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Acer GN246HL
Acer GN246HL
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Acer GN246HL PC Monitor

24" 1920 X 1080 100000000:1 LED Nov 2014
Display Diagonal Display Resolution Contrast Ratio (dynamic) Display Release Date $48.22 Electricity cost over 5 years
One industry award
Popular choice
Recent price increase of 25%
119 Reviews + 1 Award Bronze Award
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Ten customers who purchased this PC monitor wrote that it was cheap.

Justin L. mentioned in his Acer GN246HL review two years ago “Great choice for a cheap and reliable monitor”. Justin B. wrote in his review of this PC monitor “Even at the current price it's a good deal” and scored this PC monitor 5 stars. Joseph S. wrote in his Acer GN246HL review on “Still a great deal”.

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Good Value for Money

Twelve Acer GN246HL owners mentioned in their reviews that the Acer GN246HL was good value for money.

Justin L. said on “It does what it's made for, for a great price”. Justin B. mentioned in his Acer GN246HL review “Snagged it at an awesome black Friday price (2014”. Joseph D. mentioned in his review of this PC monitor three years ago “Great monitor at a great price”.

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One person who bought the product thought it was expensive.

Jason N. mentioned “I deducted one egg as I do think it's a tad overpriced without a sale” and rated it 80 out of 100.


One Industry Award

The writer at concluded that this PC monitor was good and gave it their "Bronze" award.

Good Owner Reviews

On average, GN246HL owners rated this PC monitor 86 out of 100. Over 86% of reviewers gave this PC monitor either 4 or 5 stars and 100% of those asked said they would recommend buying it to others.

Good Brand

Acer has good average ratings for its medium monitors as well as across its entire flatpanel monitor range.

Poor Expert Reviews

PC monitor expert review website scored this LCD screen 60 out of 100. This puts this flatpanel monitor in the bottom 3% of all the LCD screens of this age and spec when ranked by average expert review score.


Popular Choice

Across all flatpanel monitors, the GN246HL is one the top selling products currently available for sale.

Released Over Two Years Ago

This LCD screen has been on the market for over two years.


Well Made

Three Acer GN246HL owners who purchased the Acer GN246HL agreed that it was well made.

Surry wrote “It's solid for sitting directly in front of it, with your eyes at level, or above the monitor” and gave it a very good review. Nicholas L. mentioned on two years ago “It still gets a solid 5 out of 5 in my book” in his review of this PC monitor.

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Five people who purchased the product agreed that it was smooth.

Two years ago Rylan C. wrote in their review of the Acer GN246HL on “It's a whole new level of smooth and a lot more responsive” and gave it an excellent review score. Brandon W. mentioned “GO to test out just how smooth the action would be” . Brandon W. also wrote “Sat with my jaw physically opened as a marveled at how smooth the motion was” in his review.

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Good Looking

Nine customers who bought it considered that it was good looking.

Lyle V. wrote on “I had saturation at 200% on my old monitor and it was GORGEOUS, I noticed immediately that the colors are not as nice on this” and gave the product a rating of 80 out of 100. Lyle V. also wrote “This is an amazing bang for buck monitor, you really can't beat it (got it on sale @ $179) The movement / motion is beautiful and beats my 75hz Asus by a longshot” in his review. Joshua R. said in his review of the Acer GN246HL “You can get some beautiful IPS ones for the price of this 144Hz Acer monitor” .

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One person concluded that it was reliable.

Good Experience

Six Acer GN246HL reviewers said in their reviews that the product had a good experience.

Two years ago Stephen H. mentioned in his Acer GN246HL review on “As of now, I am very satisfied with this monitor and highly recommend it those who want to better their experience in gaming” and gave it a rating of 4 stars. An anonymous reviewer gave the Acer GN246HL a score of 4 stars and she mentioned “There are no experience breaking problems, although for the price, I would have thought that the stand would be adjustable” in her review of the Acer GN246HL. An anonymous reviewer also wrote “Overall this is an excellent monitor with a few quirks, although the display experience is awesome” in her review.

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Easy to Use the Menus

Two Acer GN246HL owners said in their reviews that it was easy to use the menus.

Kevin W. mentioned “Right click on the desktop, click Display Setting, scroll down and click Advanced Display Settings”. Two years ago And S said in their review of this PC monitor “The button menu is pretty straightforward” and rated the product 80 out of 100.

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Strong and Durable

Three Acer GN246HL reviewers said in their reviews that it was strong and durable.

Joshua T. gave it a score of 4 stars and he mentioned “Th X shaped stand is really sturdy compared to my squared or round stands of previous monitors”. Two years ago an anonymous author wrote “The stand is more sturdy than my other monitor” in her review of the Acer GN246HL but in spite of that she scored it 3 stars. Alfonso A. mentioned on “Stand base are sturdy and good looking, not that I really care that much.”.

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Good Quality

Four Acer GN246HL owners said that the product was good quality.

Jason N. rated the Acer GN246HL 4 stars and he said in his review of the Acer GN246HL “Better overall color / backlight quality can be had at 60hz for the same amount of money”. Samuel J. said in his review of this PC monitor on “If you want high quality in a monitor go with the aoc or asus 144hz monitors”. Andrew Z. wrote on “I felt the acceptable quality was worth mentioning” in his review of the Acer GN246HL.

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Good Refresh Rate

Four people agreed that the Acer GN246HL had a good refresh rate.

Three years ago mentioned on “The Acer GN246 is an excellent gaming monitor for the money, offering that desirable 144Hz refresh rate that's ideal for high frame rate gaming” in their review of this PC monitor. also wrote “This is the 24-inch model, which boasts a fast 144Hz refresh rate that far surpasses the 60Hz standard” in their review. Gerald R. wrote in his review of this PC monitor on “The refresh rate allows for smooth gaming using my gtx980”.

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Good Colour Saturation

One person who reviewed the product considered that it had good colour saturation.

Two years ago David L. said in his Acer GN246HL review on “This is a great monitor with fantastic clarity and colours!”.

Good Picture Quality

One Acer GN246HL owner wrote in their reviews that it had good picture quality.

Weight & Dimensions

Good Size

One Acer GN246HL reviewer mentioned in their reviews that it was a good size.

Three years ago Steven A. scored it 5 stars and he mentioned “It just has such a crisp picture and nice size”.

Packaging Content

Has Three Cables Included

The GN246HL has a greater number of cables included than most medium monitors that have been available for more than two years. This flatpanel monitor has an AC cables included, which is the most commonly found cables included found on medium monitors that came out more than two years ago. The cables included "DVI" and "VGA" are also found on this PC screen.

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Quite Fast Response Time

The average response time of flatpanel monitors that came out more than two years ago is 6.1ms. At only 1 millisecond, the GN246HL has a very fast response time compared to most of the other medium monitors that were released more than two years ago.

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Quite Narrow Viewing Angle, Vertical

Similar spec flatpanel monitors that have been on the market for around the same time as the GN246HL have viewing angles, vertical of between 10° and 180°. With a viewing angle, vertical of only 160 degrees, the Acer GN246HL has a quite narrow viewing angle, vertical compared to most of the other comparable spec PC displays that have been around for around the same time as the GN246HL.

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Quite Narrow Viewing Angle, Horizontal

Medium monitors that were released more than two years ago have viewing angles, horizontal of between 18° and 1,800°, and the average viewing angle, horizontal is 170°. With a viewing angle, horizontal of only 170 degrees, the Acer GN246HL has one of the narrower viewing angles, horizontal amongst similar spec PC monitors of this age.

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1920 X 1080 Pixels Display Resolution

This PC display has a display resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels, which is typical of many flatpanel monitors of a similar age and spec to it.

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Does Not Have a Built-In Speaker(s)

Most PC displays of this age and type do not have a built-in speaker(s). The Acer GN246HL is no exception to this as it also does not have a built-in speaker(s).

It is worth also looking at other PC displays which also have a built-in speaker(s) including the X2380HS, or the B2283HS both from iiyama or the Benq BL2201 which also has a higher rating.

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Ports & Interfaces

Only One HDMI Port

Most LCD screens of a comparable spec and age to the GN246HL have between one and three HDMI ports, including the Acer GN246HL which has one HDMI port.

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Product Identifiers

Manufacturer Part Numbers acer acegn246hlbbid, warranty umfg6eeb06, acer gn246hlbbid, warranty gn246hl, acer gn246hlbid, code umfg6eeb06, acer umfg6eeb06, acer 1920x1080, acer n095789w, pumps gn246hl, code gn246hlb, a1umfg6eeb06, acer bg040ac, acer 100m1
Barcodes 00635131604508, 04053162720701, 04713147249510, 04713147249534, 05054629450482

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