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HP LV2311
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HP LV2311 PC Monitor

23" 1920 X 1080 May 2012
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The HP LV2311 23-inch LED Backlit LCD Monitor delivers quality business performance at an affordable price. The ultra-slim ID with plug and play connectivity features complement HP desktops... More
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User Reviews

Reviewed 3 October 2012 by Ian L.
(Verified Purchase)

We've purchased several of these for our office and have several people running dual monitor configurations with these alongside existing HP LE2201W monitors. It works pretty well despite the... Read more…

Reviewed 24 August 2012 by Jacob B.
(Verified Purchase)

For some reason I thought that picture quality was a thing of the past with new displays. You walk into any store and look at them on the wall and all of them look nice even the cheap ones... Read more…

Reviewed 17 July 2013 by Marilyn H.
(Verified Purchase)

I initially considered returning this monitor because of color issues. All total, this monitor is satisfactory. My rating of 4 eggs is an honest assessment. Don't look to be blown away by its... Read more…

Reviewed 18 March 2013 by Paul L.
(Verified Purchase)

Out of the box I would rate this monitor as 2 eggs/stars. After messing around and changing some monitor customization values I now have a very good picture and rate this monitor with 5... Read more…

Reviewed 13 December 2012 by Joanne S.
(Verified Purchase)

Thanks to the other reviews I knew what to expect so I'm happy because the price was good and the monitor sits on a very solid desk so jiggling isn't much of an issue for us...

Reviewed 10 December 2012 by Terence B.
(Verified Purchase)

Some people mentioned that the base was poor. After placing it on my hutch, I rammed my hip into the hutch to see what happened... which really hurt. That much happened, but not too much else. A... Read more…

Reviewed 16 July 2012 by J D.
(Verified Purchase)

Good PQ. No surprises from a TN panel. It would be unfair to list what this monitor doesn't have as cons (HDMI input, speakers, usb port, cup holders) because NewEgg has a picture gallery showing... Read more…

Reviewed 12 February 2014 by Nicholas P.
(Verified Purchase)

I will be avoiding HP monitors from now on...

Reviewed 15 January 2014 by Anonymous
(Verified Purchase)

It is worth it for me to purchase economical monitors locally. I can't take a loss every time the warehouse or shipper is negligent. Also I buy refurbished monitors from Dell and their packaging... Read more…

Reviewed 26 November 2013 by Travis S.
(Verified Purchase)

It's set at a bright setting as default. This is a sensible thing to do to assist with the burn in process. Give it 2-3 days with regular use, keep it from powering down monitor, and it will be... Read more…

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