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HP Pavilion 23
HP Pavilion 23
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HP Pavilion 23 PC Monitor

23" 1920 X 1080 10000000:1 LED Dec 2012
Display Diagonal Display Resolution Contrast Ratio (dynamic) Display Release Date $42.23 Electricity cost over 5 years
Three industry awards
Clear images
Good looking
76 Reviews + 3 Awards Approved Bronze Good For Families
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One HP Pavilion 23 reviewer who bought the product reckoned that it was cheap.

N. Kurn said on Amazon “The picture seems rather good, considering how cheap this is” and gave this PC monitor a rating of 8 stars.

Good Value for Money

Thirteen people who purchased this PC monitor agreed that it was good value for money. Five years ago said “Low price for a large-screen all-in-one system”. also said “Low starting price” in their review. wrote on expert website “HP has made an aggressive move in the budget PC space with this big-screen all-in-one that will serve as an affordable, generally capable home computer”.

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One customer mentioned in their reviews that the product was expensive.

Four years ago Scampo said on Amazon “The choices were LG, AOC, Dell or HP as others were more expensive and didn't seem to be reviewed as any better” and gave the HP Pavilion 23 a rating of 8 stars.

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Three Industry Awards

This HP flatpanel monitor received a "Bronze" from who wrote that this PC display was good. gave this HP PC display a "Good For Families" award and it received an "Approved" award from

Expert Reviews Are Average

Based on eighteen expert reviews from sites including, Expert Reviews, Digital Versus and PC Mag the average expert rating of this flatpanel monitor is 70 out of 100.

Average Owner Reviews

Pavilion 23 owners on average rated this flatpanel monitor 72%. 88% of those asked said they would recommend buying it to others.

HP Has Good Reviews for Its PC Screens

HP is one of the superior PC display brands according to average reviews from experts and owners, and HP also has good ratings for its medium monitors.

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Clear Images

Six people who bought it reckoned that it had clear images.

Onlyme120 wrote in their HP Pavilion 23 review on “If better than good clarity is what you're after or a mix of price / performance t”. Onlyme120 also wrote “Screen clarity is good, I was actually expecting better.” in their review. Onlyme120 also said “I decided on this one mainly due to the boarder-less design, range of input options, clarity, cost and value for money” in their review.

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Good Picture Quality

Four HP Pavilion 23 owners thought this PC monitor had good picture quality. Pc Mag mentioned in their review of this PC monitor “Discrete graphics” although they only rated it 18.8 out of 100.

Two years ago mentioned on expert website Digital Versus “Better speakers and graphics would have given”. Waylon wrote in his review of this PC monitor on “Plus graphics and resolution are superb”.

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Good Colour Saturation

One HP Pavilion 23 reviewer mentioned in their reviews that the product had good colour saturation.

Four years ago Scampo mentioned “All recent reviews point to the benefits of the newer (at least on the non professional market) IPS panels which are said to produce the clearest colours from dense blacks”.

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Good Sound Quality

Two HP Pavilion 23 owners wrote in their reviews that it had good sound quality.


Good Looking

Eight customers who bought it concluded that it was good looking.

Expert website rated this PC monitor 6 stars and wrote in their review of this PC monitor “The affordable Pavilion 23 all-in-one offers a big, bright 1080p screen and styling that will complement any family room—as a second computer, mind you”. Chilinist scored it 5 stars and said in their review of the HP Pavilion 23 on Amazon two years ago “Nice looking monitor”. In the same month Uncle Barbar scored the HP Pavilion 23 9 stars and mentioned on Amazon “Is a really beautiful screen and great if looking at high-res photos”.

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Good Quality

Four customers wrote in their reviews that this PC monitor was good quality. said “Excellent audio quality”.

Waylon wrote on “Hats off to HP for selecting B&O speakers excellent sound quality”. Ukpjs wrote in their review of the HP Pavilion 23 on Amazon “It's well designed and has a small footprint”.

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Strong and Durable

One HP Pavilion 23 owner said in their reviews that this PC monitor was strong and durable.

Expert website wrote four years ago “I love the sturdy, rectangular stands on the Toshiba” .

Well Made

Three HP Pavilion 23 owners who purchased this PC monitor wrote that it was well made. wrote three years ago “Intel Core 3 processor provides solid mid-range performance” but even so they scored it 1 stars. gave it a rating of 5 stars and mentioned “The HP Pavilion TouchSmart 23-F260XT is a solid all-in-one desktop, with good day-to-day performance.”. Scampo mentioned “It sits on a solid and broad silver effect base”.

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Well Designed

Twelve HP Pavilion 23 owners considered that the HP Pavilion 23 was well designed. wrote “Stylish, minimalist design” however despite that they scored the product 18.2 out of 100. also said “Design simple et passepartout” in their review. also said “Attractive design” in their review.

Comfortable and Easy to Hold

One HP Pavilion 23 reviewer wrote in their reviews that it was comfortable and easy to hold. Three years ago said “Comfortable keyboard” however they only scored this PC monitor 19.4 out of 100.

Good Experience

One person considered that it had a good experience. wrote in their HP Pavilion 23 review “Nice multitouch experience” .


One person who purchased it thought it was ergonomic. Pc Mag mentioned in their review of the HP Pavilion 23 on PC Mag five years ago “Good ergonomics”.



Two HP Pavilion 23 owners concluded that it was quiet.

Kaye721 said in their HP Pavilion 23 review on “It's fast, user friendly and QUIET, which is very important to me”. In April last year Cmarti70 mentioned on “This machine is very quiet, you hardly know that its on!” and gave this PC monitor a score of 9 stars.

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Good Features

One customer who reviewed this PC monitor reckoned that it had good features.

Deenutz73 mentioned in their HP Pavilion 23 review “This product has great features and fast” and gave the product a rating of 7 stars.

Weight & Dimensions


One person who bought the HP Pavilion 23 reckoned that it was compact.

Two years ago Waylon said on “It is compact and powerful”.


One person who reviewed the HP Pavilion 23 thought it was thick.


Good Customer Support

One HP Pavilion 23 reviewer concluded that this PC monitor had good customer support.

Kaye721 gave the product a rating of 6 stars and said “In a month's use, I've had not one problem (or only a small glitch during setup which customer support got me through easily” in their HP Pavilion 23 review.

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Good Technical Guidance

One person reckoned that this PC monitor had good technical guidance.

Onlyme120 said “The screen has a matt finish to help with reflections in bright light etc (almost like the screen has been slightly rubbed with sand paper” in their HP Pavilion 23 review and scored this PC monitor 6 stars.

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Packaging Content

Has Four Cables Included

The number of cables included found on the Pavilion 23 is more than most LCD screens of a comparable spec and age to it. This LCD screen has an AC cables included, which is the most frequently found cables included found on PC displays of a comparable age and spec to the Pavilion 23. The cables included "DVI", "HDMI" and "VGA" are also found on this flatpanel monitor.

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Does Not Have a Built-In Speaker(s)

The HP Pavilion 23 does not have a built-in speaker(s). Most of the other similar spec PC monitors that have been around for a comparable time to the Pavilion 23 also do not have a built-in speaker(s).

Alternative PC screens which also have a built-in speaker(s) that you might want to look at include the Acer B246 which is also higher rated.

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Fairly Slow Response Time

The response times of PC displays of a similar type and age to the Pavilion 23 range from 1ms to 40ms. With a response time of 7 milliseconds, the HP Pavilion 23 has one of the slower response times amongst medium monitors of this age.

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1920 X 1080 Pixels Display Resolution

This PC display has a display resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels, which is typical of many PC monitors of a similar age and spec to it.

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Released Over Three Years Ago

This medium monitor was released over three years ago.

Product Identifiers

Manufacturer Part Numbers c3z93a3aby
Barcodes 00087111357465, 00887111357380, 00887111357397, 00887111357403, 00887111357427, 00887111357465, 00887111357472, 00887111357601, 00887111641731, 00887111641816, 00887111672346, 00887111672384, 00887111672414, 00887758467008, 00887758467015, 00887758467022, 00887758467039, 00887758467077, 00887758467084, 00887758467404, 00887758467459, 00887758467541, 00887758494776, 00887758512241, 00887758512258, 00887758580967, 00888182095812, 00888793475454, 02002609764008, 05053973013688

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