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Compare Washer Dryers

837 washer dryers from 2 retailers in the United States

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Whirlpool WFW95HEDC
#2 in Washer dryers

Whirlpool WFW95HEDC

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Bosch WAT28402UC
#1 in Washer dryers

Bosch WAT28402UC

Whirlpool WTW8500DR

Whirlpool WTW8500DR

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Washer Dryer Retailers

We compare prices from 2 washer dryer retailers every day to bring you the best deals. We compare high street and online prices to make sure you save money on your favourite washer dryer. We search for bargains from the United States's largest retailers such as Amazon and ebay as well as smaller shops in our mission to show you the best offers available today.

eBay Best Buy
White Hoover washer dryer

Choosing the Best Washer Dryer for your House

Washer Dryers, as the name suggest, combine both washing machine and tumble dryers into a single appliance. They tend to be smaller and be less effective than individual washers and dryers, but the saving in space is a massive advantage if you have limited space for large appliances.

Washer dryers can be used individually for either washing or drying clothes, or a single mode can do the entire cycle, moving seamlessly from washing to drying. This can be a timesaver if you only run a single load of clothing at once, since you won’t have to swap between several machines.

We have both freestanding and integrated washer dryers on our website. An integrated washer dryer is one that can be installed into it’s own section in your kitchen, often hidden behind a door so that it blends in with the rest of the cupboards. While this provides a significantly nicer and more coherent design for your kitchen, integrated machines are substantially more expensive than the freestanding alternatives.


Most models of washer dryers will have some form of automatic drying program, which will use sensors to determine when the clothes have been sufficiently dried. This can help save money by keeping cycle times no longer than they need to be. More advanced models may also have an additional ‘iron-dry’ program, which leaves clothes damp enough to make ironing easier.

An 'anti-crease’ function is a typical mode of washer dryers - this periodically rotates the clothes in the drum once they have finished drying, in order to minimise creasing.

Lastly, models may also have specialist washing/drying programs for delicate clothes and fabrics - using these can help prevent damage or undue wear to your clothes. This also extends to the spin speed - most models of washer dryer will have variable spin speeds, dictating how fast the drum rotates. Certain delicate fabrics may have a maximum speed they can be spun at to prevent accidental damage. On the other hand, extremely soiled clothes may need far faster spin speeds to properly remove all the dirt from them.

Silver LG washer dryer
White John Lewis washer dryer


The capacity of the drum in a washer dryer will determine how many clothes can be cleaned in a single cycle. We measure drum capacity in kilograms (Kg), with a single Kg being roughly equivalent to a single outfit. Bigger washer dryers have larger capacities, which may be necessary for families - single people and couples may find it far cheaper and more energy efficient to buy a smaller appliance.

Please note that as a rule washer dryers have a smaller maximum capacity for drying clothes than they do for drying them. This is because drying clothes requires a larger airflow through the drum to dry effectively, meaning less space for clothes.

Noise Level

Noise levels for our appliances are measured in Db - most washer dryers fall between 60-70db, which is generally slightly quieter than the noise of a vacuum cleaner running. While washer dryers generally don’t cause enough noise to be troublesome, if you live in a thin-walled apartment or tend to run washing overnight, it may be worth investing in an extra-quiet machine.

Energy Efficiency

Finally, all our washer dryers are graded on their energy efficiency. The higher the grade, the less energy will be used per cycle, and the cheaper the appliance will be to run. Look for a machine graded A+ or above or the best efficiency in daily use.