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Compare The Latest FridgesOctober 2018

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We search for the newest fridges every day by checking manufacturer websites and all the big US shops.
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

QWhat is the difference between 'net' and 'gross' capacity?
AYou see 2 capacities used for fridges and freezers - gross capacity refers to the total inside capacity of the appliance, while net capacity is the total *usable* capacity, after discounting the volume taken up by shelves, plastic moulding, etc.
QWhat is the average noise level of a fridge?
AThe average noise of a fridge is around 40Db, making it very quiet indeed, and hardly noticeable, even in a quiet kitchen.
QWhat is a 'No Frost' system?
AA 'No Frost' system reduces the humidity in the fridge, and automatically defrosts from time to time. This means there is little or no ice buildup inside the fridge.
QWhat is a 'Multi Airflow' system?
AThis is a system that ensures an even distribution cold air around all parts of the fridge. The air passes through an air filtration system before being recirculated, which removes unwanted odours to prevent odour contamination of other foods in fridge.