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Today's Best Samsung Tumble Dryer DealsJuly 2020

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

QHow Much Should I Expect to Spend On a Tumble Dryer?

We currently list 17 laundry dryers ranging from $288 to $1,679. The average price of a new tumbler is $939 and the 80% of laundry dryers are priced between $449 and $1,264. The LG DLGX9001W is the most expensive tumble dryer that we found at $1,679, and the Candy CSV9DF is the cheapest at only $289.

QWhat Are The Best Tumble Dryer Brands?

We have checked 31 expert reviews and 18,833 user reviews for tumble dryers and used this data to determine the average rating for each brand of tumbler. Bosch is the top rated tumble dryer brand with an average rating of 87%. Beko is the second best brand with 86% and AEG is the third best brand with 84%.

South Korea
504 reviews
South Korea
816 reviews
1,498 reviews
0 reviews
1,271 reviews
United States
16 reviews
United States
813 reviews

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QWhat Are The Biggest Tumble Dryer Retailers?

The biggest tumble dryer retailer by number of products currently for sale is eBay. We found 5 current tumble dryer offers from eBay.

QWhich Are the Cheapest Retailers for Laundry Dryers?

The chart below helps you decide which retailer is normally cheapest for buying tumble dryers. For each retailer it shows the total number of tumble dryers where they currently have a market leading price. The chart below helps you decide which retailer is normally cheapest for buying tumble dryers. For each retailer we took all of their prices and looked at what proportion of those prices where the cheapest on the market. The cheapest retailer that we found was eBay. 4 of their tumble dryer prices were the cheapest that could be found anywhere.

Assessing how cheap each retailer is for laundry dryers by counting the number of cheapest prices for that retailer, makes the retailers that offer the greatest number of tumble dryer prices more likely to offer the greatest number of cheapest prices. The chart below considers the proportion of each retailer's tumble dryer prices that are the cheapest compared to other retailers.

QHow Quickly Do Tumble Dryers Drop in Price After Release?

In the first 6 months after release, tumble dryers drop in price by 6% on average.

If you are prepared to wait then you could save an average of $59 on a typical $939 new tumble dryer by waiting 6 months before buying.

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QWhen Are Most New Tumble Dryer Released?

The most common period for new laundry dryers to be released in is between November and January. For the latest tumbler technology you may want to consider waiting until November 2020. It's also worth keeping in mind that the price of the current tumble dryers tend to drop off when the next models are released. Last year most new tumble dryers were released in January, with seven new tumble dryers released that month. The biggest month in 2018 for new tumble dryer releases was April, with 46 new laundry dryers released that month. 58 new tumble dryers were released in November 2017 making it the biggest month that year for new tumbler releases.

QWhat Are the Best Tumble Dryers to Buy?

Check our detailed tumble dryers buying guides including:

QWhere Can I Compare All Tumble Dryers?
ACheck out our tumble dryers comparison tables which rank all the current tumble dryers.