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Acer B286HK
Acer B286HK
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Acer B286HK PC Monitor

28" 100000000:1 LED Sep 2014
Display Diagonal Contrast Ratio (dynamic) Display Built-In Speaker(s) Release Date $80.44 Electricity cost over 5 years
Three industry awards
Good looking
64 Reviews + 3 Awards Recommended Product PC Mag Editor's Choice Editor's Choice

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Three Industry Awards

The writers at two expert review sites both said that this Acer PC display was superb and gave it their highest award. PC Mag and both gave this PC display an "Editor's Choice" award.

This PC screen was given a "Recommended" award by who said that this flatpanel monitor was good.

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Expert Reviews Are Good

Three experts from sites including PC Mag, and have rated this flatpanel monitor on average 80%.

Owner Reviews Are Average

The average owner rating of this PC screen is 73% based on 66 owner reviews. 67% of those asked said they would recommend buying it to others.

Acer Has Good PC Display Reviews

Medium monitors produced by Acer have good reviews on average. We also checked the reviews for all PC displays (not just medium monitors) and found that Acer also has good reviews across its entire range.

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Good Looking

Eight Acer B286HK reviewers who reviewed this PC monitor agreed that it was good looking.

Strad Z. wrote “I use Bing Desktop to cycle through beautiful pictures several times a day as my wallpaper” in their Acer B286HK review and rated this PC monitor 8 stars. Raphael R. wrote “Overall, I'm pretty pleased with my purchase, even with the very distracting ghosting”. David wrote two years ago “Beautiful crip display, accurate colors”.

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Good Quality

Six Acer B286HK reviewers wrote in their reviews that it was good quality.

William S. wrote on “My asus had problems that were never resolved so I took a chance on this one and it works great while giving great picture quality” in his review of the Acer B286HK and rated the Acer B286HK 6 stars. William S. also wrote “The Picture quality is great and it has worked better than my Asus PB287Q on my machine” in his review. William S. also mentioned “Its got great quality and from the moment I plugged it in I was shocked at how well it worked” in his review.

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Easy to Use

Two Acer B286HK reviewers who reviewed the product thought it was easy to use.

Doc wrote on “I like the front panel control buttons and it is easy to control” in their review of this PC monitor and gave it a rating of 8 stars.

Good Experience

One Acer B286HK reviewer who bought the Acer B286HK concluded that it had a good experience.

Two years ago an anonymous reviewer gave the product a rating of 6 stars and she wrote in her Acer B286HK review on “Although the monitor didn't work for me, I had a great experience”.

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Easy to Use the Menus

One Acer B286HK owner mentioned that the Acer B286HK was easy to use the menus.

Well Made

Two people who reviewed the product agreed that it was well made.

Expert review site said “Solid gaming performance” in their Acer B286HK review. Alexis S. wrote on “Has GSYNC built into it” in his Acer B286HK review.


Two customers concluded that it was ergonomic. wrote in their review of the Acer B286HK “Ergonomic stand” yet they only gave it a score of 1 stars.

Strong and Durable

One customer said in their reviews that it was strong and durable. said “Simpl, robust interface” in their review of this PC monitor yet they only scored it 18.8 out of 100.

Good Interface

One customer who bought it thought it had a good interface.

Good Picture Quality

Three customers who purchased the Acer B286HK mentioned that it had good picture quality.

Two years ago James S. said on “In order get 60hz 4k you need a good graphics card with display port 1.2, I've used this monitor on 2 systems one with a single Radeon 7970”.

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Sharp Image

One Acer B286HK owner wrote in their reviews that the product had a sharp image.

Flickering Image

One Acer B286HK reviewer who reviewed the Acer B286HK wrote that it had a flickering image.

Three years ago Kirk M. rated this PC monitor 6 stars and he wrote in his review of the Acer B286HK on “It was flickering pixels and going black every couple seconds.”.

Image Ghosting

One Acer B286HK reviewer who bought the product mentioned that it had image ghosting.

An anonymous author mentioned in her review of the Acer B286HK on “At 60hz there is ZERO ghosting” and scored it 5 stars.



Three Acer B286HK reviewers mentioned in their reviews that the product was cheap.

Paul M. wrote on “If you can snag it for sub 400 bucks I would say it's an amazing deal” in his review of the Acer B286HK. Zhigang Z. wrote on “Acer product is cheap.” and gave the product a rating of 6 stars. Three years ago Dan L. mentioned in his review of this PC monitor on “Parts are made cheap, you will not get a satisfactory experience”.

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Good Value for Money

Thirteen Acer B286HK reviewers who reviewed it reckoned that it was good value for money. mentioned on expert review site PC Mag “The Acer B286HK is a reasonably priced 28-inch UHD monitor that delivers a highly detailed image, good gray-scale reproduction”. Expert review site said “The Acer B286HK offers gorgeous, accurate colors; full 4K resolution; and a plethora of display options at a reasonable price” in their review of this PC monitor and gave it a rating of 7 stars. Matthew C. he mentioned in his review of this PC monitor on “Lastly, this monitor delivered exactly what I expected for one of the best priced 60Hz 4K monitors out there; it's a great value”.

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Good Features

Four people concluded that the Acer B286HK had good features. Two years ago said in their review of this PC monitor “Helpful bells and whistles”. also mentioned “Generous feature set” in their review.

Eric S. wrote in his review of this PC monitor on “AUDIO IN? Really ACER? REALLY? WHY U DO THIS? Plenty of good features otherwise and maybe I am not sensitive to the ghosting? Not sure” and scored the Acer B286HK 7 stars.

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Has a Built-In Speaker(s)

Unlike most of the other flatpanel monitors of this age and spec which do not have a built-in speaker(s), the Acer B286HK has a built-in speaker(s).

We think you might also be interested in some of the other PC displays with a built-in speaker(s) currently available including because of it's better review score, the LG 29EA93, or the iiyama XB2776QS.

We compared this LCD screen to all the other PC monitors with a built-in speaker(s) and we think the Acer S277hkwmidpp ($455.15) is also worth considering.

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Packaging Content

Has Four Cables Included

The Acer B286HK has a greater number of cables included than most medium monitors that came out more than two years ago. This Acer LCD screen has an AC cables included, which is the most commonly found cables included found on LCD screens of this spec and age. The cables included "DisplayPort", "DVI" and "USB" are also found on this PC screen.

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Quite Fast Response Time

PC displays of a comparable spec and age to the B286HK have response times of between 1ms and 40ms, and the average response time is 6.1ms. With a response time of only 1 millisecond, the Acer B286HK's response time is one of the fastest amongst medium monitors that were launched around the same time as the B286HK.

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Ports & Interfaces

Only One HDMI Port

The Acer B286HK is a one HDMI port PC screen. Most of the other medium monitors that were released around the same time as the B286HK have between one and three HDMI ports.

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Released Over Two Years Ago

This LCD screen was released over two years ago.

Product Identifiers

Manufacturer Part Numbers acer b286hkymjdpprz, acer umpb6ee009, acer 3840x2160, acer 300cdm2, acer 8656k53, acer hub1up, acer 100m1, umpb6aa003, acer 4k2k
Barcodes 04053162537224, 04713147416349, 04713147421602

Other PC Monitors to Consider

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DELL P2715Q vs Acer B286HK
DELL P2715Q Acer B286HK
$ 568.00 $0.00
1,053.23M More Display Colour Count
Much Better User Reviews
Better Expert Reviews
Two DisplayPorts
50 Times Lower Contrast Ratio
8ms Slower Response Time

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Samsung S27D590 vs Acer B286HK
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$24.04 Cheaper to Run
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Only Full HD HD Type

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Benq XL2730 vs Acer B286HK
Benq XL2730 Acer B286HK
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Eight More Awards
User Reviews Are Significantly Better
Expert Reviews Are Slightly Better
Two HDMI Ports
Only 12000000:1 Dynamic Contrast Ratio
Worse HD Type