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DELL U2410
DELL U2410
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DELL U2410 PC Monitor

24" 1920 X 1200 80000:1 LCD Oct 2012
Display Diagonal Display Resolution Contrast Ratio (dynamic) Display Release Date $150.83 Electricity cost over 5 years
Twelve industry awards
Good quality
34 Reviews + 12 Awards
Digital Versus 5 Star Editor's Choice Trusted Reviews Recommended PC Recommended
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Twelve Industry Awards

Expert review sites rave about this DELL PC monitor and have given it twelve awards.

The writers at Trusted Reviews, PC, and all concluded that concluded that they would endorse this PC display and gave it their "Recommended" award.

The writers at, and all thought that this flatpanel monitor was exceptional and gave it their "Editor's Choice" award.

The expert at one more expert review site wrote that this DELL flatpanel monitor was great. This DELL PC screen received a "Highly Recommended" award from gave this PC display a "Kick Ass Award", it received a "5 Star" award from Digital Versus and gave it a "Dam Good" award.

One more expert review site decided that this DELL PC monitor was good. This DELL flatpanel monitor received a "Smart Buy" award from

Good Expert Reviews

Fourteen experts from sites including Trusted Reviews, Digital Versus, PC and have rated this PC screen on average 88 out of 100. If all the PC screens of a comparable age and type are ranked by average expert review score then this flatpanel monitor is in the top 11%.

DELL LCD Screens Have Good Reviews

DELL medium monitors have good ratings on average and across all LCD screens DELL is one of the better rated manufacturers.



Three DELL U2410 reviewers who bought it said that it was cheap. said in their DELL U2410 review on expert review site “The only way to get better quality than the Dell UltraSharp U2410 is to spend a lot more money — if you need a 24-inch, are on a budget”. Waqas Ahmed gave the product a rating of 8 stars and mentioned on “Dell makes some cheap screens as well” in their review of the DELL U2410. Waqas Ahmed also said “This is an IPS monitor and is basically in a different league than cheap (LCD/LED) Samsung and LG monitors” in their review.

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Good Value for Money

Five customers who reviewed the product concluded that it was good value for money.

Expert review site said “Monitors with a 23″ to 24″ size currently represent a sweet spot for many potential buyers since they usually offer great overall value along with a suitably large screen size”. said “It's a good value option for image-intensive work like graphics editing” in their review of this PC monitor. wrote on Trusted Reviews “Best PC Monitor In 2005, Dell almost single-handedly brought high-end 24in monitors to the average consumer thanks to the incredibly affordable price of its 2405FPW” in their review of this PC monitor and scored it 7 stars.

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Two DELL U2410 reviewers concluded that it was expensive. wrote in their review of this PC monitor “The 23-inch ViewSonic VP2365wb and more expensive 24-inch Dell UltraSharp U2410” . Waqas Ahmed gave the DELL U2410 a rating of 8 stars and mentioned in their review of the DELL U2410 “All the Mac products use IPS screens which are inherently expensive and hence the quality”.

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Good Quality

Seven customers thought the product was good quality. mentioned on expert website Digital Versus “They have height-adjustable stands, excellent build quality and plenty of video inputs”. Expert website mentioned “IPS panels has better picture quality than the TN panels featured in most PC monitors today” in their review of the DELL U2410. said on expert website “Still need great quality images, we can wholeheartedly recommend this screen”.

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Well Designed

Two customers who purchased the DELL U2410 agreed that it was well designed.

Eight years ago expert review site wrote in their review of the DELL U2410 “Simple design” and gave this PC monitor a rating of 8 stars. wrote on expert website Trusted Reviews “While not perfect, Dell's new IPS-based 24in 1,920 x 1,200 pixel monitor offers streamlined design, outstanding ergonomics, almost every connection we could ask for” in their DELL U2410 review.

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Strong and Durable

Two customers who bought this PC monitor agreed that it was strong and durable.

Expert website mentioned eight years ago “A robust OSD” in their review of the DELL U2410. Expert review site rated the product 7 stars and mentioned “A robust on-screen display” in their DELL U2410 review.

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Well Made

One customer concluded that it was well made.


One customer wrote in their reviews that this PC monitor was ergonomic. wrote on expert review site eight years ago “A host of connection options and ergonomic features” in their review of the DELL U2410.

Not Easy to Use

One DELL U2410 reviewer who reviewed the product wrote that it was not easy to use.

Waqas Ahmed said in their DELL U2410 review on five years ago “After U2410 I believe I now would never want to use a cheaper LCD/LED screen”.

Good Picture Quality

Two DELL U2410 reviewers who reviewed it considered that it had good picture quality.


Good Features

One DELL U2410 reviewer who reviewed it considered that it had good features.


1920 X 1200 Pixels Display Resolution

The most display resolution of the DELL U2410 is 1920 x 1200 pixels. That's 11% more display resolution than a 1920 x 1080 pixels PC monitor, which is the most common display resolution. The display resolution of all medium monitors that have been on the market for more than two years ranges from 1366 x 768 pixels (worst) to 3440 x 1440 pixels (best).

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Quite Slow Response Time

The fastest response time of PC screens of this age and type is 1ms, the slowest is 40ms, and the average response time is 6.1ms. At 6 milliseconds, the DELL U2410 has a fairly slow response time compared to most of the other similar spec PC displays that were released more than two years ago.

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Does Not Have a Built-In Speaker(s)

The DELL U2410 does not have a built-in speaker(s). Most of the other flatpanel monitors that have been available for a comparable time to the U2410 also do not have a built-in speaker(s).

Alternative flatpanel monitors which also have a built-in speaker(s) that you might want to look at include the iiyama XB2485WSU, or the Asus MX279H ($150) which is also cheaper.

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Released Over Four Years Ago

This PC display was released over four years ago.

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