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Seagate Archive HDD Backup Plus Portable - 2Tb
Backup Plus Portable - 2Tb

Seagate Archive HDD Backup Plus Portable - 2Tb
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Overstock $93.25
Cheapest price 2 Year Warranty
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5 Prices from 2 Stores | $93.25 - $102.99
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Sorry, we couldn't find any reviews for the Seagate Archive HDD Backup Plus Portable - 2Tb. However we have checked the rating of all Seagate external hard drives and the average score is 95%. Check out our full brand rating stats further down this page.

Key Features

A fully featured and extremely light weight USB powered external hard drive, with an affordable price.
Stand Out Features:
Lighter than average (140g)
USB powered
5,000 Mbit/s

Brand Rating

International Prices

We checked 22 other countries for prices for the Seagate Archive HDD Backup Plus Portable - 2Tb and we found a cheaper price of £64.99 ($64.99) in the United Kingdom. That's a saving of $28.26.
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Key Features
USB Powered
Hard Drive Capacity
Ports & Interfaces
Integrated Card Reader
USB Version
USB Connector Type
USB Data Transfer Rates
USB Connectivity
Maximum Data Transfer Rate
USB Connector
Hard Drive
File Format System
Device Type
Hard Drive Size
Hard Drive Interface
Security Algorithms
Operating System Supported (Mac)
Operating System Supported (Windows)
Housing Material
Fingerprint Reader
Plug and Play
Data Transfer Rate
Bus Powered
Weight & Dimensions
Packaging Data
Bundled Software
User Guide
Cables Included
Other Features
Warranty Note
Dimensions (WxDxH)
Compatible Operating Systems
Minimum System Requirements
Mac Compatibility
Interface Type
Connectivity Technology
USB Port
Please note that whilst we make every effort to keep our product details and specifications accurate, we can not guarantee that these details are correct and you should do your own independent research before deciding to buy. If you do spot an error in our data these please contact us and we will look to rectify this information as soon as possible.

Product Identifiers

Manufacturer Part Numbers

seagate exr8sestdr2000200, seagate exr8sestdr2000201, seagate 8sestdr2000200, seagate 8sestdr2000201, seagate stdr2000303, seagate stdr2000203, seagate sthn2000405, seagate sthh2000402, seagate sthn2000401, seagate stdr2000201, seagate sthh2000400, seagate stdr2000200, seagate sthn2000402, seagate sthh2000301, seagate sthn2000403, seagate stdr2000202, seagate sthh2000300, seagate stdr2000302, seagate stdr2000100, seagate sthn2000400, seagate 1406011030, seagate 2r1ap7572, seagate seg100161, seagate 21437770, seagate an399709, seagate 10195267, seagate 21352207, seagate 2753073, seagate 4071602, seagate 1701781, seagate 2753072, seagate 2200255, seagate 1701782, seagate 620325, seagate 620328, seagate 25quot, seagate 620324, seagate nr49p, seagate nr49j, seagate 23503, seagate 23500, seagate usb30, seagate 23501, stea2000400


 00000010195267,  00012302542676,  00132018245859,  00667562731676,  00696747448474,  00724627047599,  00737989665714,  00742230499888,  00763649050286,  00763649052877,  00763649053102,  00763649053126,  00763649053171,  00763649053188,  00763649064887,  00763649131121,  00763649131145,  00763649132265,  00763649132340,  00763649132357,  00763649132364,  00763649132371,  00763649132432,  00797045619716,  00803982823878,  00807034591203,  00809393875604,  00898029659619,  03609740147845,  03660619405008

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