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Panasonic PT-DW740ES

Panasonic PT-DW740ES
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A good spec but 4 year old moderate noise level 1280 x 800 resolution data projector, with average running costs
39dB 1280 X 800 2500:1 No Feb 2014
Noise Level Projector Native Resolution Contrast Ratio 3D Release Date
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Panasonic PT-DW740ES Review

With very good features, we have scored the Panasonic PT-DW740ES as follows:
Good Features
Running Costs
$200 Over 5 Years
Overall Score

Why Has it Scored 67?

It is over 2 years old and it is likely that newer, better projectors are available. View the latest projectors 2018.
This projector has running costs of $200 over 5 years, which puts it in the most expensive 6% of all 2,021 projectors that we have compared it to. View all energy saving multimedia projectors.
It has some good features, but is also missing a couple of features:
1280 x 800 resolution
Brighter than average projector brightness
Powerful 1-chip DLP projector offering 7,000 lumens of brightness, easy maintenance and flexible configuration
Vivid picture quality enhanced by an RGB booster
Excellent installation and operation flexibility
A wired LAN system makes remote control simple
Enjoy superior reliability and hassle-free maintenance
Lens not included
Louder than average noise level

Panasonic PT-DW740ES In-Depth Analysis

Running Costs

Running Costs Are High

Based on typical energy prices we estimate that the 5 year running cost of the PT-DW740ES is $200, which is in the most expensive 6% of all 2,021 projectors.

Calculate your own running costs


1280 X 800 Resolution

This data projector has a projector native resolution of 1280 x 800, which is the most frequently found resolution on projectors.

What does "projector native resolution" mean? Less Edit

Louder Than Average Noise Level

Projectors have noise levels of between 20dB and 93dB, and the average noise level is 34dB. The noise level of the PT-DW740ES of 39dB is in the loudest 11% of all data projectors when ranked by this feature.

What does "noise level" mean? Less Edit

Brighter Than Average Projector Brightness

The projector brightness of the Panasonic PT-DW740ES of 7,000 ANSI lumens is in the brightest 5% of all projectors when ordered by this feature. The projector brightnesses of projectors range from 100 ANSI lumens to 85,000 ANSI lumens, and the average projector brightness is 3,700 ANSI lumens.

What does "projector brightness" mean? Less Edit

Has a Handheld Remote Control

The PT-DW740ES has a handheld remote control, as do 81% of projectors.

What is a handheld remote control? Less Edit

Bigger Than Average Bulb Power

The smallest bulb power of projectors is 15W, the biggest is 840W, and the average bulb power is 250W. The bulb power of the PT-DW740ES of 310W is bigger than 84% of all projectors when ordered by this feature.

Chart Hide Chart What does "bulb power" mean? Less Edit

Supports Full HD

The PT-DW740ES supports full HD, unlike 63% of projectors which do not support full HD.

Chart Hide Chart What is full HD? Less Edit


The PT-DW740ES is HD-Ready, unlike 80% of projectors which are not HD-Ready.

Chart Hide Chart What does "HD-Ready" mean? Less Edit

Has a DVI Port

The Panasonic PT-DW740ES has a DVI port, unlike 90% of data projectors which do not have a DVI port.

Chart Hide Chart What is a DVI port? Less Edit

Product Identifiers

Manufacturer Part Numbers:

panasonic ptdw740elsj, panasonic ptdw740uk, panasonic dw740elsj, panasonic p178705p, panasonic p150926p, ptdw740es


05025232677535, 05025232677542, 05025232677566, 05025232677573, 05025232677627, 05053959400167, 05053959400174

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