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DELL P190S PC Monitor

19" 1280 X 1024 LCD 410.1mm Oct 2012
Display Diagonal Display Resolution Display Width Release Date $52.53 Electricity cost over 5 years
Good user reviews
Not robust
Poor connectivity
24 Reviews

Available used and from international sellers only

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Good User Reviews

P190S owners on average rated this PC display 87 out of 100. Over 87% of reviewers gave this PC display either 4 or 5 stars.

DELL Has Good PC Monitor Reviews

We checked 6,246 expert and user reviews (including 20 verified purchases) for DELL LCD screens and found that on average DELL has good reviews compared to other brands. We also found that DELL has good reviews specifically within its small monitors range. 100% of those that bought a DELL PC screen would recommend the product that they bought to other buyers.


Easy to Use

Two customers who reviewed the product reckoned that it was easy to setup. David Hoyle said on Amazon “It was simple to set up and it worked without any fiddling” in his review of this PC monitor and gave this PC monitor a score of 8 stars. Birdman gave the product a score of 8 stars and wrote “Easy to set up and easily adjustable stand” in their review of this PC monitor.

Two owners reckoned that it was comfortable and easy to hold. Six years ago David B mentioned “The smallest text on web pages now looks more comfortable to read” in his review of this PC monitor. One customer who reviewed it wrote that it was easy to use. Six years ago Robw mentioned on Amazon “Useable allowing good control of the display settings” in their review of this PC monitor.

One owner said in their reviews that the product was easy to use the menus. David B wrote in his review of the DELL P190S six years ago “Images such as photographs look great, with plenty of detail; The menu is reasonably easy to use, although if you are using the dvi (digital) connection” and scored the product 6 stars.

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Nice Design

One owner mentioned that the DELL P190S was good looking. David B wrote in his review of this PC monitor six years ago “Pretty good monitor for the price” .

Good Product Quality

Three people who bought this PC monitor considered that it was good quality. Johns mentioned on Amazon “Excellent quality 4”. Paul R said in his review of this PC monitor “This is a well made product with a solid stand”. Cellarvie said on Amazon “3 ratio screen for business type use, this is a cracker! Screen clarity and build quality are excellent”.

Not Robust

Three customers thought the product was not well made. Paul R mentioned in his review of this PC monitor on Amazon “Lack of built in speakers is a minor disadvantage, though they are generally of poor quality anyway”. Bryan R mentioned on Amazon five years ago “No built in speaker was a minor drawback that was easily overcome” in his review of this PC monitor. Bryan R also said “No frills, just a well built workhorse” in his review.

Good Picture Quality

One customer who bought it thought it had good colour saturation. Graham Thomas gave it a rating of 8 stars and he said four years ago “Good colours, bright, stable image” in his review of the DELL P190S.

One person who reviewed it considered that it had a wide viewing angle. A. D. Weatherley wrote six years ago “With adjustable height, rake and option to turn the screen from landscape to portrait mode the perfect viewing angle is easily obtainable” and gave it a rating of 9 stars.

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1280 X 1024 Pixels Display Resolution

This PC monitor has a display resolution of 1280 x 1024 pixels, which is typical of many PC displays of this type and age.

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Has an Energy Star Certified

The DELL P190S has an Energy Star certified, as do most of the other similar spec PC monitors that have been on the market for around the same time as this PC monitor.

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Smart TV

Poor Connectivity

One owner who purchased this PC monitor thought it was not good in terms of connectivity. Amazon Customer wrote in their review of this PC monitor on Amazon “I couldn't fault the spec and connectivity, if you're not bothered about a slight unevenness of illumination”.


Released Over Four Years Ago

This DELL PC monitor was released in April 2017.

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