price inflation %
Water cost when switched on $0
@ $0.001770097 per litre - Edit water usage and price
litres per wash
Water price $per litre
Annual water price inflation %
Submit Energy Consumption Figures
Total running cost over 10 years
Running costs for this washing machine have been estimated based on other similar washing machines. If you know how much electricity and water the LG WT1501CWuses then please let us know by entering those figures in the boxes above.
Running this washing machine over 10 years will generate 1.9 tonnes of carbon dioxide (CO2).
To offset that much CO2 you would need to plant 50 tree seedlings and grow them for 10 years.

How Will These Costs Increase?

Calculate your own running costs for other products using our running cost calculator.

How Can I Save Money on My Energy Costs?

There's lots of simple ways to reduce your electricity costs at home. Read our comprehensive guide "How to Save Electricity at Home: 101 Powerful Tips".

How Big is the LG WT1501CW?

The LG WT1501CW is 685.8mm wide and 1,025.5mm tall. It is 720.7mm deep and weighs 61.6kg.

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Frequently Asked Questions About the LG WT1501CW

QWhat is the drum capacity of the LG WT1501CW?
AThe LG WT1501CW has a drum capacity of 9 kilograms.
QWhat is the maximum spin speed of the LG WT1501CW?
AThe LG WT1501CW has a maximum spin speed of 1,100 revolution per minute.
QDoes the LG WT1501CW have a load balancing system?
ANo, the LG WT1501CW does not have a load balancing system.
QDoes the LG WT1501CW feature adjustable spin speed?
AYes, the LG WT1501CW features adjustable spin speed.
QDoes the LG WT1501CW have a delayed start timer?
AYes, the LG WT1501CW has a delayed start timer.
QDoes the LG WT1501CW have a quick washing program?
AYes, the LG WT1501CW is a washing machine with a quick washing program.
QWhat available colours does the LG WT1501CW have?
AThe LG WT1501CW has a white colour.
QWhat is the loading type of the LG WT1501CW?
AThe LG WT1501CW has a top loading type.
QDoes the LG WT1501CW have a built-in display?
AYes, the LG WT1501CW has a built-in display.
QWhat is the case design of the LG WT1501CW?
AThe LG WT1501CW has a freestanding case design.
QDoes the LG WT1501CW have a direct drive?
AYes, the LG WT1501CW has a direct drive.
QDoes the LG WT1501CW have a child lock?
AYes, the LG WT1501CW has a child lock.
QWhat is the width of the LG WT1501CW?
AThe LG WT1501CW has a width of 685.8 millimeters.
Sorry, we couldn't find any reviews for the LG WT1501CW. However we have checked the rating of all LG washing machines and the average score is 95%.

LG WT1501CW Specification

Key Features
Drum Capacity
Maximum Spin Speed
Load Balancing System
Washing Program
Adjustable Spin Speed
Delayed Start Timer
Maximum Delay Start
Washing Programs
White Washing Program
Quick Washing Program
Pre-Wash Program
Delicate/silk Washing Program
Cotton Washing Program
Cold Washing Program
Loading Type
Built-in Display
Case Design
Dispenser Tray Type
Door Hinge
Door Colour
Control Type
Display Type
Direct Drive
Child Lock
Adjustable Feet
Energy Consumption Per Cycle
Current Rating
AC Input Voltage
Weight & Dimensions
Depth (With Door Open)
Technical Details
Pre-Wash Function
Packaging Data
Package Weight
Package Height
Package Depth
Package Width

Product Identifiers

Manufacturer Part Numbers

lg wt1501cw, lg 45cubic


 00048231015905,  00772454065606

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