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HP DreamColor LP2480zx
HP DreamColor LP2480zx
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HP DreamColor LP2480zx PC Monitor

24" 1920 X 1200 LCD 565mm Jul 2015
Display Diagonal Display Resolution Display Width Release Date $96.53 Electricity cost over 5 years
Nine industry awards
Good quality
Good value for money
49 Reviews + 9 Awards
Digital Versus 5 Star Editor's Choice Editor's Choice Trusted Reviews Editor's Choice
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Good Value for Money

Five people who reviewed this PC monitor concluded that it was good value for money.

Nine years ago expert website wrote “A breakthrough for almost affordable LCDs that should filter down to cheaper panels soon”. Expert website mentioned “HP calls the 24in DreamColor LP2480zx uniquely affordable” and gave the product a score of 7 stars. said in their review of the HP DreamColor LP2480zx “The DreamColor LP2480ZX is the first monitor to offer a 10-bit-per-colour output at a price that’s affordable to many creatives”.

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Nine Industry Awards

Amongst LCD screens of a comparable age and spec, this flatpanel monitor is one of the most highly awarded by experts in LCD screens.

This PC monitor was given an "Editor's Choice" award by,, Trusted Reviews and all of whom decided that this medium monitor was terrific.

This PC display received a "Highly Recommended" from who concluded that this medium monitor was very good.

The writers at three additional expert review sites all wrote that this LCD screen was good. This flatpanel monitor received a "Hot Buy" award from, Digital Versus gave it a "5 Star" award and gave it a "We Want It" award.

The writer at one additional expert review site decided that this PC display was good. gave this HP LCD screen a "Good Purchase" award.

Good Expert Reviews

This HP flatpanel monitor has an average expert rating of 88% based on eighteen expert reviews from sites including, Trusted Reviews, Digital Versus and

Owner Reviews Are Good

On average, people who bought this medium monitor rated it as 88%. 14 reviewers gave this flatpanel monitor either 4 or 5 stars and 93% of those asked said they would recommend buying it to others.

HP LCD Screens Have Good Reviews

We checked 2,015 owner and expert reviews for HP flatpanel monitors and found that on average HP has good ratings. We also found that HP has good ratings specifically for its medium monitors.

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Good Quality

Four people who bought the product reckoned that it was good quality. said on Trusted Reviews eight years ago “When you do you quickly gain an appreciation for what true quality looks like” in their review of the HP DreamColor LP2480zx and gave it a rating of 7 stars. rated it 7 stars and said on expert website Digital Versus “According to HP, this screen has an extensive colour range and a rich visual quality and homogeneity”. Bill mentioned “Excellent price for a top quality product” .

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Good Looking

Three HP DreamColor LP2480zx owners who reviewed the product reckoned that it was good looking.

Chris the Painter wrote “As a digital artist I've been searching for the elusive perfect monitor that displays all colors and values beautifully in every circumstance” in his review of this PC monitor and rated the product 8 stars. Chris the Painter also said “Is beautiful to work with” in his review. Photo Guy mentioned in their review of the HP DreamColor LP2480zx “This is a beautiful monitor”.

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Easy to Use

Two HP DreamColor LP2480zx owners considered that the product was easy to use.

Photo Guy wrote in their review of this PC monitor on seven years ago “It was easy to use and improveed the color accuracy of the display”. Lanver rated the HP DreamColor LP2480zx 8 stars and wrote on “It is easy to use and the closest I have found to a P3 that isnt $”.

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Easy to Setup

One customer mentioned in their reviews that the HP DreamColor LP2480zx was easy to setup.

Photo Guy said “The LP2480zx monitor is easy to setup with multiple video connection options”.


One customer who reviewed it said that it was reliable.

Seven years ago Photo Guy gave the product a rating of 7 stars and wrote in their review of the HP DreamColor LP2480zx “However, that card was defective (another long story) so I went back to my trusty ATI HD 2600”.

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Well Made

One HP DreamColor LP2480zx owner considered that it was well made.

Photo Guy gave it a score of 7 stars and mentioned on “This monitors built in profile is a real plus”.


Good Technical Guidance

One HP DreamColor LP2480zx reviewer who reviewed it thought it had good technical guidance.

Chris the Painter he wrote in his review of this PC monitor “Installs easily - though the manual seems to feel 'less is more' when it comes to explaining features -”.


Good Features

One HP DreamColor LP2480zx reviewer who bought the product thought it had good features.

Cfortc mentioned on “Features I especially appreciate in this monitor include” and rated the product 7 stars.


Very Wide Viewing Angle, Horizontal

At 178 degrees, the DreamColor LP2480zx has a quite wide viewing angle, horizontal compared to most of the other comparable spec PC monitors that have been available for around the same time as the DreamColor LP2480zx. Across all the PC displays that were released around the same time as the DreamColor LP2480zx the viewing angles, horizontal range from 80° to 180°, and the average viewing angle, horizontal is 170°.

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Fairly Slow Response Time

With a response time of 6 milliseconds, the HP DreamColor LP2480zx has one of the slower response times amongst PC screens of this age. The average response time of PC monitors of a comparable age and spec to the DreamColor LP2480zx is 5.3ms.

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1920 X 1200 Pixels Display Resolution

The DreamColor LP2480zx has a maximum display resolution of 1920 x 1200 pixels. That's 11% more display resolution than a 1920 x 1080 pixels PC monitor, which is the most common display resolution.

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Does Not Have a Built-In Speaker(s)

Most PC screens of this age and type do not have a built-in speaker(s). The DreamColor LP2480zx is no exception to this as it also does not have a built-in speaker(s).

Other PC displays which also have a built-in speaker(s) that you might also want to look at include the Viewsonic VX2457MHD ($115.95).

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Released Over a Year Ago

This LCD screen has been on the market for over a year.

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