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Today's Biggest Urbanears Price DropsAugust 2020

Save over $30 with reductions on Urbanears electricals including TVs, washing machines and fridge freezers
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

QHow Do You Find Product Price Drops?
AKagoo constantly searches the web for prices on electricals and tracks those prices over time. This means we can quickly spot a genuine price drop on a product, surfacing these price reductions on our deal pages and also sending you email alerts when a product has dropped in price.
QHow Can I Track a Product's Price?
AIf there is a specific product that you are interested in then search for that prodcut on Kagoo either by browsing our category tables or by using the search box. Once you have found the product you are interested in then you can setup an email price alert for that product. We will then email you when the product drops in price or we find a coupon for the product.

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QHow Can I Check a Product's Price History?
AWe record the price history for all of our products at multiple times throughout the day. You can check a product's price history by browsing to that product from one of our category pages or by searching for it and then scrolling down to the Price History section of the page. Here you will find a price history chart which you can you filter by specific retailers. We also tabulate the recent price changes below. You can add and remove the price history for specific retailers to the chart by clicking on the chart button next to the retailer's name.

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QWhat Counts as a Price Drop?
AWe find price drops by examining the price history for all of our products. The pricing of electricals by retailers tends to be quite volatile, so we only count a price drop if we have spotted a previous price that held for a reasoable length of time followed by a new price which is lower.
QHow Can I Get Email Alerts on Price Drops?
AThere are 2 ways to receive price drop alerts by email on Kagoo.

Firstly you can browse to a specific product by using or search bar or through one of the menus at the top of the screen. You can then sign up for price alerts specifically for that product.

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Secondly you can setup alerts on any of our category or deal pages. Doing so will create email alerts for price drops (and other deals) on the category of products that you have selected. You can apply filters to the category before setting up your price alert to refine the type of alerts that you want to receive.

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QHow Long Do Price Drops Normally Last?
ASome price drops on products can be very short lived, and it's not unusual for us to see retailer's change the price of their products through the course of the day. Some price drops may only last a couple of hours before the price goes back up. That's why it's a great idea to setup an email price alert so that you will be notified the moment a product drops in price.
QAre Retailer's Claimed Price Drops Genuine?
ARetailers make alll sorts of claims about price drops. Just think about all the furniture ads on TV that are forever claiming that their prices have dropped. The problem with calculating a price drop is deciding what previous price you are measuring from. If a product was £1,000 two years ago and is now £500 does that count as a price drop? Most people would say it doesn't.

Some retailers have been known to temporarily increase the price of their products perhaps just for a few days so that they can then later reduce them back to the previous price and claim a price drop has occured.

At Kagoo we provide a completely impartial price drop tracking service. We ignore retailer's claimed price drops and carry out our own analysis of each product's price history. Go back up to a maximum of 3 months when considering a reference previous price and only count the price drop if that previous price was sustained for a reasonable period of time.
QHow Do I Know a Price Drop is Real?
AAt Kagoo we are very careful to impartially monitor product prices over time. That means that when we spot a price drop you can be certain that the previous price was genuine and the price drop is real.
QAre Some Price Drops Fake?
AIt has been known for some retailers to create artificial price drops by claiming that the product was previously a higher price. Whilst it is very likely that the product was previously listed at that previous higher price, it may be that the high price only lasted for a few days prior to which the price was back at its regular lower price. A product may also have been listed at a higher price previously when there was infact no stock, or very limited availability. The retailer wouldn't care about the price being high at these times as he wasn't going to sell any products anyway.

At Kagoo we make sure that we only count a price drop if the previous price was for a sustained period of time and was for inventory that was in stock and available for purchase.
QHow Do I Know if Prices Might Go Down Further or Go Back Up Again?
AAs well as tracking prices we also use our extensive price history data to forecast the future price of products. In fact we currently analyse several hundred million historic price points!

We use this huge amount of data to predict the price 2 weeks into the future and calculate the statistical probability of the price increasing or decreasing from its current price.

Our price prediction tool is free to use and available on all of our product pages. Just scroll down to the "Should You Buy It Now?" secion on that page.

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