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Sony Cybershot DSC-RX10M2

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Sony Cybershot DSC-RX10M2
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Digital Versus 5 Star Recommended Pocket Lint Recommended Expert Reviews Recommended
A good spec but only moderate value for money compact digital camera
Compact 20.2MP 8.3x Jun 2015
Camera Type Megapixels Optical Zoom Release Date
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Sony Cyber-shot DSC-RX10 II Digital Point & Shoot Camera
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Sony Cyber-shot DSC-RX10 II Digital Camera
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Sony Cybershot DSC-RX10M2 Review

With very good features, we have ranked the Sony Cybershot DSC-RX10M2 number 589 across all digital cameras.
Value for Money
Good Features
Overall Score

Why Has it Scored 69?

It is over 2 years old and it is likely that newer, better digital cameras are available. View the latest digital cameras 2018.
This digital camera has some good features, but is also missing a couple of features:
Higher than average megapixels
Ort for playmemories camera apps (pmca): enjoy a camera that gains functionality with time. choose from the growing range of playmemories camera apps for remote control, picture and video effects, and much more. installation is simple using your PC or the camera's own wi-fi connecti
Te camera control supported: when the camera is connected to a computer, you can use remote camera control to take pictures or change settings on the camera from the computer connected via USB port. all you need is to download the remote camera control application of a version that supports your
-on AF for enhanced photo opportunities: simply press the shutter button halfway to activate lock-on AF. it automatically adjusts the AF target frame size to match the subject size, improve tracking performance, and take full advantage of every photo opportuni
Ssist and peaking functions for focus refinement: these features help you fine-tune the focus as you desire. manual focus (mf) assist magnifies the area you are focusing on to enable more precise adjustment, while peaking highlights the sharpest or most in-focus area with your choice of colour to help determine whether further focusing adjustment is requir
Ht monitoring: this function that boosts image brightness for example, can be assigned to a customizable button for easy access when shooting a starry sky or other dark sce
Ous shutter functions now enhanced: shutter-related functions have been improved. for example, the self-timer function now supports bracket shooting, so you can use this valuable feature even in situations when you can t release the shutter yourself. the number of exposure bracket shots is expanded to ni
rec still shooting during movie recording: shoot still images of 17mp while recording a movie. the camera enables you to capture impressive high-quality stills even if movie-shooting. new auto dual rec release function lets the camera automatically take photos during movie recording. select frequency of auto dual rec release from high/standard/low settin
Om button creative convenience: the custom (c) button allows you to program one of over 40 possible functions to best adapt the camera's capabilities to your shooting style. by assigning a frequently used function or a preferred setting to this button, you can call it up promptly. you ll gain convenient fingertip access to your selection for faster, more intuitive camera operati
T almost anywhere with wide ISO sensitivity: sensitivity extends right up to ISO 12800, for crisper images in extremely low light. let auto ISO mode determine the most appropriate setting automatically, or manually expand sensitivity as low as ISO 80. the camera also allows you to set up lower limit shutter speed at time of auto ISO setti
Rse movie functions supporting pro-style usage: various available movie functions include picture profile (that determines the character of movies by changing basic parameters like chromogenic effects and gradation adjustment), s-log2 gamma (that extends the dynamic range of recording to reduce occurrence of blown-out highlights and black crush), tc/ub, rec control, dual video recording, e
Se pro-quality XAVC S or AVCHD movie recording: especially for serious videographers, XAVC S format provides low compression for high-quality movie expression and minimal noise even in scenes full of movement. you also have AVCHD format for easy editing and sharing. this camera uses 4k codec supporting 4k, movie recording at up to 100mbps and additionally enables full HD image recordi
Ect to smartphones and tablets with one touch: instantly transfer a photo or movie to your android smartphone or tablet by simply touching it with the camera using downloadable playmemories mobile and built-in wi-fi and NFC (near field communication). one touch can also activate smart remote embedded, for remote control of the camera from a mobile device and movie recording start/st
Bigger than average optical zoom
Style operability and features: count on pro-style control with a manual ring for manual operations and multi interface (mi) shoe for future expandability with various accessories for advanced photographers. solid magnesium-alloy chassis with dust/moisture resistant design of all operating parts including dials and buttons is ideal for tough outdoor u
Ht XGA OLED tru-finder for inspired shooting: high-contrast electronic viewfinder (evf) delivers high resolution equivalent to 2359k dots. stunning resolution and self-illumination allow display of subtlest details for precise compositi
O 14fps continuous shooting with reduced blackout: thanks to the new super-high-speed image sensor and despite its 20.2 MP high pixel count the camera features accelerated readout speed that helps achieve continuous shooting up to 14fps. this lets you capture moments of fleeting beauty or facial expressio
K precision autofocusing up to 0.09 sec.: AF performance of the rx10 II reaches speeds as fast as 0.09 second. to help you capture momentary shutter opportunities without fail, the adaptable lens also provides the rapid, reliable direct drive super sonicwave motor (ssm) for smooth and highly precise focus driving that works together with fast intelligent
000 sec. anti-distortion shutter: up to 1/32000 sec. anti-distortion shutter works to minimise image distortion caused by the rolling shutter phenomenon. the extraordinarily fast shutter speed also allows you to produce photos with background defocusing using a large aperture setting even under extremely bright conditions at a maximum of ev1
R slow motion at maximum of 40x: using the mode dial to select HFR, it's easy to create super slow motion movies containing split-second moments of action. choose shooting frame rates of 960/1000fps, 480/500fps, or 240/250fps (ntsc/pal), for the speed of a moving subject. image quality is nearly full HD at 240/250 fps, and HD at 480/500 fps in quality priority mode. the end trigger mode also enables you to capture 2 or 4 seconds before the MOVIE button is pressed, letting you capture the decisive mome
Ct 4k movie recording via camera alone: the rx10 II can record high-precision 4k movie data directly on a memory card inserted into the body while suppressing moir and jaggies. A front-end LSI that handles mass volume data through full pixel readout at higher speed lets the camera suppress image distortion of moving subjects due to the rolling shutter phenomen
Ht ZEISS vario-sonnar t* f2.8 zoom lens: ZEISS vario-sonnar t* zoom lens provides a constant f2.8 large aperture throughout the 24 200mm zooming range. composed of 7 aspherical elements, this lens captures awesome close-ups and transforms movies and stills into works of art. pro-style manual ring works as a zoom and aperture controller (with click sound on/off for silent operation), e
Z X for superior detail and texture: digital cameras convert light captured by their sensor into digital images. since the engine that powers conversion is as important as your lens and sensor, the rx10 II features the high-speed BIONZ X processor for more natural details, more realistic images, richer tonal gradations, and lower noise while shooting photos and movi
MP (effective) 1.0-type exmor RS CMOS sensor: the world's first 1.0-type stacked CMOS image sensor with DRAM chip enables up to 40x super slow motion and up to 1/32000 super-high-speed shutter beyond human perception. the extended circuit features higher signal processing capacity and more than five times faster high-speed readout than conventional mode
Nsive zoom with 4k recording and super slow mo
Orted in capture one express (for sony): capture one express (for sony) is one of the world's best RAW converters, rendering precise colors and incredible detail. it contains flexible digital asset management, all the essential adjustment tools and fast, responsive performance in one customizable and integrated solution. * please direct all inquiries on purchase, usage and support on capture one solutions to phase O

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How Big is the Sony Cybershot DSC-RX10M2?

Sony Cybershot DSC-RX10M2 front dimensions
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Sony Cybershot DSC-RX10M2 In-Depth Analysis

Value for Money

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We found a cheaper price for the Sony Cybershot DSC-RX10M2 of £949.00 ($949.00) in the United Kingdom. That's a saving of $249.00.

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Higher Than Average Megapixels

The megapixels of the Cybershot DSC-RX10M2 of 20.2MP is higher than average when compared to most other cameras. It is higher than 85% of all cameras when ordered by this feature. Cameras have megapixels of between 0.3MP and 80MP, and the average megapixels is 16MP.

What does "megapixels" mean? Less Edit

Bigger Than Average Optical Zoom

The Cybershot DSC-RX10M2's optical zoom of 8.3x is bigger than average when compared to most other cameras. It is in the biggest 34% of all cameras when sorted by this feature.

What does "optical zoom" mean? Less Edit

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