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Kagoo News - Samsung’s ‘The Frame’ Art TV gets a 2021 upgrade

Updated 01 April 2021
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Samsung are preparing to launch the latest iteration of ‘The Frame’ this month - bringing a fresh coat of paint and upgraded specs to their unique Art TV. We’ve got all the details on these new models right here, ahead of the official release.

If you’re not familiar with the series, ‘The Frame’ is an attempt to make modern TVs less of an eyesore when not in use, and allow them to be a centrepiece of your living room. The Frame is designed to look like a painting in a frame, hanging on the wall just like any other piece of art. To achieve this the screen is always on, and displays a customisable selection of high-quality artwork images. A replaceable bezel frame and low-visibility cabling completes the look of a TV that doesn’t look like any other television - it’s not a black empty frame when you aren’t using it!

The 2021 model of The Frame is similar to the previous versions, but with several notable improvements. These include:

  • A new slimmer design, only 25mm thick
  • New Quantum Processor 4k chip
  • Improved storage capacity for photos (up to 6Gb)
  • New smaller-diameter models (32” & 43”)
  • New accessories to complete your room


Of these, the slimmer design, larger capacity & new chip under the hood are probably less immediately noticeable - though they will help make the TV run faster, hold more art and blend into the room better. The real fun stuff is the 2 new sizes - the smaller 32” and 43” models mean that the Art TV can now be enjoyed by people without enormous living rooms to show them off, and the lower prices bring them into the budget or more people.

Interestingly, the 2 smaller sizes can also be rotated 90° into a portrait orientation, to better display vertical video. This is a trick Samsung tried with their ‘Sero’ TV last year, and is aimed squarely at smartphone enthusiasts - it even comes with an accompanying TikTok app.


Samsung has also announced a pair of accessories to go with these new models of The Frame. The first is a tripod stand, that makes The Frame look like a portrait standing on an easel. It’s a classy look if you don’t want to attach your TV to the wall, but still want to show it off as a piece of art.

The second is a set of shelves that can be attached to the sides of the TV. While it may seem counterintuitive to hem in something that is created to be viewed as a design statement, the ‘My Shelf’ is surprisingly understated and fits with the style of the TV. It’s also customisable, and available either in white or beige. Sadly they are only compatible with the 55” & 65” models of The Frame.

These new TVs will go on sale this month (April 2021), and Samsung is offering a cashback offer, cheap soundbar and a free bezel for early adopters.

So, are you tempted to take the plunge and buy an Art TV for your living room? I know I am… though it’d probably be showing cat photos rather than highbrow paintings! You can find the various models of ‘The Frame’ on our Kagoo TV pages.

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