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We compare: 580 Webcam Models 18,800 Webcam Reviews 2,260 Webcam Prices
We compare:
580 Webcam Models
18,800 Webcam Reviews
2,260 Webcam Prices
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

QWhat is a Full HD Webcam?
AA Full HD (High-Definition) Webcam is one capable of recording video at a minimum resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels
QWhat is face tracking on a webcam?
AFace tracking is special software to allow the webcam to recognise the face of the user, and automatically swivel and move to keep their face centre-frame.
QWhy is a microphone useful on a webcam?
AMicrophones are useful extras for a webcam, since they can then be used for full video calls via Skype or Facetime.

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Webcam Buying Guide

Most laptops have a built-in webcam these days, although PC owners are not so lucky. Finding the right webcam does not have to be difficult and web cameras are cheaper than you might think. With so much competition between manufacturers like Logitech, Microsoft, HP and Genius, the quality of web cams is constantly improving and some great bargains can be found.

The first step in finding the best webcam to buy is to identify the features you need: Simpler and cheaper webcams will have fewer features and are ideal for staying in touch with friends and family. For professional use, might want a more expensive webcam that supports video conferencing and is capable of producing a high quality image.

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Video Resolution (Megapixels)

The resolution of webams has been improving and is no longer as much of an issue as it used to be. Most webcams today have 720p and 1080p Full HD resolution. A higher video resolution will result in a clearer image. If you want to use your webcam for high quality streaming video make sure you choose a cam with at least Full HD (approximately 2 megapixel) or higher resolution such as 2560x1920.

Still Image Resolution (Megapixels)

Many webcams can take higher resolution still images compared to their maximum video resolution. This is ideal if you want to use your webcam to take high quality photos.

Frame Rate

The frame rate states how many images per second your webcam can take, which are then com. Aim for at least 30 frames per second (fps) for standard use to ensure your webcam’s streaming video appears smooth and without judder. For an even smoother, higher quality moving image choose a webcam with 60fps or above.

Not all webcams can retain a high frame rate and a high resolution at the same time. The maximum frame rate you can stream also depends on your video chat application.

Lens Material

Cheaper webcams will have a lens made out of plastic, which is sufficient for Skype calls. Better quality webcams use glass lenses, which produce a higher quality and more vivid image.

Low Light Quality

Some webcams such as those with Logitech’s RightLight Technology can ensure video recorded in low light conditions has sufficient contrast and clarity. If you plan to use your webcam mostly in the evenings or with a reduced light environment, make sure that it can handle low light conditions.

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Keep in mind that the image quality you will experience does not only depend on your webcam. The speed of your Internet connection, how fast your computer and graphics card can process and display video, and the resolution of your screen or monitor all affect the final result.


Make sure your webcam has a built-in microphone (most do). While the sound quality of a small built-in microphone won’t be great, it will be perfectly sufficient for Skype calls.

Higher end models support noise cancelling. If you are planning on recording seminars or tutorials to post on YouTube you might want to consider investing into an external microphone which will give a much better sound quality.

Some higher-end webcams aimed a video conferencing include a remote so you can control the webcam when sitting in a meeting. Depending on the webcam you can control camera pan, tilt and zoom, volume adjustments and answering and ending calls.

Autofocus, Manual Focus and Face Tracking

Your webcam will attempt to focus on a subject in a scene to make sure the image stays sharp and clear. Face tracking webcams will find your face and stay focused on you. Even if you move around, the camera will quickly refocus on you.

If there is a lot of activity in a scene and your webcam does not support face tracking, the autofocus can get confused and focus on the wrong part of the picture. In this case a webcam that allows manual focussing might be a better solution.

Included Software & Video Effects

Some webcam models come with software that allows you to get creative (or silly!) while recording. You can also use your cam with software that was included with your comouter or that you purchased independently.

Supported Operating Systems

Most webcams include drivers for popular operating systems such as Microsoft Windows and Apple Mac OSX. Make sure the webcam you are looking to buy supports the type and version of computer operating system you have installed, particularly if you are running a less common OS like Unix, Linux or older versions such as Windows 8 or Windows XP.

VIZIO Webcams

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Webcam Brands - Average Ratings

We have analysed 352 expert reviews and 11,772 user reviews for webcams from across the internet and used this data to evaluate the average rating for each brand of webcam.

How Fast Do VIZIO Webcam Prices Drop After Release?

VIZIO webcams tend to depreciate faster than most webcams. Most webcams drop in price by 13% in the first 6 months after release. On average, in the first 6 months after release, VIZIO webcams drop in price by 32%. That means a saving of $19 on a typical $59 new VIZIO webcam if you wait 6 months before buying.