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Latest Bosch Blender Articles

should you buy a Bosch Blender?
Should You Buy a Bosch Blender?
By Matthew on 9 Jan 2020
Bosch is well known for its dishwashers, washing machines, electric kettles and coffee makers. The company behind Bosch also manufacturers Siemens Blenders. If you are thinking about buying a Bosch blender then our handy guide provides you with all the key info at a glance. Our objective,...
5 best Bosch blenders
5 Best Bosch Blenders
By Matthew on 10 Jan 2020
Don't buy a Bosch blender until you have read our detailed assessment of the top five Bosch blenders. We've scoured the web for reviews, specs, and United States prices and summarised all this data in to a simple to understand table.
How quickly do Bosch Blenders drop in price?
How Quickly Do Bosch Blenders Drop in Price?
By Matthew on 31 Dec 2019
Find out how quickly Bosch Blenders normally drop in price after they are released. Should you buy now or is it better to wait?
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