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Compare The Best Swan ToastersAugust 2020

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What is the Kagoo Score? Our unique toasters rating which considers: 740 US prices • 8,000 expert & user reviews • 960 product comparisons • 39 industry awards • Score breakdown
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Swan logo

Swan ST19020RN

59 Reviews
Four slices  Warming rack  Defrost function 
Four slices
Warming rack
Defrost function


Over 5 years
Nov 2018


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Swan logo

Swan ST19010BLN

36 Reviews
Defrost function  Warming rack  High‑lift mechanism 
Defrost function
Warming rack
High‑lift mechanism


Aug 2015


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Swan logo

Swan ST14062N

1 Review
Defrost function  Self‑centering bread mechanism Auto pop‑up mechanism
Defrost function
Self‑centering bread mechanism
Auto pop‑up mechanism


Apr 2017

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

QWhat size toaster is right for me?
AThat very much depends on the size of your family, and how much toast you eat every morning! Most couples and small families will be satisfied with a simple 2-slice toaster, however larger families may find a 4-slice appliance means less waiting around at breakfast!
QWhat is a roll/croissant warmer?
ASome of our toasters have a roll warmer attached - this is a stand or grill that can be placed on top of the toaster, allowing rolls, buns and pastries to be warmed up using the heat from the appliance.

Buying a New Toaster

Toasters are an absolute necessity in any kitchen - how else are you going to make a proper breakfast? There are numerous choices of toaster available to you - from small 2-slice toasters meant for tiny kitchens and single people, through to enormous 6-slice toasters to serve entire families at once. These are available in all kinds of shapes and colours - allowing you to pick the perfect colour to complement your kitchen.

You can also pick a toaster with a number of different extras - such as a special warmer for buns and croissants, warming & defrost settings, and even a viewing window to watch your toast cook!

Toaster Sizes

This is the most fundamental choice when choosing a toaster - how much bread it can cook at once. Most toasters have 2 slots, allowing 2 pieces of toast to be cooked at once. For most single people or small families this will be enough, since you will rarely need to toast more than 2 pieces of bread at once. However for larger families there are toasters with 4 or even 6 slots - these allow for a far larger amount of bread to be cooked at once.

Some toasters also advertise themselves with ‘long slots’, which mean they have extra-long opening for the bread - which is especially useful for wider, squatter loaves, such as sourdough, or for fitting more slices into a single slot.

Lastly, we have some models of toaster that have a 'high lift' feature built in. This allow you raise the toaster lever up and raise the bread clear of the toasting slots, making it easier to remove. This is a helpful extra if you find yourself frequently toasting crumpets, muffins or small slices of bread.

Custom browning levels & programs

Nearly all major brands of toasters allow you to change the time the bread is toasted for, allowing you to cook the toast to exactly how you like it. Some newer models also contain preset ‘browning levels’, allowing one-touch light/medium/dark browning for your breakfast. While this is not a must-have addition, it can certainly make your life easier first thing in the morning, before your morning coffee has woken you up.

Additionally, many toasters will also contain additional preset programs for defrosting frozen bread, cooking bagels, or for warming toast back up again.

Some more advanced and expensive models of toaster have an added visual flair to them - a glass viewing window in one or both sides of the toaster. As well as serving an aesthetic value, it also allows you to more clearly see how your bread is toasting, so you can pause the toasting at the correct time.


Finally, some toasters come with additional extras, either purely aesthetic or to provide additional uses. These can include things such as a special warming rack that can be used for buns or croissants, a special holder for making toasties, or a viewing window that allows you to watch your bagels browning as you sip your morning coffee.

Swan Toasters

Swan Toaster Prices

We currently list 3 Swan toasters ranging from $32 to $59. A new Swan toaster costs on average $48 and 80% of Swan toasters are priced between $33 and $58. The Swan ST19020RN is the most expensive Swan toaster that we found at $58, and the Swan ST14062N is the cheapest at only $33.

Price Range of Swan Toasters

Swan toasters range in price from $33 to $58, and the average price of Swan toasters is $48 which is the 25th highest average price of all toaster brands.

How Good Are Swan Toasters?

We have evaluated 38 expert reviews and 7,655 user reviews for toasters and used this data to determine an average rating for Swan toasters of 64%.

When Are Most New Swan Toasters Released?

April to May is the most common period for new Swan toasters to be released in. Last year most new Swan toasters were released in May, with two new Swan toasters released that month. November was the biggest month in 2018 for new Swan toasters, with one new Swan toasters released that month. One new Swan toasters were released in April 2017 making it the biggest month that year for new Swan toaster releases.

How Fast Do Swan Toaster Prices Drop After Release?

Swan toasters tend to depreciate more slowly than most toasters. Most toasters drop in price by 6% in the first 6 months after release. On average, in the first 6 months after release, Swan toasters drop in price by 1%.

A typical new Swan toaster costs on average $133. By waiting 6 months before buying you could save on average $1.