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Latest Articles

Kagoo News: 3D Audio comes to the Apple Airpods Pro
By Alex on 16 Sep 2020
Apple's Airpods Pro have just gained a free update to give them 3D audio support!
Top 5 Food Processors for 2020
By Alex on 14 Sep 2020
Take the fuss out of cooking with our list of the best food processors
Kagoo Explains: Mixers, Blenders & Food Processors
By Alex on 9 Sep 2020
We explain the difference between mixers, blenders and food processors - and which will be best for your kitchen needs
Kagoo Guide: Clearance Deals
By Alex on 7 Sep 2020
A dive into the world of clearance sales, and tips on how to find the best deals
Top 4 Hobs for 2020
By Alex on 2 Sep 2020
We look at the top hobs you can buy in 2020
Kagoo Explains: Dishwasher floor projection
By Alex on 31 Aug 2020
We take a closer look at Bosch's floor projection technology for dishwashers
Kagoo Explains: 'Bridging' Hobs
By Alex on 26 Aug 2020
We explain what 'bridging' is on induction hobs, and how it makes cooking with bigger pans easier
Kagoo Explains: Induction Cooking
By Alex on 24 Aug 2020
We explain how induction cooking uses electromagnets to quickly generate tremendous heat wirelessly!
Kagoo Explains: Colour Gamut & Colour Accuracy
By Alex on 19 Aug 2020
We take a look at 2 important concepts of TVs and monitors - gamut and colour accuracy
Top 5 Espresso Makers for 2020
By Alex on 17 Aug 2020
We review some of the best espresso makers on the market for all your caffeine needs!
Kagoo Explains: Currys ShopLive
By Alex on 12 Aug 2020
We look in detail at 'ShopLive', a new tool Currys has rolled out to help shoppers without the need to leave the house
Top 4 Small BBQs for 2020
By Alex on 10 Aug 2020
Prepare for summer with our list of the best small BBQs for 2020!
Kagoo Explains: Dolby Atmos
By Alex on 5 Aug 2020
We explain how Dolby Atmos is used to bring 3D audio to new heights.
Top 4 External Hard Drives for 2020
By Alex on 3 Aug 2020
We look at the best external hard drives you can buy for secure backups
Kagoo Explains: 'The Wall' & MicroLEDs
By Matthew on 29 Jul 2020
We take a look at Samsung's enormous 293" TV, 'The Wall' and the technology behind it
Kagoo Guide: Price History & Price Predictions
By Matthew on 27 Jul 2020
An indepth look at how we predict the future price of products
Kagoo Explains: Upscaling Part 2
By Matthew on 22 Jul 2020
Part 2 of an in-depth look at the technology behind TV upscaling
Kagoo Explains: Upscaling Part 1
By Matthew on 20 Jul 2020
Part 1 of an in-depth look at the technology behind TV upscaling
Kagoo Guide: What is the Kagoo Score?
By Matthew on 15 Jul 2020
An in-depth look at how we calculate Kagoo Scores
Kagoo Explains: Multi-Room Audio
By Matthew on 13 Jul 2020
We look in-depth at multi-room audio, and how it can fill your house with music!