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Compare The Best Montpellier Fridge FreezersSeptember 2019

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What is the Kagoo Score? Our unique fridge freezers rating which considers: 260 US prices • 34,000 expert & user reviews • 13,000 product comparisons • 29 industry awards • Score breakdown
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Montpellier MAB2030R

10 Reviews


Over 10 years
Sep 2015


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Montpellier logo

Montpellier MS148W


Over 10 years
Oct 2016


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Montpellier logo

Montpellier MIFF701


Over 10 years
Jul 2017


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Montpellier logo

Montpellier MIFF7301F


Over 10 years
Jul 2017

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

QWhat is the difference between 'net' and 'gross' capacity?
AYou see 2 capacities used for fridge-freezers - gross capacity refers to the total inside capacity of the appliance, while net capacity is the total *usable* capacity, after discounting the volume taken up by shelves, plastic moulding, etc.
QWhat is the average noise level of a fridge-freezer?
AThe average noise of a freezer is around 40Db, making it very quiet indeed, and hardly noticeable, even in a quiet kitchen.
QWhat does 'freezing capacity' mean?
AFreezing capacity refers to the volume of food that the freezer is capable of freezing in a set period. The larger the amount, the more quickly it will be frozen.
QWhat is a 'No Frost' system?
AA 'No Frost' system reduces the humidity in the fridge-freezer, and automatically defrosts from time to time. This means there is little or no ice buildup inside the fridge-freezer.
QWhat is an 'American style' fridge-freezer?
AAn American style fridge-freezer has the fridge and freezer sections next to one another, vertically aligned rather than one on top of the other. This arrangement normally has 2 doors - one opens the fridge, the other the freezer. These appliances usually have far more storage capacity, but are bigger and more expensive.

Fridge-freezer Buying Guide


Innovations in insulation technology have allowed manufacturers to use thinner walls and doors in their fridge freezers, giving them much bigger internal capacity. The biggest fridge freezers have a total internal capacity of over 600 litres. That's enough to fit three supermarket trolleys full of food! Typical fridge freezers have around 200 to 300 litres of internal storage.

Humidity Control

Many fridge freezers have compartments with humidity control. These work by letting you adjust the humidity of the compartment to keep the food inside in the best possible condition. This means creating dry conditions for meat and fish and humid conditions for fruit and vegetables.

Some of the large American style fridge freezers have a third compartment, separate to the fridge and the freezer, which can be set to a 'chill' mode of -1°C. This temperature is perfect for preserving the natural moisture in fresh fish and meat.

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The latest Hotpoint fridge freezers come with Active Oxygen technology. This unique system releases oxygen molecules into the fridge which purifies the air circulating inside and inhibits bacterial growth by up to 90%. The system can preserve the first day freshness of your food for up to 9 days without affecting the smell, taste or colour of your food.
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Ice Makers and Water Dispensers

Many of the premium fridge freezers come with built in ice makers and chilled water dispensers. These are great for quick cold drinks and some of the latest models include ice crushers which are great for making cocktails. Some models also include sparkling water on tap, with a built in Sodastream machine.

Look out for models with built in water filters, which gives you cleaner tasting water and clearer ice. If the fridge freezer doesn't have a water filter you can always add a water filter to the water pipe which supplies the appliance. Also look for tall ice dispenser openings in the door which makes it easier to fill large glasses.

Often the ice make is located inside one of the freezer compartments. This allows a large amount of ice to be stored, however it reduces the available freezer space for food. Some models contain the entire ice maker within the door which leaves greater room for food in the freezer.

Most models can be connected directly to the water supply, although normally you need a water outlet within 1.5m of the appliance (always make sure you use a connection hose designed for drinking water). Some fridge freezers have a water tank that you fill manually which supplies the ice maker.

Other Features To Consider

Frost Free: Many modern fridge freezers are frost free which means that they do not require defrosting. They achieve this by controlling the moisture content of the air in the freezer. This has the added benefit of reducing freezer burn to food that is stored in the freezer.

LED Lighting: LED internal lighting creates a bright, well lit interior making it easier to find your food as well as saving energy.

Multi Function Compartments: Some of the top end fridge freezers have a third compartment which can be set to either be a fridge or a freezer at the push of a button. They can also be set to an intermediate 'Chill' mode, which maintains a temperature of -1°C, ideal for keeping fresh meat and fish in great condition.

Shelving: Cheaper fridge freezers come with wire shelves. Glass shelves found on mid range models upwards have the advantage of catching spills so that they do not drop onto food below. Some shelves fold away to allow storage of tall items and other types slide forwards to make it easy to access items at the back. Look for models with metal shelf brackets for durability.

Rapid Cooling: Fridge freezers with Rapid Cooling can quickly chill or freeze your food, which is ideal when you bring home a large quantity of new food.

Montpellier Fridge Freezers

Montpellier Fridge Freezer Prices

The price range of Montpellier fridge freezers is from $211 to $362 and in total we found prices for 4 Montpellier fridge freezers. The average price of a new Montpellier fridge freezer is $290 and the 80% of Montpellier fridge freezers are priced between $212 and $361. The most expensive Montpellier fridge freezer that we found is the Montpellier MIFF7301FOG at $361, and the cheapest is the Montpellier MAB2030R at only $212.

Price Range of Montpellier Fridge Freezers

Montpellier fridge freezers range in price from $212 to $361, and the average price of Montpellier fridge freezers is $290 which is the 25th highest average price of all fridge freezer brands.

How Good Are Montpellier Fridge Freezers?

We have analysed 82 expert reviews and 30,234 user reviews for fridge freezers and used this data to determine an average rating for Montpellier fridge freezers of 65%. This makes Montpellier the 27th best rated fridge freezer brand according to customer reviews.

When Are Most New Montpellier Fridge Freezers Released?

We looked at the release dates for new Montpellier fridge freezers over the last 3 years, but couldn't see any evident trend. Last year most new Montpellier fridge freezers were released in February, with two new Montpellier fridge freezers released that month. The biggest month in 2017 for new Montpellier fridge freezer releases was July, with four new Montpellier fridge freezers released that month. Seven new Montpellier fridge freezers were released in October 2016 making it the biggest month that year for new Montpellier fridge freezer releases.

How Fast Do Montpellier Fridge Freezer Prices Drop After Release?

Most fridge freezers drop in price by 3% in the first 6 months after release, however Montpellier fridge freezers tend to depreciate faster. On average, in the first 6 months after release, Montpellier fridge freezers drop in price by 4%.

A typical new Montpellier fridge freezer costs on average $988. By waiting 6 months before buying you could save on average $36.