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DELL P2314H PC Monitor

23" 1920 X 1080 2000000:1 LED Sep 2016
Display Diagonal Display Resolution Contrast Ratio (dynamic) Display Release Date $41.43 Electricity cost over 5 years
Excellent expert reviews
Low running costs
Good value for money
48 Reviews
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Excellent Expert Reviews

On average, based on two expert reviews from sites including and the average expert rating of this LCD screen is 90 out of 100. This means that flatpanel monitor experts think this medium monitor is one of the very best medium monitors that have been on the market for the last year.

User Reviews Are Excellent

On average, people who bought this flatpanel monitor rated it as marvellous. 29 reviewers gave this PC screen either 4 or 5 stars and 94% of those asked said they would recommend buying it to others.

Good Brand

DELL is one of the superior PC screen manufacturers according to average reviews from users and experts, and DELL also has good ratings for its medium monitors.


Good Value for Money

Twelve customers wrote in their reviews that it was good value for money.

Rleltzroth mentioned on “Good price for this normal size monitor” in their review of this PC monitor. Dan said “Very good for the price range of the monitor” and rated it 7 stars. Drlogic wrote “The price was very good” and rated it 8 stars.

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One customer who reviewed it wrote that it was cheap.

Three years ago Reviewer1957 mentioned on “None of that stuff is a deal breaker”.


One DELL P2314H reviewer who purchased this PC monitor concluded that it was expensive.

Zak wrote two years ago “I'm sure the more expensive one would have been better.”.

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Good Quality

Ten DELL P2314H owners who bought it said that it was good quality.

Two years ago Zak wrote in their review of the DELL P2314H “Also note that IPS panels tend to have really good color quality already.” and gave the product a rating of 8 stars. Mike mentioned in his review of this PC monitor “Good picture quality”. Orum rated the product 6 stars and mentioned in their review of this PC monitor “The picture quality is just as good, though the color balance "out of the box" was better on this newer panel”.

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Easy to Use

Three people wrote in their reviews that this PC monitor was easy to use.

Brock mentioned in his review of this PC monitor “Height adjustments are very fluid and easy to use” and scored the product 9 stars. Orum mentioned in their review of this PC monitor on three years ago “That said, be VERY careful if you plan to use this monitor in a dual-monitor setup with a different monitor, including the U2312HM I compare it to above”. Londoner mentioned on Amazon also three years ago “Similar to life colours, great to use and good build quality” and rated the product 7 stars.

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Well Made

Five DELL P2314H owners wrote in their reviews that it was well made.

Nbadisplay mentioned on three years ago “A strong built monitor, even it's slim, my son has been adjusting the stand all the time” in their review of the DELL P2314H. Dan gave it a score of 6 stars and he mentioned “My only real beef with the monitor is that on solid back grounds you can fairly easily see the lines that divide the pixels”. Saom07 said in their review of the DELL P2314H “Colours are great and it's build quality is great” and rated the product 6 stars.

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Good Looking

Two DELL P2314H owners agreed that it was good looking.

Nasyra mentioned on “The display is simply gorgeous” and gave it a rating of 9 stars. Ben123 wrote “Nice 23inch monitor with a good professional style” and scored the product 6 stars.

Well Designed

Two DELL P2314H owners mentioned in their reviews that this PC monitor was well designed.

David said “It is a great picture and a stylish design that adjusts easily” in his DELL P2314H review. Two years ago Remoteengineer wrote in their review of the DELL P2314H “The design is sharp” and gave the DELL P2314H a score of 6 stars.

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Good Picture Quality

Six customers agreed that it had good picture quality.

Zak scored the DELL P2314H 6 stars and said “The graphics alone are great.” in their review of this PC monitor. Zak also said “Good graphics don't mean anything if you don't have a monitor that can show the details” in their review. Txnguyen mentioned in their review of this PC monitor on “I am connecting this monitor to my laptop via DVI and the picture quality looks great!”.

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Good Colour Saturation

Two DELL P2314H owners who reviewed it considered that it had good colour saturation.

Michael Goddard wrote “Panel looks great and is bright with vibrant colours”.

Wide Viewing Angle

One person thought it had a wide viewing angle.

Dan mentioned three years ago “The monitor has a fairly good viewing angle not the best I've seen” .

Clear Images

One DELL P2314H reviewer who reviewed the DELL P2314H concluded that it had clear images.

Mickiwine mentioned on four years ago “The monitor color, clarity, sharpness is exceptional.” in their review of the DELL P2314H.


Good Features

One person who purchased the DELL P2314H reckoned that it had good features.

Ben123 wrote “The usb hub and tilt/height adjustment features are very convenient” and gave this PC monitor a score of 6 stars.


Only Released Eight Months Ago

As one of the newer PC displays, this LCD screen is likely to have more advanced features.

Packaging Content

Has Four Cables Included

The number of cables included found on the DELL P2314H is more than most similar spec flatpanel monitors that came out in the last year. This PC screen has an AC cables included, which is the most commonly found cables included found on latest PC displays. The cables included "DisplayPort", "USB" and "VGA" are also found on this flatpanel monitor.

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Does Not Have a Built-In Speaker(s)

The DELL P2314H does not have a built-in speaker(s), unlike most of the other similar spec PC monitors that came out around the same time as the P2314H.

It is worth also looking at other LCD screens which also have a built-in speaker(s) including the Benq GW2760, or the Asus VX239 which is also cheaper.

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Only 1920 X 1080 Pixels Display Resolution

This PC monitor has a display resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels, which is the most frequently found display resolution on medium monitors that have been around for a comparable time to it.

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Fairly Slow Response Time

At 8 milliseconds, the DELL P2314H has a fairly slow response time compared to most of the other comparable spec PC screens that have been around for a similar time to the P2314H. The fastest response time of new comparable spec flatpanel monitors is 1ms, the slowest is 22ms, and the average response time is 5.3ms.

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Product Identifiers

Manufacturer Part Numbers dell 19250x10808msdvivgadpusb, dell monitor23ipsled1691920, info 19250x10808msdvi, warranty p2314h, dell 1920x1080, dell 859bbct, dell 250cdm2, dell 0j8j31, acer p2314h, info p2314h, dell p2314h, home p2314h, dell x87p0, dell j8j31
Barcodes 04053162538382, 04053162982956, 04054842443231, 05397063347858, 05397063348015, 05397063348091, 05415247068679, 05415247075325, 05712505549315, 07612392306221, 08594157008658

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