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TriStar OV-1450

TriStar OV-1450
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A poor spec oven
45L Electric Black 1 Feb 2015
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TriStar OV-1450 Review

We have scored the TriStar OV-1450 as follows:
Overall Score

Why Has it Scored 60?

It has some great features.
Convection oven with rotisserie volume 45l - 2000 W
Lume: 45 l<br>- 6 heat settings<br>- 1 grill grid<br>- 1 baking plate<br>- convection function<br>- defrost function<br>- handle for removing the baking tray and/or cooking grid<br>- adjustable temperature 100-230 c<br>- adjustable timer with signal 60 minutes<br>- upper and lower stainless steel heating elements<br>- rotating function<br>- double glass door<br>- inner light<br>- power indication light<br>- anti slip feet<br>- power: 2000 W

TriStar OV-1450 In-Depth Analysis


Smaller Than Average Total Oven Interior Capacity

The OV-1450's total oven interior capacity of only 45L is in the smallest 21% of all ovens when ranked by this feature. Ovens have total oven interior capacities of between 10L and 140L, and the average total oven interior capacity is 62L.

What does "total oven interior capacity" mean? Less Edit

Quite Low Total Oven Power

The total oven powers of ovens range from 40W to 12,000W, and the average total oven power is 3,200W. The TriStar OV-1450's total oven power of only 2,000W is quite low compared to most other ovens. It is in the lowest 20% of all ovens when ordered by this feature.

What does "total oven power" mean? Less Edit

One Oven

The TriStar OV-1450 has one oven which is average compared to the other 1,873 ovens that we have assessed the number of ovens of.

What does "oven" mean? Less Edit

Does Not Have a Built-In Display

The TriStar OV-1450 does not have a built-in display, unlike most other ovens. 72% of ovens have a built-in display.

What is a built-in display? Less Edit

Has a Rotisserie

The OV-1450 has a rotisserie, unlike 97% of ovens which do not have a rotisserie.

Chart Hide Chart What is a rotisserie? Less Edit

Only Small Size

The OV-1450 has a bigger oven size than most ovens. This TriStar oven has a small oven size, whereas most ovens have a medium oven size.

The best oven size across comparable types of oven is large.

Chart Hide Chart What does "oven size" mean? Less Edit

Features Non-Slip Feet

The TriStar OV-1450 features non-slip feet, unlike 99% of ovens which do not feature non-slip feet.

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Features Top and Bottom Heating

The OV-1450 features top and bottom heating. 76% of ovens do not feature top and bottom heating.

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Has a Baking Tray

The OV-1450 has a baking tray, which is unusual. 77% of ovens do not have a baking tray.

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