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Today's Biggest Kobo E-Book Reader Price Drops At KoboJuly 2020

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

QHow Much Should I Expect to Spend On a E-Book Reader?

The price range of E-readers is from $50 to $599 and in total we found prices for 18 E-readers. The average price of a new E-reader is $200 and the 80% of ereaders are priced between $87 and $361. The cheapest E-reader that we found is the Amazon Kindle Paperwhite - 5th Gen at only $50, and the most expensive is the Kobo AURA One at $599.

QWhat Are The Best E-Book Reader Brands?

We have analysed 818 expert reviews and 619 user reviews for ereaders and used this data to evaluate the average rating for each brand of E-reader.

741 reviews
501 reviews
81 reviews
40 reviews
15 reviews
22 reviews

Read more in our article what are the best E-Book Reader brands?

QWhat Are The Biggest E-Book Reader Retailers?

We found 8 current offers for ereaders from eBay making it the biggest E-reader retailer.

QWhich Are the Cheapest Retailers for E-Readers?

The chart below helps you decide which retailer is normally cheapest for buying E-readers. For each retailer it shows the total number of E-readers where they currently have a market leading price. The chart below helps you decide which retailer is normally cheapest for buying ereaders. For each retailer we took all of their prices and looked at what proportion of those prices where the cheapest on the market. The cheapest retailer that we found was eBay. 6 of their E-book reader prices were the cheapest that could be found anywhere.

Assessing how cheap each retailer is for E-book readers by counting the number of cheapest prices for that retailer, makes the retailers that offer the greatest number of ereader prices more likely to offer the greatest number of cheapest prices. The chart below considers the proportion of each retailer's ereader prices that are the cheapest compared to other retailers. The cheapest retailer that we found using this approach was eBay. 75% of their E-reader prices were the cheapest that could be found anywhere.

QHow Quickly Do E-Book Readers Drop in Price After Release?

New E-readers drop in price by an average of 16% in the first 6 months after they were first released.

A typical new E-book reader costs on average $200. By waiting 6 months before buying you could save on average $33.

Read more in our article How quickly do E-Book Readers drop in price?

QWhen Are Most New E-Book Reader Released?

We looked at the release dates for new E-book readers over the last 3 years, but couldn't see any noticeable pattern. The biggest month last year for new ereader releases was October, with one new ereaders released that month. May was the biggest month in 2018 for new E-readers, with three new E-readers released that month. Five new E-book readers were released in July 2017 making it the biggest month that year for new ereader releases.

QWhat Are the Best E-Book Readers to Buy?
QWhere Can I Compare All E-Book Readers?
ACheck out our E-book readers comparison tables which rank all the current E-book readers.