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Minor Fryer BrandsSeptember 2019

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What is the Kagoo Score? Our unique fryers rating which considers: 1,300 US prices • 4,800 expert & user reviews • 540 product comparisons • Score breakdown
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Presto 05442

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Jul 2013


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Cuisinart CDF‑100


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Sep 2018

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

QWhat is a hot air fryer?
AMany recent models of fryers use super-heated air rather than oil to cook the food. This generates better results (the food is less soggy) and uses a tiny fraction of the oil usually used. Therefore it is much healthier!
QWhat is the difference between a single and double fryer?
AAs the name suggests, double fryers have 2 different cooking receptacles, so 2 sets of food can be cooked at once. This is most commonly found on larger and commercial fryers.

Fryer Buying Guide

Fryers use very hot oil to cook food quickly and thoroughly - the food is quickly cooked by the hot oil, often resulting in a crispy outside, but a tender inside. Most people connect home fryers with chips - allowing you to easily recreate the crispy, fluffy chips found in restaurants and cafes. However they can be used for many other different types of food, including fish, vegetables, samosas or chicken. Due to the high temperatures involved in the cooking procedure, modern fryers have significant safety features to minimise the chance of accidents, and contain pre-set modes for the most commonly-cooked foods.

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All our fryers have a food capacity, measured in kilograms. The larger the capacity, the more food you can cook in one go - this may be especially useful for large families. However larger fryers also have a significantly larger footprint, and so will take up more counter space in your kitchen.

Power Levels

All of our fryers are given a power level, rated in watts. The higher the wattage, the more power the fryer has. This translates to faster and more efficiently cooked food, but also to higher electricity bills. Fryers tend to be quite power hungry, so it may be prudent not to automatically buy the device with the highest power - a good mid-point between power and cost-efficiency is important.

Given that even the healthiest fryer produces a lot of grease and mess, it is a good idea to clean the fryer after every use. Therefore it may be helpful to check that your chosen model is marked as easy-to-clean, meaning that it has been designed for stress-free cleaning. Some models even have parts that are safe to put in the dishwasher, making them extremely easy to clean and take care of.

Low Fat & Air Frying

While traditionally deep fat frying has been seen as an immensely unhealthy form of cooking, there are several healthier options available. Low fat fryers are specially designed to use less oil than standard fryers, meaning the resulting food has a lower calorie count, and is therefore healthier. Under these systems a single teaspoon of oil will suffice for an entire portion of chips, so the calorie count can be a mere fraction of what it would be using a traditional method.

A growing section of the healthy frying market is so-called ‘air’ fryers - a range of cookers that use superheated air to fry the food instead of oil. Because they use very little or no oil (some models use a very small amount of oil to 'kick start' the air heating) the resulting food is far lower in calories and fat. Indeed, tests have shown that with a 300g portion of chips, airfrying reduced the calories from 717 to 576! Also, because they don’t use oil you don’t have to worry about disposing of the used frying oil - which makes them far more ecologically friendly as well.

Generally speaking these low-fat and air fryers are more expensive than their traditional counterparts. However, given how much lower in both calories and fat the resulting food is, the health benefits may far outweigh the extra expenditure.

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Fryer Retailers, Prices and Features

Fryer Prices

We currently list 87 fryers ranging from $21 to $460. The average price of a new fryer is $131 and the 80% of fryers are priced between $36 and $339. The Presto 05442 is the cheapest fryer at only $22, and Philips HD975020 is the most expensive at $460.

Fryer Brands - Price Range

The highest average fryer price out of all brands is Duronic fryers with an average price of $308. Duronic fryers start at $308 and their most expensive fryer costs $308.

Cecotec fryers start at $212 and their most expensive fryer costs $212. The second highest average fryer price out of all brands is Cecotec fryers with an average price of $212.

The third highest average fryer price out of all brands is Gourmetmaxx fryers with an average price of $203. Gourmetmaxx fryers range in price from to $406.

Fryer Brands - Average Ratings

We have checked 44 expert reviews and 4,565 user reviews for fryers and used these reviews to determine the average rating for each brand of fryer. The top rated fryer brand is Tefal with an average rating of 92%. The second best brand is Philips with 84% and the third best brand is DeLonghi with 81%.

Biggest Fryer Retailers

We found 94 current offers for fryers from eBay making it the biggest fryer retailer. That is over 10 times bigger than the second biggest retailer, Overstock for whom we found 9 current offers for fryers. The third biggest retailer is Walmart with 1 current fryer offers.

When Are Most New Fryers Released?

Over the last 3 years we couldn't see any obvious trend in the release month for new fryers. In 2018 most new fryers were released in June, with 13 new fryers released that month. In November 2017, 18 new fryers were released making it the biggest month that year for new fryer releases. The biggest month in 2016 for new fryer releases was September, with 59 new fryers released that month.

How Fast Do Fryer Prices Drop After Release?

On average fryers drop in price by 4% in the first 6 months after release.

That means that on a typical fryer costing $30 you could save on average $1 by waiting 6 months before buying.


'Power' is the power level of the fryer, measured in watts.

Across the range of fryers, the powers range from 140W to 10,000W. The powers of the majority of fryers range from 1,400W to 1,700W. The fryer with the biggest power is the TriStar FR-6937, which is a 3,600W fryer and sells for $0.00. The TWINBIRD EP-4694PW, which sells for $0.00, has the smallest power and is a 680W fryer.

Generally speaking, a higher power level means that the fryer will be more powerful, heating the oil to higher temperatures faster, and cooking the food more efficiently so that it doesn't spend as much time sitting in the oil, meaning it will be (somewhat) healthier.

Fryer Food Capacities

'Capacity' denotes how much food the fryer can hold at once, measured in kilograms.

Comparing all fryers, the fryer food capacities range from 0.3kg to 17kg. The fryer food capacities of the majority of fryers range from 1kg to 1.5kg. The Tower T14001, which sells for $0.00, has the biggest fryer food capacity and is a 17kg fryer food capacity fryer. The fryer with the smallest fryer food capacity is the Nesco DF12, which is a 0.4kg fryer food capacity fryer and sells for $36.71.

The bigger the capacity of the fryer, the more food can be cooked at once.

Low Fat Frying Functions

A low-fat frying function serves to fry food using only a fraction of the oil normally used.

The number of new fryers that do and are fryers without a low fat frying function is roughly the same. 192 fryers (51%) do are fryers with a low fat frying function.

Because it uses far less oil, a low-fat frying option produces far healthier food than standard frying.

Which Are the Cheapest Retailers for Fryers?

The chart below helps you decide which retailer is normally cheapest for buying fryers. For each retailer it shows the total number of fryers where they currently have a market leading price. The chart below helps you decide which retailer is normally cheapest for buying fryers. For each retailer we took all of their prices and looked at what proportion of those prices where the cheapest on the market. The cheapest retailer that we found was eBay. 94 of their fryer prices were the cheapest that could be found anywhere.

Proportion of Fryers for Which Each Retailer is Cheapest?

Assessing how cheap each retailer is for fryers by counting the number of cheapest prices for that retailer, makes the retailers that offer the greatest number of fryer prices more likely to offer the greatest number of cheapest prices. The chart below considers the proportion of each retailer's fryer prices that are the cheapest compared to other retailers. The cheapest retailer that we found using this approach was eBay. 100% of their fryer prices were the cheapest that could be found anywhere.