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Acer XR341CK
Acer XR341CK
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Acer XR341CK PC Monitor

34" 3440 X 1440 100000000:1 LED May 2015
Display Diagonal Display Resolution Contrast Ratio (dynamic) Display Release Date $87.48 Electricity cost over 5 years
Ten industry awards
Good picture quality
Poor technical guidance
34 Reviews + 10 Awards Editor's Choice Innovation Award Best Performance Dam Innovative
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Ten Industry Awards

This PC display is one of the most awarded by experts in PC screens of all the PC screens of this spec and age.

This medium monitor was given an "Editor's Choice" award by review websites, and all of whom thought that this LCD screen was brilliant.

This flatpanel monitor received an "Innovation Award" from both websites and, both of which wrote that this LCD screen was innovative.

Another three expert review sites all thought that this LCD screen was good. This PC screen received a "Recommended" award from website, confirming their endorsement and it received a "Gold" award. Additionally, the expert at website gave this flatpanel monitor a "Best Performance" award and thought it performed well.

Two additional expert review sites both said that this LCD screen was good. This PC screen received a "Wish List" award from and it received a "Dam Innovative" award from

Good Expert Reviews

Based on four expert reviews from sites including,, and this LCD screen has an average expert rating of 86 out of 100.

Excellent User Reviews

On average, XR341CK owners rated this PC monitor as terrific. 10 reviewers (76% of all reviewers) gave this PC monitor the highest possible rating of 5 stars and 100% of those asked said they would recommend buying it to others.

Acer Has Good Flatpanel Monitor Reviews

We checked 4,255 expert and owner reviews (including 791 verified purchases) for Acer PC screens and found that on average Acer has good reviews compared to other brands. We also found that Acer has good reviews specifically for its medium monitors. 93% of those that bought a Acer PC monitor would recommend the product that they bought to other buyers.

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Good Picture Quality

Four people who bought the product concluded that it had good picture quality. Chrysovalandes Sophocleous scored the product the highest possible rating of 5 stars and mentioned “Can take advantage of the freesync picture quality is perfect and i must add that the gaming modes are”. A. Malik said “Freesync which is usable by most modern AMD graphics cards means that while the fps is within 30-75 you will not see any visual tearing or experience any vsync lag”.

Two people said in their reviews that the product had good colour saturation. Jjholst wrote “The colours are as good as one might need for anything they might be doing on their computer, unless it is professional work such as photo/video editing; for that”.

One owner who reviewed the Acer XR341CK thought it had a good refresh rate.

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Great Image Quality

Seven owners mentioned in their reviews that the product was good quality. mentioned “Great image quality” in their review of the Acer XR341CK. Expert review site wrote in their review of this PC monitor two years ago “Its panel boasts top-notch accuracy and is built with excellent quality control” . said “It's sharp, detailed picture and quality gaming performance”.


Two people mentioned in their reviews that this PC monitor was well made. Jjholst rated it the highest possible rating of 5 stars and wrote in their review of this PC monitor last year “The stand is the best I've ever seen - sturdy and solid metal”.

One customer reckoned that it was strong and durable. Jjholst said on Amazon “Stand, which is equally sturdy, although not as pretty”.

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Nice Design

Four owners who purchased this PC monitor agreed that it was well designed. Expert website mentioned “Acer has made smart design decisions to offer a compl”. Expert website wrote “The XR341CK is probably their pinnacle work at this point - a premium screen with a clean, polished design that sports some fanta” in their Acer XR341CK review. mentioned “The Acer XR341CK rises above the competion with a stellar stand, gorgeous design” in their review of this PC monitor.

Three owners considered that it was good looking. Expert review site wrote two years ago “Delivered a series of sleek, polished and beautiful monitors” in their review of this PC monitor.

Two owners who bought it thought it was smooth. Lee mentioned on Amazon “The pivot of the screen is nice and smooth”. Last year Neil he wrote “Gorgeous screen, no noticable tearing, smooth display, no dead pixels on the one I ordered” in his review of this PC monitor.

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Easy to Use

Three people who purchased the product thought it was easy to use. Emanem gave it a rating of the highest possible rating of 5 stars and wrote “Keep in mind you'll need a good videocard to use it efficiently”.

Three customers who reviewed the Acer XR341CK reckoned that it was easy to use the menus. Expert website wrote “Easy to use menus”. Edward Skerten mentioned “Some nice features in the settings too”. Jjholst said on Amazon “I'm honestly not sure if the freesync is turned on or not as there is no option in the menu” and gave it a score of the highest possible rating of 5 stars.

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Good Technical Features

One owner who reviewed the product considered that it had good features.

Weight & Dimensions

Good Size

One owner concluded that the product was thin. Emanem wrote in their review of this PC monitor “It's very slim and the refresh rate is better than average” and rated this PC monitor a maximum of 5 stars.


Has a Built-In Speaker(s)

The XR341CK has a built-in speaker(s). Most of the other LCD screens that have been around for more than a year also have a built-in speaker(s).

There are a number of alternative flatpanel monitors with a built-in speaker(s) currently available which you might want to consider including because of it's better review score, the Eizo FlexScan EV2750 ($989), or the Asus MX27UQ.

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3440 X 1440 Pixels Display Resolution

The most display resolution of the XR341CK is 3440 x 1440 pixels. That's over two times the display resolution of the most common display resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels. The worst display resolution of all medium monitors that are a similar age to this LCD screen is 1366 x 768 pixels and the best is 4096 x 2160 pixels.

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Packaging Content

Has Four Cables Included

The Acer XR341CK has a greater number of cables included than most PC monitors of a comparable spec and age to it. This PC screen has an AC cables included, which is the most frequently found cables included found on medium monitors that are a similar age to this PC display. The cables included "DisplayPort", "HDMI" and "USB" are also found on this flatpanel monitor.

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Poor Technical Guidance

One customer mentioned in their reviews that the Acer XR341CK did not have good technical guidance.


Released Over Two Years Ago

It was April 2017 when Acer released the XR341CK.

Product Identifiers

Manufacturer Part Numbers acer umcx1ee001, acer 3440x1440, acer xr341ck
Barcodes 00888863155040, 04713147970605

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