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Nikon D2Xs
Nikon D2Xs
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Nikon D2Xs Digital Camera

One industry award
Good quality pictures
Good product quality
12 Reviews + 1 Award Best Buy

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One Industry Award

The author at websites concluded that this Nikon camera would make a great purchase and gave it their "Best Buy" award.

Expert Reviews Are Good

Based on seven expert reviews from sites including, Expert Reviews, Photo and the average expert rating of this Nikon digital camera is 86 out of 100.

Good Brand

We checked 25,534 expert and owner reviews (including 11 verified purchases) for Nikon digital cameras and found that on average Nikon has good ratings compared to other manufacturers. We also found that Nikon has good ratings specifically within its digital cameras range.

Good Quality Pictures

Two Nikon D2Xs reviewers mentioned in their reviews that the product had a good picture resolution. said “Digital camera, 12,400,000 pixels, LCD display - TFT active matrix - 2.5 in - Color Good”. Photo wrote “Really excellent resolution in full-frame mode, images hold together very well when printed large Untouched camera JPEGs are slightly soft.” in their review and gave the product a rating of 80 out of 100.

A few Nikon D2Xs reviewers who purchased the Nikon D2Xs said that it was able to produce good images.

One customer wrote in their reviews that the product had a good image sensor. Ten years ago mentioned in their review on expert review site Imaging “The Nikon D2xs is a professional digital SLR that features a 12.4 megapixel CMOS sensor”.

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Good Screen / Viewfinder

One Nikon D2Xs owner wrote in their reviews that it had a good screen. One Nikon D2Xs owner mentioned in their reviews that it had a good viewfinder.


Good Product Quality

A number of people who reviewed it concluded that it was good quality. wrote “Top-notch image quality; professional body; very low noise even at high ISOs” in their Nikon D2Xs review.

Nice Design

One customer who purchased it thought it was ergonomic. One Nikon D2Xs reviewer who reviewed the product thought it was smooth. Photo rated it 4 stars and wrote in their Nikon D2Xs review “The upside is that theyre very smooth, virtually no digi”.


Good Battery Life

Two customers said in their reviews that the product had a good battery life. Expert review site mentioned “The new model features a new 2.5-inch screen, along with an improved viewfinder, enhanced metering accuracy, longer battery life and a raft” in their review. Expert review site said eleven years ago “Another is the enhanced battery life, which Nikon claims can yield up to 3800 shots per full charge” .

Weight & Dimensions

Good Size

Some people who reviewed the product agreed that it was a good body shape. Expert review site wrote “The D2Xs retains its predecessors excellent body, with functional ergonomics.”.


Released Over a Year Ago

This camera has been on the market since April 2017.

Product Identifiers

Manufacturer Part Numbers nikon d2xs

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