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Benq BL2201
Benq BL2201
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Benq BL2201 PC Monitor

22" 1680 X 1050 12000000:1 LED Mar 2014
Display Diagonal Display Resolution Contrast Ratio (dynamic) Display Release Date $69.38 Electricity cost over 5 years
Benq has excellent reviews for its PC displays
Good quality
Good colour saturation
33 Reviews + 11 Awards Worth Buying Great Value Digital Versus 5 Star Editor's Choice
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Benq Has Excellent Reviews for Its PC Displays

On average Benq medium monitors have excellent reviews as do all PC screens built by Benq.


Good Quality

Four Benq BL2201 owners mentioned that it was good quality.

Expert website said “The BL3201PT is a quality monitor with a very nice finish” in their review of the Benq BL2201. Robert Mk said on “The monitor looks professional and is well made” in his review of this PC monitor. Robert Mk also mentioned “* well made, professional look * matt finish of the casing- no reflections while you work * anti-glare” in his review.

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Strong and Durable

Two customers who reviewed the product said that it was strong and durable.

Robert Mk mentioned on “* could be lighter, however the sturdy well-made construction might be responsible for this I was choosing a right monitor for a few weeks”. Robert Mk also wrote “The casing is very sturdy and looks professional” in his review.

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Well Made

Five Benq BL2201 reviewers who bought this PC monitor concluded that it was well made.

Expert review site mentioned in their Benq BL2201 review “Low input lag makes it a good choice for gamers and its bright saturated image stays solid e” and gave the product a rating of 4 stars. Robert Mk mentioned on “90° * good standard of technical specs * comfortable for eyes * build in speakers if you do not have any” in his review of this PC monitor and gave it a rating of 6 stars.

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Good Case

One Benq BL2201 owner wrote in their reviews that the product had a good case.

Not Comfortable and Easy to Hold

One Benq BL2201 owner reckoned that this PC monitor was not comfortable and easy to hold.

Robert Mk wrote “9 resolutions is not comfortable” .

Not Easy to Use the Menus

One Benq BL2201 owner said in their reviews that the product was not easy to use the menus.

Frenchst mentioned in their Benq BL2201 review six years ago “Slightly confusing having two menus for best shot.” .

Good Colour Saturation

One customer who reviewed this PC monitor said that it had good colour saturation.

S. Ellis mentioned on “Clear crisp colours, good resolution, excellent contrast” in their Benq BL2201 review and gave it a score of 8 stars.


Good Features

One customer said in their reviews that this PC monitor had good features.

Two years ago said in their review of the Benq BL2201 “Considering the BenQ's reasonable performance, large screen, great OSD, 4K resolution, wide range of inputs, extra features and good, if not the very best colour accuracy, you are still g”.

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Weight & Dimensions

Good Structurally

One person said in their reviews that it was good structurally.

Heavy and Bulky

One Benq BL2201 reviewer who purchased this PC monitor considered that it was heavy and bulky.

Frenchst wrote on “It's a little chunky too, however I would heartily recommend it”.


Good Value for Money

One Benq BL2201 owner who reviewed the Benq BL2201 reckoned that it was good value for money.


One Benq BL2201 owner who reviewed this PC monitor considered that it was expensive.

Expert website wrote “It seems that more expensive IGZO-based panels will have to become cheap”.


Has a Built-In Speaker(s)

The Benq BL2201 has a built-in speaker(s). Most of the other medium monitors that have been on the market for around the same time as the BL2201 do not have a built-in speaker(s).

Alternative LCD screens with a built-in speaker(s) currently available that you might also want to look at include because of it's better review score, the X2380HS, or the B2283HS both from iiyama.

There are a number of other PC displays which also have a built-in speaker(s) which you might also want to consider including the LG 22MB35PU-I.

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Only 1680 X 1050 Pixels Display Resolution

The most display resolution of the Benq BL2201 is 1680 x 1050 pixels. That's 15% less display resolution than a 1920 x 1080 pixels LCD screen, which is the most frequently found display resolution. Across all LCD screens of this age and type the display resolution ranges from 1366 x 768 pixels (worst) to 3440 x 1440 pixels (best).

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Quite Narrow Viewing Angle, Vertical

With a viewing angle, vertical of only 160 degrees, the Benq BL2201 has one of the narrower viewing angles, vertical amongst LCD screens of this age. The viewing angles, vertical of comparable spec PC displays that have been around for more than two years range from 10° to 180°, and the average viewing angle, vertical is 170°.

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Released Over Three Years Ago

This PC screen was released over three years ago.

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