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The 10 Best Electric Kettles - June 2017

Every week we analyse the technical specs, reviews and prices of every electric kettle on the market in the US to determine our top 10 list.
In total we compared over 1,090 electric kettles, 3,440 reviews and 1,050 prices. Last updated 20 June 2017.

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Russell Hobbs 20460

Stainless Steel
Water Tank Capacity
Dec 2015
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Kettle Buying Guide

Kettles are, at their most basic, devices for heating and dispensing water. They are an integral part of any kitchen, and are a necessity for quickly and easily preparing hot drinks and cooking. We hold a large range of electric kettles in all different shapes, sizes and colours, so you can find the kettle that perfectly fits your needs and the style of your kitchen.


The most important attribute of a kettle is its capacity - how much water the kettle can hold and boil in a single use. The capacity of our kettles are measured in litres, and range from small 1/2 litre one-person kettles, to enormous kettles that can boil 2 litres or more at once. It is more efficient to boil only the water you need at the time, so if you are living alone or have a small family, a smaller kettle may save you money in the long run.

Speed of Boiling

Secondly, it's important to consider how quickly the kettle will boil water. Not all makes of kettle are created equally - some have more powerful or efficient heating elements, that allow them to head up water substantially faster than the competition. While the difference in time may be only 10 or 20 seconds, when you think how many times you boil the kettle every day, that could add up to a substancial amount of time saved every day.

Cool-touch Housing

Modern kettles may be made using a double-walled or 'cool touch' casing. As the name suggests, these kettles are designed so that the casing doesn't get hot, even when freshly-boiled. This makes them safer to use, and reduces the risk of you accidentally burning yourself on a boiling hot kettle.

Customisable Temperature & Dosage

Some more advanced kettles may have the ability to change the temperature of the water being dispensed, so that it can be made either hotter or cooler than usual. This is especially helpful for coffee (which should ideally be made with water around 90C) or Chinese tea (best made with water around 70C). While you will pay extra for such an addition, if you routinely find your green teas spoilt by overly-hot water, this may be a worthwhile investment.

Other models of kettle have the ability to control the amount of water boiled and served in a single use. The user selects the amount of water (half a cup, 250ml, etc) and the kettle takes that amount of water from an internal reservoir, heats it, and dispenses it. This can save you money on your energy bills, but not heating unneeded water every time you want a small cup of tea.


Finally, some makes of electric kettle have built-in filtering systems. These kettles reduce the limescale content of the water being boiled, and remove impurities that can affect the taste and colour of the water. This kind of filter is especially useful in parts of the country with hard water, since limescale buildup will be far more prevalent in these areas. Therefore if you live in areas such as London and the south-east of England, you may find a filter improves the taste and quality of the water produced from the kettle.

Electric Kettle Retailers, Prices and Features

Electric Kettle Prices

We currently list 57 electric kettles ranging from $0 to $294. The average price of a new kettle is $31 and the 80% of kettles are priced between $0 and $90. The Dualit 72702 is the cheapest electric kettle at only $0, and Bugatti Vera is the most expensive at $293.

Kettle Brands - Price Range

The highest average electric kettle price out of all brands is Bugatti electric kettles with an average price of $293. Bugatti electric kettles range in price from $293 to $293.

Lloytron electric kettles range in price from $101 to $101, and the average price of Lloytron electric kettles is $101 which is the second highest average price of all kettle brands.

The average price of Stelton kettles is $70 which is the third highest average price of all electric kettle brands. Stelton kettles start at $70 and the most expensive Stelton electric kettle costs $70.

Electric Kettle Brands - Average Ratings

We have evaluated 8 expert reviews and 3,968 user reviews for kettles from across the internet and used this information to determine the average rating for each brand of electric kettle. The top three kettle brands are Tefal, Breville and Morphy Richards. Tefal has an average rating of 89%, Breville has an average rating of 89% and Morphy Richards has an average rating of 79%.

Biggest Kettle Retailers

The biggest kettle retailer by number of products currently for sale is eBay. We found 29 current kettle offers from eBay. The second biggest kettle retailer is Best Buy with 8 offers. That means eBay is over 3 times bigger than Best Buy when it comes to electric kettles. Curacao is the third biggest retailer with 6 current offers.

When Are Most New Kettles Released?

July to September is the most common period for new kettles to be released in. If you want the latest electric kettle technology you may want to consider waiting until July 2017. It's also worth keeping in mind that the price of the current electric kettles tend to drop off when the next models are released. July was the biggest month in 2016 for new electric kettles, with 55 new electric kettles released that month. 113 new kettles were released in January 2015 making it the biggest month that year for new kettle releases. The biggest month in 2014 for new electric kettle releases was September, with 121 new electric kettles released that month.

How Fast Do Kettle Prices Drop After Release?

New electric kettles drop in price by an average of 9% in the first 6 months after they wer first released. If you are prepared to wait then you could save an average of $0 on a typical $4 new kettle by waiting 6 months before buying.

Water Tank Capacities

Across the range of kettles, the water tank capacities range from 0.4L to 30L. The water tank capacities of most kettles range from 1.7L to 1.9L. The SwanSK261030 has the biggest water tank capacity. This kettle is a 2L Water tank capacity electric kettle and is priced at $0.00. The SwanSK261030 has the smallest water tank capacity. This kettle is a 0.4L Water tank capacity electric kettle and is available at $17.88.


Across the range of kettles, the powers range from 125W to 3,100W. The powers of most electric kettles range from 2,200W to 2,400W. The BoschTWK7601GB, which currently retails for $0.00, has the biggest power and is a 3,000W Power kettle. The BoschTWK7601GB, which is available at $0.00, has the smallest power and is a 125W Power kettle.

Biggest Electric Kettle Retailers

We found 29 current offers for kettles from eBay making it the biggest kettle retailer. That is over 3 times bigger than the second biggest retailer, Best Buy for whom we found 8 current offers for kettles. The third biggest retailer is Curacao with 6 current kettle offers.

Which Are the Cheapest Retailers for Electric Kettles?

The cheapest retailer by number of kettle for which they offer the cheapest price is v with the cheapest price on 26 electric kettles.

Proportion of Kettles for Which Each Retailer is Cheapest?

The cheapest retailer by number of kettle for which they offer the cheapest price is eBay with the cheapest price on 89.7% of its electric kettles.