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Compare The Best JBL SoundbarsJanuary 2020

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What is the Kagoo Score? Our unique soundbars rating which considers: 2,400 US prices • 2,500 expert & user reviews • 460 product comparisons • 200 industry awards • Score breakdown
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10 Reviews - - Outstanding


2.1 channels
May 2017


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JBL Boost TV

24 Reviews - Good - - - Pick Award


Jun 2016


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2 channels
Sep 2019


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JBL Cinema SB150


2.1 channels
May 2016

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

QHow do soundbars connect to my TV?
ASoundbars normally use a standard 3.5mm audio jack - almost all TVs should have support for this. Some soundbars may also have bluetooth support for streaming audio.
QIs a subwoofer necessary for soundbar use?
ANo - a soundbar will work perfectly fine without a separate subwoofer. They are designed to augment the bass tones of the soundbar, but aren't a necessity.

Soundbar Buying Guide

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A soundbar is a type of speaker designed to plug into a television and serve as a sound system for the device. Most soundbars are more powerful and better configured than the speakers built into TV sets, so a soundbar is a good way of improving the audio quality of your TV setup.

Soundbars are usually designed as long rectangles that can be placed directly under your TV screen, though some designers have experimented with other designs - including larger box-shaped designed that can double as a stand for the whole TV. These alternate designs are few and far between however - most are a simple rectangle, making them unobtrusive and easy to fit alongside your current TV setup.

It’s worth noting that a soundbar may be a necessity for more modern televisions - ultra-thin OLED TVs are so thin that they cannot fit any speakers into the unit, so have to rely on an external soundbar for all audio.


While most soundbars comprise of just the bar itself, others come packaged with a separate subwoofer unit. This is a loudspeaker designed specifically for bass frequencies, meaning it will augment the standard soundbar and provide substantially more powerful bass notes. This boosts the overall sound quality of the TV, and is especially good if you watch a lot of action-heavy blockbusters, since the explosions and gunshots will have a lot more presence.

Some soundbars have a separate remote control, but many simply use the volume control from your standard TV remote, and run any signal from your remote to the soundbar itself. This makes using the device extremely easy - all you have to do is plug it in and continue using your TV as normal!

Wireless Streaming

The majority of soundbars are designed to be plugged in directly to the TV, rather than using a wireless connection. This is minimise any delay in the audio - wireless connections can generate a very slight delay while the data is sent from the TV to the soundbar, meaning that the video and audio signals the TV could drop out of sync. Wired connections have no such delay, meaning the video and audio will always be perfectly in sync.

Many soundbars do have wireless capabilities, but they are instead used for streaming audio from your phone/tablet/etc. Because there is no video signal, the small delay doesn’t really matter. This means that as well as TV audio, soundbars can also be used for music on demand, making them great for parties or just relaxing with your favourite music!

Simulated Surround Sound

Traditionally surround sound works by having multiple speakers (usually 5-7) arranged in such a way as to give the audio a sense of depth and 3 dimensions in order to increase immersion when watching films or playing video games.

Since soundbars only have a single speaker, they are not capable of true surround sound - however some newer soundbars have a method of simulating surround sound. They do this using a trick called ‘binaural audio’, which carefully directs sound to the left or right channels in order to simulate a 3D effect without extra speakers. You can hear an example of binaural audio here - Virtual Barber Shop

Generally only the higher-end soundbars have the is capability, but if you can afford the expenditure, you will gain a far more immersive audio quality from your movies and video games.

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JBL Soundbars

JBL Soundbar Prices

The price range of JBL soundbars is from $79 to $200 and in total we found prices for 4 JBL soundbars. A new JBL soundbar costs on average $146 and 80% of JBL soundbars are priced between $80 and $200. The JBL BAR STUDIO is the cheapest JBL soundbar at only $80, and JBL Cinema SB150 is the most expensive at $200.

Price Range of JBL Soundbars

JBL soundbars start at $80 and their most expensive soundbar costs $200. The 22nd highest average soundbar price out of all brands is JBL soundbars with an average price of $146.

How Good Are JBL Soundbars?

We have evaluated 1,060 expert reviews and 401 user reviews for soundbars and used these reviews to calculate an average rating for JBL soundbars of 54%.

When Are Most New JBL Soundbars Released?

The most common period for new JBL soundbars to be released in is between August and September. That means that most of the latest JBL soundbar technology was released in within the last 3 months, and now is good time to buy. One new JBL soundbars were released in September 2019 making it the biggest month that year for new JBL soundbar releases. May was the biggest month in 2018 for new JBL soundbars, with one new JBL soundbars released that month. In 2017 most new JBL soundbars were released in August, with two new JBL soundbars released that month.

How Fast Do JBL Soundbar Prices Drop After Release?

Most soundbars drop in price by 14% in the first 6 months after release, however JBL soundbars tend to depreciate more slowly. On average, in the first 6 months after release, JBL soundbars drop in price by 13%.

That means a saving of $44 on a typical $348 new JBL soundbar if you wait 6 months before buying.