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Acer G227HQL
Acer G227HQL
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Acer G227HQL PC Monitor

21.5" 1920 X 1080 100000000:1 LED Aug 2015
Display Diagonal Display Resolution Contrast Ratio (dynamic) Display Release Date $52.25 Electricity cost over 5 years
Owner reviews are excellent
Reasonably priced
Good product quality
108 Reviews
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Owner Reviews Are Excellent

G227HQL owners on average rated this PC screen 90%. 73 reviewers (93% of all reviewers) gave this PC screen either 4 or 5 stars and 95% of those asked said they would recommend buying it to others.

Acer Has Good PC Monitor Reviews

Based on 4,255 user and expert reviews (including 791 verified purchases), Acer has good reviews for its PC displays. Acer also has good reviews specifically for its medium monitors. 93% of those that bought a Acer LCD screen would recommend the product that they bought to other buyers.


Good Product Quality

Fifteen people mentioned that the Acer G227HQL was good quality. Mirwazul mentioned on “Great picture quality, has a large view angle due to IPS display”. Two years ago Thawk23 said on “High quality HD monitor” in their review of this PC monitor. Podcastlistener mentioned in their review of this PC monitor on in the same month “Good quality picture; the software for the menu to change screen properties seems to have a bug”.


Two owners considered that the product was well made. Mod812 wrote in their Acer G227HQL review “Wish it has built in speakers” and rated this PC monitor 7 stars. Two years ago Georgiabuyer mentioned on “Always provides a solid monitor” and scored it 7 stars.

One customer who reviewed it considered that it was reliable. Armand0m0nte5 mentioned in their review of this PC monitor “Good quality monitor and fast reliable shipping”.

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Nice Design

Four owners who reviewed it thought it was good looking. Two years ago Leec gave it a rating of 5 stars and said on “Reflection is pretty intense even though it says anti glare stuff on the box” in their review of this PC monitor. Stefan gave it a score of 8 stars and he wrote “Its a pretty good LCD screen for my desk not to big”. Rita mentioned on “Looks great here on the wall and is reL pretty”.

One person who bought the product considered that it was well designed. Aneta mentioned in their Acer G227HQL review “He liked the sleek design and colors” and rated this PC monitor 7 stars.

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Easy to Use

One person who bought it concluded that it was easy to assemble. Techguru said on “It is very easy to assemble with no hand tools required”. One owner concluded that this PC monitor was easy to use the menus.

One person thought it was easy to setup. Xtrini mentioned in their review of this PC monitor “So far, so good, was easy to set up right out of the box”.

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Weight & Dimensions

Good Size

Three owners who reviewed the product said that it was a good size. Pointprin wrote on “Good size monitor with a sharp clear image” in their review of the Acer G227HQL. Two years ago Samv rated the product 8 stars and mentioned in their review of this PC monitor on “Good size and pic quality”.

Two customers who reviewed it agreed that it was thin. In April last year Zhax wrote in their Acer G227HQL review on Amazon “The screen is thinner than my little finger.”. Two years ago Codenamedmar gave the product a rating of 7 stars and wrote in their review of this PC monitor on “Very thin and lightweight”.

One owner who purchased it said that it was compact. Two years ago Pointprin mentioned on “Base fits easily on desk and a little more compact than other monitors”. One customer mentioned in their reviews that it was heavy and bulky. Zhax said on Amazon last year “Surprisingly heavy towards the bottom, helping to keep it stable with a low centre of gravity”.

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Good Picture Quality

Four customers mentioned in their reviews that it had good picture quality. Dh2015 wrote in their review of this PC monitor on “Our old monitor died so just went in looking for an inexpensive one with good picture quality” and rated the product 8 stars. Cortimi said in their review of this PC monitor two years ago “Picture quality is excellent” . Cmmarob gave the Acer G227HQL a rating of 6 stars and mentioned “Crystal clear picture, great for graphics or whatever you do” in their review of this PC monitor.

Three people who reviewed it concluded that it had clear images. Two years ago Victoria mentioned “Very easy to connect and the visual is great ! I was pleased with the clarity and the color! Great value! Good price!”. Cindy said “I use this as a second screen for my laptop, great clarity”.

One person who bought the product reckoned that it had a good contrast ratio. Swann gave this PC monitor a score of 7 stars and mentioned on “Great contrast ratio allows for dark colors to show very deep” in their Acer G227HQL review.

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Good Technical Features

One owner who reviewed this PC monitor thought it had good features. Djxd said in their review of this PC monitor on “This is the best place I found to buy it and Im honestly impressed with the quality and the tilt features” and gave it a score of 7 stars.

Smart TV

Good Connectivity

One customer who bought the Acer G227HQL thought it was easy to sync. Zhax wrote on Amazon “The refresh rate is 60Hz, which, although isn't mind blowing, does the job nicely and syncs up well with any frame rate”.


Has an HDCP

The Acer G227HQL has an HDCP, as do most of the other medium monitors that have been around for more than a year.

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Only 1920 X 1080 Pixels Display Resolution

This LCD screen has a display resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels, which is the most frequently found display resolution on LCD screens that have been around for a comparable time to it.

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Quite Slow Response Time

The G227HQL has one of the slower response times (6 milliseconds) amongst PC screens of this age. The fastest response time of medium monitors that have been available for more than a year is 1ms and the slowest is 25ms.

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Packaging Content

Has Two Cables Included

The Acer G227HQL has a greater number of cables included than most PC monitors of this age and type. This LCD screen has an AC cables included, which is the most commonly found cables included found on medium monitors that have been on the market for more than a year. The cables included "VGA" is also found on this PC screen.

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Does Not Have a Built-In Speaker(s)

The G227HQL does not have a built-in speaker(s), unlike most of the other PC displays that are a similar age to this LCD screen which have a built-in speaker(s).

We compared all the other PC screens which also have a built-in speaker(s) to this PC monitor and we think the Hannspree HL207DPB, the HP V212a, or the HKC 2276A is also worth considering.

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Released Over a Year Ago

Acer released the G227HQL in April 2017.

Product Identifiers

Manufacturer Part Numbers g227hqlbi
Barcodes 00809199910523, 04713147183142, 04713147183159, 04713147291427, 04713147291458, 04713147834792, 05054533715301

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