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Brand Rating
Excellent Brand
Good Features
Value for Money
Kagoo Score
Very Good
Our Verdict:
A stunningly quiet and good spec steam tumble dryer, with a good price and one of the biggest drum capacities around.
10.2kg Steam 44dB 60 Min Jan 2015
Drum Capacity Drying System Noise Level Cycle Time Release Date
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Kagoo Score

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LG DLEY1701VE Price History


With outstanding reviews and very good features, we have ranked the LG DLEY1701VE number 12 across all tumble dryers.


Kagoo Score
Brand Rating
Value for Money


Kagoo Score

Why Has it Scored 70?

LG is an excellent tumble dryer brand.
It is over 2 years old and it is likely that newer, better tumble dryers are available.
This tumble dryer has some good features, but is also missing a couple of features:
Bigger than average drum capacity
Quieter than average noise level
Introducing easyload
It's easy in, easy out with easyload dual opening dryer door
The refreshing power of steam
NFC tag on
Front control design
Call, connect, resolve

What is the Kagoo Score?

We calculate the Kagoo Score for each tumble dryer by looking at its reviews, features, popularity, age, value for money and running costs.

The Kagoo Score is an easy way to understand whether the tumble dryer is recommended.

The Kagoo Scores are constantly being updated. As newer, higher spec tumble dryers come to market, the older tumble dryers will gradually have their Kagoo Score reduced.


Key Reasons For and Against

Bigger than average drum capacity
Quieter than average noise level
Shorter than average cycle time
Very big drum volume
Has a reversible doors
Has a child lock
Has an adjustable drying level
Only 12 drying programs
Bigger Than Average Drum Capacity
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The DLEY1701VE's drum capacity of 10.2kg is bigger than 98% of all laundry dryers when ranked by this feature. Across all the laundry dryers the drum capacities range from 3kg to 20kg, and the average drum capacity is 7.9kg.

What does "drum capacity" mean? Less Edit
Quieter Than Average Noise Level
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The average noise level of all tumble dryers is 65dB, with the quietest being 40dB and the loudest being 75dB. The noise level of the DLEY1701VE of only 44dB is in the quietest 1% of all tumble dryers when ordered by this feature.

What does "noise level" mean? Less Edit
Shorter Than Average Cycle Time
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Tumble dryers have cycle times of between 15 min and 310 min, and the average cycle time is 160 min. The cycle time of the DLEY1701VE of only 60 min is shorter than 98% of all tumble dryers when ranked by this feature.

What does "cycle time" mean? Less Edit
Has an Adjustable Drying Level

The DLEY1701VE has an adjustable drying level. 99% of laundry dryers also have an adjustable drying level.

Chart Hide Chart What is an adjustable drying level? Less Edit
Very Big Drum Volume

The drum volume of the DLEY1701VE of 207L is very big compared to most other tumble dryers. It is bigger than 99% of all tumble dryers when ordered by this feature. The drum volumes of tumble dryers range from 58L to 210L, and the average drum volume is 120L.

Chart Hide Chart What does "drum volume" mean? Less Edit
Only 12 Drying Programs

The DLEY1701VE is a 12 drying program tumbler. Most of the other laundry dryers have between 1 and 39 drying programs.

Chart Hide Chart What does "drying program" mean? Less Edit
Has a Reversible Doors

The DLEY1701VE has a reversible doors. 79% of tumble dryers do not have a reversible doors.

Chart Hide Chart What is a reversible doors? Less Edit
Has a Child Lock

The DLEY1701VE has a child lock, which is unusual. 57% of tumble dryers do not have a child lock.

Chart Hide Chart What is a child lock? Less Edit
Value for Money

Value for Money

We determine value for money by calculating a quality score for each product based on its reviews, features and age, and then comparing this quality score to the product price. A tumble dryer with a high quality score and low price will get a good value for money score.

We have analysed the LG DLEY1701VE, and ranked it:

Good Value For Money
This tumble dryer is both high quality and a low price, making it excellent value for money.

Product Quality Score
High End Good Value for Money
Kitchen Objects - 035 - Clothes Dryer
Poor Value for Money Budget Choice

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Value for Money of Similar Tumble Dryers

The chart below compares the value for money of the LG DLEY1701VE (the red dot) against some of its competitors (the blue dots). Hover on a blue dot to see additional info for each competitor. Click the dot to view that product.

Better Value For Money Worse Value For Money
Sorry, we couldn't find any reviews for the LG DLEY1701VE. However we have checked the rating of all LG tumble dryers and the average score is 90.3%.

LG DLEY1701VE Specification

Key Features
Drum Capacity
Drying System
Noise Level
Packaging Data
Package Weight
Package Height
Package Depth
Package Width
Drying Programs
Towel Drying Program
Cotton Drying Program
Quick Drying Program
Timed Drying Program
Steam Drying Program
Adjustable Drying Level
Cycle Time
Drying Program
Drying Level
Built-in Display
Drum Volume
Loading Type
Reversible Doors
Display Type
Control Type
Door Hinge
Case Design
Child Lock
Drum Interior Light
Adjustable Feet
Heat Source
Current Rating
AC Input Voltage
Weight & Dimensions
Depth With Door Open

Product Identifiers

Manufacturer Part Numbers

lg dley1701ve, lg 73cubic


 00048231014625,  00772454063534

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