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Top 4 American Fridge-Freezers for 2020

Updated 11 November 2020
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Fridge-freezers are an essential part of any smaller kitchen, but what if you need more space? That’s where the American fridge-freezers come into play - these are enormous appliances with a separate fridge and freezer section, usually side-by-side like a wardrobe. Here are 4 of the best you can buy in 2020.

Beko GNE60520DX


Let’s start with the Beko GNE60520DX, a very straightforward American fridge-freezer. It boasts a comfortable 530L capacity, with an equally comfortable price-range of under a grand. The design is slightly unusual compared to the others on this list - rather than side-by-side sections, the GNE60520DX has an extra-large fridge, and 2 wide freezer drawers underneath it.

This choice allows for more efficient storage of frozen goods, and less wasted space - definitely a plus! It also means the fridge section is given 2 full doors, which allowed Beko to fit in a larger array of door balconies. This is great for anyone who has ever struggled to fit that last pint of milk around 3 cartons of orange juice and a beer!

However the freezer design also causes some problems - the 2-drawer freezer system means that the lowest drawer is very close to the ground. For anyone with back problems or impared movement, accessing this part of the freezer may be a challenge. The split drawers also limits the size of individual objects that can fit in the freezer - no whole deer carcases for you!

Outside of the design, the rest of the Beko GNE60520DX is very simple, almost to a fault. The stainless steel design is clean, but it lacks many of the extras found in the more expensive models. You get no smart integration, no computers or AI - just a big box to keep food cool or cold!

That may well be exactly what many people need - as long as you’re not put off by the low freezer drawers, there’s a lot to recommend with this model.

Kagoo Verdict
Beko GNE60520DX
4 / 5
Reasonable price for capacity
Drawered freezer
Extra door balconies
Lacking extras
2-drawer freezer may limit very large items
Lots of bending required for lowest drawer



For those that want some cutting-edge design in their appliances, the LG GSX960NSVZ is worth considering. It’s got a big 600L capacity, and 2/3rds of that is taken up with an enormous fridge - perfect for large families who lean towards short-term storage rather than freezing lots of food.

It’s a solid start, but the interesting bits lie in a curious black window on the front of the appliance. This is LG’s ‘Instaview’ technology - when you tap the window it lights up, allowing you to see inside the fridge without the need to actually open the door!

Now we admit, this seems a little bit faddish - the window is too small to gain a proper fiew of the whole fridge - but LG have also allowed this window to open, allowing you to instant access to anything stored in the door balconies. This is a game changer - it effectively gives you a small minibar in your main fridge, which you can fill with drinks, sauces or anything else you frequently use. It’s a very convenient feature that we bet is adopted by many other manufacturers in the future.

In addition to the Instaview system, the GSX960NSVZ is loaded with a number of other features - such as an air purification system, ‘LINEAR’ cooling system and an ice/water dispenser. It’s also a Smart appliance - meaning it has full integration with Alexa or Siri, which allows you to monitor and tweak settings from your phone.

Unfortunately this isn’t a cheap fridge-freezer at all - while it doesn’t reach the eye-watering price of the Samsung RS68N8941SL, it’s still a significant investment, and the pricetag is likely to cause many people to reconsider. That said, if you want a marriage of copious space and excellent design, this is definitely an excellent choice!

Kagoo Verdict
4.5 / 5
Large fridge capacity
Door-in-door system
Smart home integration
Magic window a bit faddish

Samsung RS68N8941SL


What’s that - you want more gadgets in your fridge-freezer? Well then, take a look at the Samsung RS68N8941SL. Called the ‘Family Hub’, this enormous American fridge-freezer aims to be the centre of your kitchen. At 630L, it’s the biggest fridge-freezer on our list, with a giant capacity that will cater to even the largest families, no matter how much food you buy.

The real selling point though is the large touchscreen display embedded into the front of the fridge door. This is effectively a tablet built into the fridge-freezer - it can play music, show videos, display calendars, and a whole bunch more. If you’re someone who loves to listen to music while you cook, or for a connected family wanting a holistic way of keeping appointments in check, this could well be a fantastic addition to your daily life! Also, it lets you watch The Marx Brothers while you bake bread!

The tech doesn’t stop there - the RS68N8941SL also has several wi-fi-enabled cameras placed inside the door, allowing you to view the fridge from your phone. A helpful extra if you go out shopping and can’t quite remember whether you’ve run out of hummus yet - happens to me all the time!

While some of the extras are legitimately useful, they won’t be for everyone - not everybody needs Spotify on their fridge, and several of the Smart features are restricted to those who have Samsung phones or other devices. Moreover, some of the features just seem a little… gimmicky.

Of course, all of this technology doesn’t come for cheap, and this American fridge-freezer is extremely expensive - you’ll be paying over £2000 for this Family Hub. That hefty pricetag will be a deal-breaker for many people: even given the buffet of extras, it will be outside of many people’s price range. In the end, if you want the best in both tech and capacity - and don’t mind paying the premium for both - then this is the fridge-freezer for you.

Kagoo Verdict
Samsung RS68N8941SL
3.5 / 5
Massive capacity
Lots of extras
Built-in touchscreen
Very expensive
Some extras require other Samsung devices

Hisense RS741N4WB11


Finally, let’s look at a more affordable model of American fridge-freezer. If you’ve balked at the idea of paying £2000 for a freezer, take a look at Hisense’s RS741N4WB11. Much like the Beko GNE60520DX, this model of fridge-freezer concentrates more on the space than the gadgets, and does so at a bargain price. The RS741N4WB11 costs a fraction of other American fridge-freezers - indeed, it’s over ¼ the price of the Samsung RS68N8941SL!

You get 562L of space, split 70/30 with a reasonably-sized fridge. The design is clean and minimalist, with a minimum of controls, and a simple water dispenser on the front. It’s a good look, especially compared to the very busy look of the tech-heavy LG & Samsung models.

As you might expect from a budget-focused model, there are few extras to be found. There is no Smart integration and no gadgets built in. You do get a water dispenser, but this is non-plumbed - which means it will require manual re-filling. Not a huge problem, but plumbed support would have been nice.

Honestly, a lot of the missing extras can be excused because of the low cost. For those that want nothing more than a hefty capacity to store food for their family, this will do the job at a great price. However people that want more Smart features, or the latest cutting-edge tech, may want to look elsewhere.

Kagoo Verdict
Hisense RS741N4WB11
4 / 5
Competitive price
Large capacity
Elegant design
Few extras
Water dispenser needs manual refilling
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