Viewsonic PJD7830HDL
Viewsonic PJD7830HDL
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Viewsonic PJD7830HDL Recommended Recommended Patented Design
A multi award winning and cheap to run 22000:1 1920 x 1080 projector
22000:1 1080p (1920x1080) No 32dB Jul 2015
Contrast Ratio (typical) Projector Native Resolution 3D Noise Level Release Date

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Viewsonic PJD7830HDL Review

68 Reviews + 3 Awards
Not Currently for Sale
Good Features
$83 Over 1 Year
Overall Score

Why Has it Scored 41?

It has good expert reviews and superb user reviews with an average overall rating of 95%, based on 68 reviews.
At over a year old this multimedia projector is slightly out of date, and newer projectors with more up to date technology are available. View the latest projectors 2017.
This projector has running costs of $83 over 1 year, which are typical compared to the other 1,756 data projectors that we have compared it to.
It has some good features, but is also missing a few features:
Supports full HD
Has a built-in speaker(s)

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Three Industry Awards

Experts really like this Viewsonic projector and have given it three awards.

The writers at two expert review sites both concluded that they would recommend this multimedia projector. This projector received a "Recommended" award from both and

The writer at website concluded that this projector was carefully designed and gave it their "Design Award".

Expert Reviews Are Average

On average, based on three expert reviews from sites including Trusted Reviews, Techradar and this data projector has an overall expert rating of 77%.

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Owner Reviews Are Excellent

Users have rated this multimedia projector as exceptional on average. 43 reviewers (82% of all reviewers) gave this data projector the highest possible rating of 5 stars.

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Reasonably Priced

12 customers who purchased the product said that it was good value for money.

  • Fairly good deal…
  • Excellent buy at this price…
    Corndolly (Amazon) - December 2014
  • Best in the price and quality…
    Webvamsi666 (Amazon) - December 2015
  • Very good value…
    John Lynn (Amazon) - December 2014
  • Great value for money, really bright image, just be careful if you are mounting on the ceiling as the distance to screen is important at zoomed out setting, there are no height width scaling controls on software only zoom the screen as well as zoom on the lens…
    John Lynn (Amazon) - December 2014
  • It's a great alternative to the cost of large format displays which often run into the thousands for a 75+ inch display…
    S.S. (Amazon) - November 2015
  • It's hard to think of ways in which any features could be improved on at this price…
  • Amazing product for amazing price…
    Seb (Amazon) - January 2015
  • Great projector for price…
  • Fantastic projector for the price…

Inferior Sound Quality

Two owners agreed that the product did not have good sound quality.

  • It loses a star only for the sound which is not the promised qua…
  • Through the PC the sound and images sync well, although it has shown me just how bad my old PC speakers are…
    Beki (Amazon) - May 2016
  • Do budget for a decent sound system if your considering buying this…
    Super Saver (Amazon) - December 2015

Excellent Brand

Based on 780 user and expert reviews (including 107 verified purchases), Viewsonic has excellent ratings for its data projectors. Viewsonic also has excellent ratings specifically within its projectors range compared to other manufacturers. 95% of those that bought a Viewsonic data projector would recommend the product that they bought to other buyers.

Excellent Product Quality

Five customers reckoned that it was good quality.

  • The picture quality is excellent even allowing for our open living room & when viewed at night with the curtains shut is outstanding…
    Mr A P Rea (Amazon) - November 2015
  • Only problem is that when image is this big you need a very high quality input or you really notice it…
  • Bought for the local village hall Film Nights - excellent image quality and contrast in bright light…
    Paul Tatam (Amazon) - February 2016
  • Fantastic picture quality, great features, looks good, lightweight…
  • It has a fantastic picture quality…

Good Picture Quality

Four customers who reviewed the product concluded that it had good picture quality.

Easy to Use

Four people reckoned that the Viewsonic PJD7830HDL was easy to use, two people mentioned in their reviews that the product was easy to setup and two customers mentioned in their reviews that it was easy to use the menus.

  • It was really easy to set up…
  • Handy short throw…
    S. Nicol (Amazon) - January 2015
  • It's possible that even on the lowest volume setting the audio might still be too loud and unrefined to make for comfortable listening…
  • Simple to use and the cornerstone adjustment means you can line up the image from nearly any projection location…
    Paul Tatam (Amazon) - February 2016
  • Blacks are good you can get good blacks with settings and colour (Note…
    Webvamsi666 (Amazon) - December 2015
  • C) There is no cap for the lens as it was very handy to touch the bag…
    Webvamsi666 (Amazon) - December 2015
  • It's easy to use and the projection size is just brilliant with all the clarity you could want…
  • Setup-- Super Easy to setup and adjust for the screen, using the built in projection pattern helps to get the maximum size, sharpness…
    Rob (Amazon) - May 2016
  • Settings are easy to use…
  • As well as the standard focusing lens you also have the ability to lens shift with a dial, this is view handy and helps when you're trying to project at an odd Angle…
    Rob (Amazon) - May 2016

Good Size

Two people who reviewed the product wrote that it was lightweight.

Excellent Technical Features

Three customers who reviewed it thought it had good features.


Two owners who purchased it concluded that it was well made.

  • The built in speaker is great…
  • Setup-- Super Easy to setup and adjust for the screen, using the built in projection pattern helps to get the maximum size, sharpness…
    Rob (Amazon) - May 2016

Acceptable Noise Level

Two people who reviewed the product thought it was quiet.


Average Projector Brightness

The PJD7830HDL has a relatively typical projector brightness (3,200 ANSI lumens) compared to most of the other projectors.

What does "projector brightness" mean? Less Chart Hide Chart Edit

Average Noise Level

At 32 decibels, the Viewsonic PJD7830HDL has a relatively typical noise level compared to most of the other projectors.

What does "noise level" mean? Less Chart Hide Chart Edit

Supports Full HD

The PJD7830HDL supports full HD, unlike most of the other data projectors which do not support full HD.

What is full HD? Less Chart Hide Chart Edit

Has a Built-In Speaker(s)

The Viewsonic PJD7830HDL has a built-in speaker(s). Most of the other projectors also have a built-in speaker(s).

What is a built-in speaker? Less Chart Hide Chart Edit

1920 X 1080 Resolution

The highest resolution of the Viewsonic PJD7830HDL is 1920 x 1080. That's over nine times the resolution of the most common projector native resolution of 280 x 800. In addition, this Viewsonic data projector has a projector native resolution of 1080p (1920x1080). Across all projectors the worst resolution is 280 x 800 and the best is DCI 4K (4096 x 2160).

What does "projector native resolution" mean? Less Chart Hide Chart Edit


Released Over Two Years Ago

It was July 2015 when Viewsonic released the PJD7830HDL.

Running Costs

OK Running Costs

The average 1 year running cost of the PJD7830HDL is $83 based on average energy prices, which is typical compared to the other 1,756 multimedia projectors.

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Product Identifiers

Barcodes 00766907786217, 04250494913645
Longer service life of lamp
Appreciably Lower user review Score