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We compare:
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3,310 Coffee Maker Prices
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Gaggia RI8263

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Stainless Steel
Ground Coffee
Sep 2015
A good spec but 2 year old combi coffee maker



Gaggia RI8260/47

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Save $167
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Stainless Steel
Coffee Beans
Apr 2017
A good spec and relatively new espresso coffee maker

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

QWhat coffee maker is best for me?
AThat's a big question! If you want large amounts of simple, strong coffee, then a French Press is your best bet. An espresso maker serves up a small amount of potent coffee, while a combi machine will create a large array of Italian drinks (cappucinnos, lattes, macchiatos, etc). If you was a the simplest operation, most pod coffee machines offer 1-press coffee making without the fuss.
QWhat coffee makers are best for a single person?
AMost pod coffee machines dispense a single cup at a time, making them excellent for a solo use. A French Press will make a couple of cups at a time, and keep it warm while you drink. Lastly espresso machines usually dispense one or two cups at a time, making them a good choice for a lone coffee drinker.
QWhat coffee makers are best for groups/companies?
ASmall companies would best benefit from a large French Press or a drip coffee machine, since they can make 8-15 cups of coffee at a single time. For large companies - or those with money to burn - a combi machine allows you to very quickly make a wide variety of coffees of all types. However they are very expensive and require regular maintenance.
QWhat are 'coffee pods'?
AA coffee pod is a pre-packaged 'serving' of coffee grounds, which are placed into a special coffee machine which automatically makes the coffee. They are extremely easy to use, and normally give perfectly adequate drinks. However they generate an awful lot of wastage, and there are many questions of their long-term impact on the environment, given that many are non-recyclable.
QWhat is a steam pipe?
AA steam pipe is a special addition for espresso machines - it channels hot steam from the boiler through a thin pipe. This is primarily used for heating and frothing milk for Italian coffee drinks such as cappuccinos.

Coffee Maker Buying Guide

Coffee makers work by percolating hot water slowly through ground coffee beans, picking up the flavour of the beans and turning the water into delicious coffee! There are numerous different types of coffee machines on the market, running the gamut from simple pots and mechanical presses to fully automatic electronic machines that not only brew coffee, but also froth milk to create lattes and cappuccinos. Below is an outline of the major different types of coffee makers:

Espresso Coffee Makers

These are the quintessential Italian coffee machines. They work by pushing hot water through finely ground coffee at extremely high pressure, creating a small amount of extremely strong, powerful coffee - an espresso shot. This can be drunk by itself, or can be mixed with hot water (an Americano), hot milk (a cafe au lait), or hot frothed milk (a latte). Espresso machines can be expensive and temperamental, but the coffee they create is perfect for a serious coffee addict.

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Automatic ("bean-to-cup") Coffee Makers

These machines automate the entire coffee-making procedure, from grinding the beans and brewing the coffee to frothing the milk and adding it to the coffee. While they are some of the most expensive coffee makers on the market, they are also the most fully-featured, allowing consumers to create most different types of coffee shop-style drinks at the press of a button.

Filter Coffee Makers

Drip, or filter, coffee makers are far simpler machines than the expensive expresso machines. Coffee grounds are placed into top of the machine, then hot water is poured over the top. The water filters through the beans, extracting the coffee from the grounds as it does. The resulting liquid is usually collected in a heated pot, which can then be served whenever needed.

Filter coffee machines are usually significantly cheaper than espresso machines, but are limited in the amount of coffee they can make - espresso-based drinks (lattes, cappuccinos, etc) can’t be made in these machines. These machines are good for serving coffee to lots of people at once, or to a steady stream of people over the course of a day.

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Stovetop Coffee Pots

Stovetop coffee pots cover several different types, from moka pots to turkish coffee pots. Coffee grounds and water are added to the pot, then this is placed on a stove or hot plate. As the water heats up it is forced through the grounds and the coffee is brewed. Because they don’t require any electricity, they are perfect for camping or travelling. Most stovetop coffee pots have a smaller capacity - enough for 1 or 2 people - so may be better for single people or for holidays.

Cafetières (French Press)

These are glass cylinders with a plunger on the top. Coffee grounds are loaded into the bottom of the cylinder, then hot water is poured in. This is left for 3-4 minutes to brew, then the plunger pushed down to compress the grounds, extracting the remainder of the coffee from the grounds and preventing them from escaping when pouring. French presses are much cheaper than espresso makers, since they require no electricity, and come in a variety of sizes, from small one person cylinders to giant presses for 10 people. The coffee produced is closer to filter coffee than expresso.

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Pod Coffee Makers

Finally, pod coffee makers are the newest type of coffee maker on the market. Instead of measuring out the coffee grinds and loading them into the machine, the coffee grounds come pre-packaged in single-serving ‘pods’. These pods are inserted into a specialist machine, and at a button press it pushes water through the pod and crafts your coffee for you.

Pod coffee makers such as Nespresso have become extremely popular in the last few years, and are extremely easy to use for making high-quality coffee quickly and easily. However the machines themselves aren’t as cheap as other single-cup coffee machines, and some machines are only compatible with certain brands of pods - so double check the compatibility before you buy a 64-pack of pods! There are also environmental issues with pod coffee makers, since the pods generate a lot of waste.

All different types of coffee machine have a cup capacity, which is the amount of coffee they can dispense at once. Many espresso machines only brew and serve a single cup at a time, while a filter coffee machine or French press can have the capacity to brew 3,6 or even 12 cups of coffee at once.


Some more advanced coffee machines - especially the automatic bean-to-cup machines, may have alternate modes for making other hot drinks. These can include hot chocolate, cold milk, or dispensing hot water for making tea. While not the prime function of a coffee maker, there are a nice extra to have built in to the machine.

Finally, certain brands of coffee makers may have extra functions to aid coffee making. These can include built-in grinders so the beans are always freshly ground, or a milk frother (also known as a steam pipe) to allow you to froth milk for cappuccinos and macchiatos. Finally, some coffee makers have timers, so that you can program your coffee to start brewing for a specific time. These are often found in filter coffee machines - these can be set to start percolating early in the morning, so that coffee is ready for when you wake up!

Gaggia Coffee Makers

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Coffee Maker Brands - Average Ratings

We have analysed 117 expert reviews and 9,527 user reviews for coffee makers and used this information to evaluate the average rating for each brand of coffee maker.

When Are Most New Gaggia Coffee Makers Released?

Over the last 3 years we couldn't see any obvious trend in the release month for new Gaggia coffee makers. In April 2017 three new Gaggia coffee makers were released making it the biggest month that year for new Gaggia coffee maker releases. One new Gaggia coffee makers were released in October 2016 making it the biggest month that year for new Gaggia coffee maker releases. The biggest month in 2015 for new Gaggia coffee maker releases was August, with seven new Gaggia coffee makers released that month.

How Fast Do Gaggia Coffee Maker Prices Drop After Release?

Most coffee makers drop in price by 5% in the first 6 months after release, however Gaggia coffee makers tend to depreciate slower. On average, in the first 6 months after release, Gaggia coffee makers drop in price by 3%. If you are prepared to wait then you could save an average of $28 on a typical $837 new Gaggia coffee maker by waiting 6 months before buying.