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A 2 year old 800 Watt Cylinder vacuum vacuum with average features
800W Cylinder Vacuum Dry 5.5kg Aug 2015
Maximum Input Power Type Cleaning Type Weight Release Date

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VAX C86-AS-P-E Review

With average features,
Average Features
Overall Score

Why Has it Scored 36?

At over a year old this vacuum cleaner is slightly out of date, and newer vacuum cleaners with more up to date technology are available. View the latest vacuum cleaners 2017.
It has some good features, but is also missing a few features:
Has a hard floor brush
Has a turbo brush

VAX C86-AS-P-E In-Depth Analysis


Average Maximum Input Power

The VAX C86-AS-P-E has a fairly standard maximum input power (800 Watts) compared to most of the other vacuum cleaners.

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Average Weight

The weight of the C86-AS-P-E of 5.5kg is pretty average compared to most other vacuum cleaners. It is in the heaviest 49% of all vacuum cleaners when ranked by this feature.

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Has a Hard Floor Brush

The C86-AS-P-E has a hard floor brush. 78% of vacuum cleaners do not have a hard floor brush.

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Has a Turbo Brush

The C86-AS-P-E has a turbo brush, unlike 91% of vacuum cleaners which do not have a turbo brush.

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Has a Flexible Hose

The C86-AS-P-E has a flexible hose. 83% of vacuums do not have a flexible hose.

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A Hard Floor Cleaning Performance Class

This vacuum has an A hard floor cleaning performance class, which is typical of many vacuum cleaners.

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Has a Parquet Brush

The C86-AS-P-E has a parquet brush, which is unusual. 89% of vacuum cleaners do not have a parquet brush.

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Quite Quiet Noise Level

The noise level of the VAX C86-AS-P-E of only 72dB is in the quietest 18% of all vacuums when ordered by this feature. Across all the vacuum cleaners the noise levels range from 7.5dB to 91dB, and the average noise level is 77dB.

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Product Identifiers

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