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Kagoo Guide: How to Sign Up for Email Price Alerts

Updated 01 July 2020
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It can be hard to find a good deal nowadays. The internet moves so very fast, and a product you're interested in may be sold out or had the price changed by the time you've thought about it and dug out your credit card. Sometimes the price of a TV, mixer or soundbar can even change multiple times throughout the day: this can be caused by everything from stock being refreshed, to changes in exchange rates, to the time of day. Moreover, there is a wealth of short-term 'lightning deals', that may run for as little as an hour, offering amazing deals to those who can be in the right place at the right time.

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Part of the problem is that online retailers are ultra-competitive and fluid nowadays. Many retailers will automatically adjust prices according to their stock levels, rising the price if they see a short-term demand, in order to maximize profits. This 'repricing' software allows them to quickly optimize the prices customers are shown, taking into account not just their own stock levels and demand, but also the prices and sales of competitors. This strategy is understandable - online retail is utterly ruthless, and you have to grab every possible advantage to survive. At the same time, it creates an uncertain situation for customers - it's difficult to commit to a purchase if you don't know whether the retailer will slash 20% off the price in an hour's time...

This is where Kagoo can help. We are constantly monitoring all of the major retailers (e.g - Amazon, Currys, AO), and a significant proportion of independent retailers and the secondhand market. This allows us to display the newest and most accurate information for both prices and stock levels for the products on our system - allowing you to be certain that the prices you're seeing are current and accurate.

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However we recognize you can't be on our site 24/7 (as much as we'd love that!) so we have created the Kagoo Price Alert system. This lets you sign up to price alerts, which will notify you by email as soon as price changes. Leave the searching to us, and we'll make sure you don't miss a good deal on that breadmaker you've been eyeing up!

There are several ways to sign up for price alerts:

  • Product Price Alerts
  • Group Price Alerts
  • Deal Alerts

1. Product Price Alerts

Firstly, you can sign up for price alerts on any of our products. This means that you will be alerted if the price of the products changes significantly, or if any vouchers or deals become available for it. Secondary, if the product is not currently in stock then our alert will notify you when the retailers have restocked it.

Our price alerts also include a handy price history chart so you can see whether the price might drop further or is likely to increase - this will hopefully further inform your buying decision.

How to Sign Up For a Product Price Alert:
  • Find the product either by browsing the categories or using the search bar.
  • Click the grey “Get Price Alerts” button.
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  • Enter your email address.
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  • Click “Keep me Updated”.

Additional Options

Clicking the blue 'options' link will display some additional functions, allowing you to tailor your price alerts exactly how you like them:

  • Send me deals on similar products: We will find products similar to the one you selected and if there’s a great deal on any of them we’ll let you know.
  • Only send me price drops: By default our email price alert will send you all price changes, whether they are increases or decreases. Select this option to only be notified of decreases.
  • Exclude eBay prices:If you prefer not to be notified about eBay prices then click this option.
  • Only email me when the price drops below £x: This option is useful if there is a particular target price you have in mind. We won’t disturb you unless we find a deal below this price.
  • Maximum email frequency: By default we will email you a maximum of once per day for each product price alert that you setup. If you want to be notified the moment we spot any price change on your selected product then change this option to ASAP. Conversely if you want to minimise the number of emails that you receive then change this option to weekly or monthly.

2. Group Price Alerts

As well as alerts on specific products, you can also setup alerts on groups of products. For example if you are searching for a 50 inch TV under £500 and will only consider Samsung, Sony or LG then you can setup an alert specifically for those criteria. We will then keep checking products that match your criteria for any deals and email you the best ones.

How to Sign Up for a Category Price Alert:
  • Go to one of our category pages such as
  • Choose your preferred criteria by using the search bar.
  • Click the “Create Email Alert” at the top of the search bar.
    Resource ID 601
  • Enter your email address.
    Resource ID 603
  • [Optional] Select your preferred email frequency.

3. Deal Alerts

Finally, as well as single and groups alerts it's also possible to setup deal alerts. This will allow you to receive alerts when we find new deals, promotions and vouchers on whatever criteria you want. So if you're looking for a 4K TV, but only want a great deal rather than a specific model, we've got you covered!

How to Setup a Deal Alert
  • Go to one of our deal pages such as
  • Choose the type of deals that you would like to receive in the search bar.
  • Click the “Create Email Alert” at the top of the search bar.
    Resource ID 583
  • Enter your email address.
    Resource ID 606
  • [Optional] Select your preferred email frequency.

How to Edit and Delete Your Alerts

If you want to modify or remove active alerts from your account, you can view all your current alerts by clicking on the menu icon in the top right of the screen and selecting “My Lists” or visiting Here you can change the frequency of any of your price alerts, delete any alerts and also edit the criteria for your category alerts.

Our Price Alert Promise

  • No spam
  • We never disclose or sell your email address to anyone
  • 100% free
  • 100% impartial
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Kagoo Guide: How to Sign Up for Email Price Alerts
1. Product Price Alerts
2. Group Price Alerts
3. Deal Alerts
How to Edit and Delete Your Alerts

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