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Acer B286HK
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Acer B286HK PC Monitor Recommended Product PC Mag Editor's Choice Editor's Choice
28" 3840 X 2400 Nov 2014
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Acer B286HK 28 2ms 4K Monitor Unboxing
Acer B286HK UHD 4K Monitor | Review
4K Monitor, Acer b286HK Review. A fantastic monitor at a great price
Acer B286HK 4k2k Monitor unboxing!!

3 Reasons For


One person wrote in their reviews that it was strong and durable. Amazon Customer said in their review of the Acer B286HKYMJDPPRZ on Amazon “Very good over all sturdy and clean looking”.

Acceptable Noise Level

One person wrote in their reviews that the Acer B286HKYMJDPPRZ was noisy. Apen Name said on Amazon two years ago “I couldn't actually believe such a loud sound was coming from the screen”.

Good Brand

Flatpanel monitors manufactured by Acer are some of the better flatpanel monitors according to average reviews from owners and experts.

4 Reasons Against

Not 3D

Most flatpanel monitors that have been on the market for more than two years are not 3D. The B286HKYMJDPPRZ is no exception to this as it too is not 3D.

Chart Edit

Does Not Have a Built-In Speaker(s)

The B286HKYMJDPPRZ does not have a built-in speaker(s). Most of the other PC screens of a similar spec and age to the B286HKYMJDPPRZ also do not have a built-in speaker(s).

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Does Not Have a Built-In Camera

The B286HKYMJDPPRZ does not have a built-in camera. Most of the other flatpanel monitors of a comparable age and spec to the B286HKYMJDPPRZ also do not have a built-in camera.

Chart Edit

Does Not Have a Card Reader Integrated

The Acer B286HKYMJDPPRZ does not have a card reader integrated. Most of the other LCD screens of a comparable type and age to the B286HKYMJDPPRZ also do not have a card reader integrated.

Chart Edit

1 Other reason to consider the Acer B286HK

Released Over Two Years Ago

It was over two years ago when Acer released the B286HKYMJDPPRZ.


Display Diagonal
Display Resolution

3 Awards Recommended Product PC Mag Editor's Choice Editor's Choice

Expert Reviews

3 September 2015

The Acer B286HK offers gorgeous, accurate colors; full 4K resolution; and a plethora of display options at a reasonable price...

Full 4K resolution
Vibrant colors
Simpl, robust interface
Helpful bells and whistles
Good performance overall
Difficult setup
Only two simultaneous inputs
Wobbly stand
4K at 60Hz requires use of DisplayPort
Poor viewing angle when in portrait mode
21 January 2015

Yes, we are declaring this the golden age of monitors, now that Acer's B268HK Ultra High Definition monitor with 3840 x 2160 pixels can be bought for just under $600. Look at those pixel numbers:... Read more…

18 September 2014

If you're willing to navigate the current complications of 4K tech, or you're a gamer with the high-end hardware necessary to handle Ultra HD gaming and you don't mind a wobbly stand, Acer's...

15 September 2014

The Acer B286HK is a reasonably priced 28-inch UHD monitor that delivers a highly detailed image, good gray-scale reproduction, and solid gaming performance. It's loaded with features, too,...

PC Mag

User Reviews

Reviewed 15 November 2014 by Allan M.
(Verified Purchase)

28" is a reasonable size. Some people (like devs) might want an even larger monitor or a curved panel to really benefit from the available pixels. But 28" 4K is a useful jump from a 2k x 1k... Read more…

Reviewed 7 April 2015 by Joseph K.
(Verified Purchase)

Most OSes have trouble doing DPI scaling properly, especially on HiDi displays. Expect text and UI elements to look funky sometimes. That's the price of being an early adopter. If not for the... Read more…

Reviewed 17 November 2015 by Dylan C.
(Verified Purchase)

Looking past the issues with the speakers, these are excellent displays. I didn't buy these with the intent to use the speakers, but I'm fascinated by the fact that they were even included in the... Read more…

Reviewed 22 May 2015 by James S.
(Verified Purchase)

In order get 60hz 4k you need a good graphics card with display port 1.2, I've used this monitor on 2 systems one with a single Radeon 7970 and 2 780ti's in SLI Both worked well...

Reviewed 29 September 2014 by Mathew A.

Stand is a bit weak. Be sure it screws in properly!

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Product Identifiers

Manufacturer Part Numbers b286hk, acer 4k2, acer 4k2k, acer b286, acer b286h, acer b286hk, acer b286hky, acer b286hkym, acer b286hkymj, acer 3840x2160, acer b286hkymjd, acer umpb6aa003, acer b286hkymjdp, acer b286hkymjdpp, acer america b286, acer b286hkymjdppr, acer america b286h, acer b286hkymjdpprz, acer america b286hk, acer america umpb6aa003
Barcodes 00009504605612, 00012304350668, 00014445246558, 00080479683201, 00801940469670, 00804067217858, 00804904100138, 00807320206026, 00809394585892, 00887899681042

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