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Top 4 Hobs for 2020

Updated 02 September 2020
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Hobs are frequently overlooked in a kitchen - many people use a full cooker with burner built into the top. However if you are lacking kitchen space - or want more flexibility with the setup of your kitchen - a separate hob can be a useful investment. For one, it allows you to choose the precise specification you want (e.g - gas burners, induction, different sizes and shapes) and secondly it allows you to position the hob exactly where you want in the kitchen, without being limited by the oven. So today we’re going to look at some of the best gas and induction hobs you can buy for your new kitchen.

Neff T36FB41X0G

Let’s start with a simple but effective induction hob - the Neff T36FB41X0G is a great induction hob that won’t break the bank. It has 4 identical cooking zones, each one capable of smoothly stepping between a very low heat and extremely powerful boiling.

Like many induction hobs, the Neff has a very simple design, with the touch control panel at the front to control the heat levels, an alarm/timer, and little else. It means the hob is very easy to use, but it feels a little bit sparse.

The T36FB41X0G has a Power Boost function for quick bursts of heat - which is helpful - but lacks extras like flexible zones or pot detection. It also suffers from the problems of all induction devices - many pots and pans (including anything made of copper) won’t work with it, so make sure you bear that in mind while choosing.

However the T36FB41X0G is also the cheapest hob reviewed today, and is very popular across the board. Sometimes you don’t need lots of frills - you just want a good hob that does the job. The Neff definitely fits that purpose, and is worth a look if you want the basics done well.

Kagoo Verdict
Neff T36FB41X0G
3 / 5
Power Boost function
Easy-to-use controls
Lacks extras
No flexible zones
Induction isn't compatible with all pots

Samsung NZ6000K

If you want something with a bit more punch, then the NZ600K from Samsung does a lot with a mid-range price tag. It has 4 cooking zones but unlike the Neff model, the left-hand pair can be joined together (a process called 'Bridging') to form a single large zone - perfect for larger casseroles or unusually-shaped saucepans.

Being a newer model, it has a suite of extras built in. A safety device detects when pans are removed and automatically stops the power to prevent any accidents. It also has a child lock and a pause function to temporarily drop the power to a light simmer - perfect if you have to step away for a moment.

The standout feature with this hob is the design - it has a sleek minimalist design which will look very modern in your kitchen. The controls are all touch - swiping to change the temperature is very smooth and intuitive. It also has a range of leds built around the cooking zones which can simulate the flicker of a gas ring - providing helpful visual feedback if you’re unused to cooking with induction.

While the design of the hob is excellent, the text is a bit small, and can be hard to read. It also has the same compatibility issues that all induction hobs suffer from. This isn’t enough to sink it though - an excellent hob

Kagoo Verdict
Samsung NZ6000K
4 / 5
Smooth Controls
Sleek design
Flexible cooking zones
Text could be larger
Induction compatibility problems

Fisher & Pakyel CI604DTB3


This Fisher & Paykel model is a step up from the Samsung and Neff models in several ways - it contains the same induction zones for powerful and precise heating, but adds substantially more flexibility into the mix. While the Samsung NZ600K only had 1 flexible zone, the CI604DTB3 allows the 4 cooking zones to work as 2 larger zones, or all of them can work together as a single extra-large cooking zone. This extra flexibility is extremely helpful when cooking with large or unwieldy pans, and means even heating across whatever you choose to cook with.

Outside of the flexibility, the CI604DTB3 has many similarities to the other induction hobs - pan detection systems, a low-heat function for simmering and a power boost function for sudden bursts of heat. However the design isn’t quite as good as the Samsung or Siemens hobs: the touch controls are functional, but a bit busy - it doesn’t have the sleek pop of the other models.

That said, there is little bad to say about this hob - it is more expensive than the others, but the extra price is worth it for the significant improvements. Our recommended induction hob for 2020!

Kagoo Verdict
Fisher & Pakyel CI604DTB3
4.5 / 5
Multiple flex-cooking zones
Lots of extras
More expensive than others
Design uninteresting

Siemens ER9A6SD70


Finally, let’s look at a gas hob. This isn’t for the budget-conscious, but it’s a great model nonetheless. The Siemens ER9A6SD70 is a 5-burner gas hob - you have your standard 4 burners, plus a single extra-large burner for woks or very large pans.

There’s a lot to love about this hob - it has a lot of space to play with, and each of the burners is powerful and responsive. It also uses Siemens’ ‘StepFlame‘ technology to make sure that the heat smoothly steps up in power as you turn the control knobs - no more imprecise heating! Unfortunately as a gas hob it doesn’t have the flexibility of induction hobs - however it also doesn’t have any of their compatibility issues either.

The ER9A6SD70 has the look nailed as well - the matt dark-grey design and silver controls hold their own against the Samsung NZ6000K’s design. However, there is a major downside - this thing is *expensive*. The ER9A6SD70 retails at over £1k, almost twice as much as any of the other hobs reviewed here today.

That alone will be a dealbreaker for many people - however if you have the budget and want your kitchen to look as good as possible, this is definitely the gas hob to consider!

Kagoo Verdict
Siemens ER9A6SD70
4 / 5
5 powerful burners
StepFlame Technology
Excellent design
Very expensive
No induction flexibility
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