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Dyson DC58 Animal
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Dyson DC58 Animal Vacuum Cleaner

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16 Reasons For

User Reviews Are Excellent

On average, people who bought this vacuum rated it as terrific. This puts this vacuum cleaner in the top 6% of all the latest comparable spec vacuums when ranked by average user review score.

Good Suction

A few Dyson DC58 Animal owners wrote in their reviews that the product had good suction. Dave wrote in January last year “Very strong suction recommend” . Irinam wrote in their review of this vacuum cleaner “Looks great and suction power no problem.” however despite that they rated the Dyson DC58 Animal 2 stars. Mintcake mentioned on Amazon “The DC58 seems to have resolved this problem and provides powerful suction for over a quarter of an hour, which is ample for most purposes - eg vacuuming the car” in their Dyson DC58 Animal review and gave it an excellent review score.

Easy to Use

Several Dyson DC58 Animal reviewers concluded that this vacuum cleaner was easy to use. Two years ago Alex Barber wrote in his Dyson DC58 Animal review on Amazon “Its very handy and powerful” and rated the product as very good. Greg said “Its handy for picking crumbs up or giving a stair not stairs a quick going over” in his review. Three years ago Jck scored the Dyson DC58 Animal very highly and said in their review of the Dyson DC58 Animal on Amazon “Is a joy to use”.

Popular Choice

The DC58 Animal is one the most popular vacuum currently on sale.


A few people who bought the product mentioned that it was easy to move around.

Good Size

A number of customers who reviewed it reckoned that it was lightweight. Kiyone wrote on Amazon “Easy to use, lightweight and so handy!”. Laserdude wrote in their review of the Dyson DC58 Animal on Amazon “Small, lightweight and powerful vacuum cleaner”. Laserdude also mentioned “Small, lightweight vacuum cleaner with a very powerful motor”.

Good Brand

Based on 11,956 user and expert reviews, Dyson has good ratings for its vacuum cleaners. Dyson also has good ratings specifically within its vacuums range compared to other brands.


Good At Cleaning Pet Hair

Two Dyson DC58 Animal reviewers considered that the product was good at cleaning cat hair. Holls Dxb mentioned “Life changing item - picks up cat hair so easily off the carpets, couch, bed” in their Dyson DC58 Animal review. Kiyone gave the product a score of 5 stars and wrote on Amazon “The handheld version is powerful enough to vacuum up cat hair, dirt from the potted plants the cats have knocked over”.

Nice Design

One Dyson DC58 Animal owner wrote in their reviews that the product was good looking. One customer wrote in their reviews that it was neat. Mintcake gave this vacuum cleaner a rating of 5 stars and wrote on Amazon “The plug in cord is neat and convenient and at least you don't have to drill the wall”.

One customer who reviewed this vacuum cleaner concluded that it was a good design. Mintcake mentioned “The capacity is bigger than previously and the overall design is pleasing, although it is a little heavier than its predecessors, especially when fitted with the motorised head” in their review and gave the product a score of 5 stars.

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Easy to Empty

One customer who purchased it concluded that it was easy to empty. Laserdude mentioned on Amazon “The built-in dust catcher is very easy to empty, straight into the bin” in their Dyson DC58 Animal review.

Acceptable Noise Level

One customer who purchased the Dyson DC58 Animal thought it was quiet. Alison Grosle she mentioned on Amazon “Does the job quietly and efficiently” in her Dyson DC58 Animal review.

Good Support

One Dyson DC58 Animal reviewer who bought this vacuum cleaner thought it had good technical guidance. Alison Grosle scored the product very highly and she wrote in her review on Amazon “Instructions easy to read”.

Good Product Quality

A number of Dyson DC58 Animal owners considered that it was good quality. Mintcake rated the product as excellent and said on Amazon “They are innovative, well made and work well”. Yuliya wrote on Amazon “Why would such a high quality product need to be tested prior to selling? The item was labelled as new” in their Dyson DC58 Animal review.


One person who reviewed the product reckoned that it was well made.

Good Battery Life

A few customers who bought the product reckoned that it had a good battery life. B Rose said in their review of the Dyson DC58 Animal on Amazon “Battery life is pretty good, recharge rate is good”. Essdee gave it a rating of 5 stars and mentioned two years ago “The battery time is plenty for dusting all areas in my flat”.

Just Released Seven Months Ago

As one of the newer vacuums, this vacuum cleaner is likely to use better technology.

2 Reasons Against

Does Not Have a Brush Tool

Like most of the other new vacuums, the DC58 Animal does not have a brush tool.

Chart Edit

Not Cordless

Like most of the other similar spec vacuums that came out in the last 12 months, the DC58 Animal is not cordless.

If you want a vacuum cleaner that is cordless then you might also want to look at the Imetec Piuma Force[plb_3309353_price].

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Expert Reviews

18 May 2014

?????????????????????????????? ?? Dyson Cool ????? ?????????????????? Dyson ??????????????????? Dyson ?????????????????????????????????????? Dyson... Read more…

User Reviews

Reviewed 16 January 2014 by Sue
Sue would recommend the Dyson DC58 Animal

Excellent product and excellent service from Argos. I bought this specifically to clean my car and the stairs. Very light to hold. Excellent suction. I have a very hairy dog and the product is... Read more…

Reviewed 25 August 2015 by Katybgood
Katybgood would recommend the Dyson DC58 Animal

I bought this to make life easier with dog hairs on my furniture. This is the best thing I've bought in ages. It is so easy to use, is quite light and the different attachments mean you can get in... Read more…

Reviewed 22 July 2014 by Fraser
Fraser would recommend the Dyson DC58 Animal

The mini vac is ideal for spaces that the full size Dyson Animal is difficult to use on, i.e. stairs and for cleaning out the animal hairs from the car...

Reviewed 4 March 2014 by Jan Hx
Jan Hx would recommend the Dyson DC58 Animal

Works well, very easy to use and excellent on the stairs. The only down side is that it runs out of charge quite quick and takes a couple of hours to charge again...

Reviewed 11 February 2014 by Polly
Polly would recommend the Dyson DC58 Animal

Great little Dyson I would give it 5 Stars if it came with a wall bracket/charger like older models...

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