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Kagoo Explains: Dishwasher floor projection

Updated 31 August 2020
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Welcome to ‘Kagoo Explains’ - a series of short articles de-mystifying some of the confusing terminology used to describe tech. Today we’re looking at an enlightening little improvement for dishwashers - floor projection!

Dishwashers are such helpful appliances - especially newer models, which can be hidden away behind a door, and are so quiet that nobody will notice them! This is a fantastic thing if you want a quiet, disruption-free house, but has a couple of annoyances attached. Firstly - since the dishwasher is so quiet, it can be difficult to tell whether it’s running or not. Secondly, if it’s hidden behind a cupboard, the only way to check is to open it up, and that means you might get sprayed with hot water. Which is all kinds of annoying!

Luckily the engineers at Bosch had an excellent for fixing the problem - project a tiny light from the bottom of the dishwasher across the floor, so you can easily see the status of your dishwasher. It’s not the most groundbreaking of improvements, but it’s definitely helpful! There are two different systems currently on the market - InfoLight and TimeLight.

InfoLight - the simpler of the two systems: InfoLight is a red light that turns on when the dishwasher is running, and turns off when the cycle is finished. An effective way to see at a glance whether the dishwasher has finished, or if you need to wait a little while longer. Example: Bosch SMV46JX00G.

TimeLight - the more complex of the two systems: TimeLight projects a more detailed display on the floor in front of the dishwasher. It shows the exact time remaining, as well as the current stage in the cycle (rinse, dry, etc). Example: Bosch SMV68TD06G.

The two offer slightly different guides - the InfoLight allows a simple glance to see whether the dishwasher has finished, but gives no detailed info. On the other hand the TimeLight isn’t quite as simple to just glance at, but it gives far more detailed information. Neither of these systems will rock your world, but they offer a modern solution to an everyday annoyance - and they look cool too!

Finally: as far as Kagoo can ascertain, these floor projection systems are currently unique to Bosch washing machines. Therefore if you want a nifty indicator to make your dishwasher a tiny bit more helpful, take a look at our list of Bosch Dishwashers to find the best prices on your next purchase.

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