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Home Cookers Belling Cookers Belling Cookcentre 90 DFT

Belling Cookcentre 90 DFT

Rank 8 in Cookers
Belling Cookcentre 90 DFT
Available Colours:
Brand Rating
Excellent Brand
Value for Money
Kagoo Score
Very Good
Recommended Retailer: mgdomesticonline $1,107.92
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Sorry, we couldn't find any reviews for the Belling Cookcentre 90 DFT. However we have checked the rating of all Belling cookers and the average score is 92%.

Key Features

The cheapest dual fuel cooker on the market.
Stand Out Features:
Five burners / cooking zones
Three ovens
Wok burner
Huge total oven interior capacity (188L)

Brand Rating

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We checked 22 other countries for prices for the Belling Cookcentre 90 DFT and we found a cheaper price of £858.00 ($858.00) in the United Kingdom. That's a saving of $249.92.
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Having analysed the historic price trend for the Belling Cookcentre 90 DFT we calculated that there is a 88% chance that prices will remain steady over the next 2 weeks.

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Key Features
Product Type
Oven Type
Hob Type
Burner / Cooking Zone
Main Oven Interior Capacity
Total Oven Interior Capacity
Top and Bottom Heating
Grill Power
Defrost Function
Removable Door Glass
Conventional Cooking Function
Glass Door Panel
Cleaning Type
Interior Light
Convection Cooking Function
2nd Oven Interior Dimensions (W X D X H)
Top, Bottom & Fan
2nd Oven Power
Fan Grill Function
Bottom Heating
2nd Oven Interior Capacity
Top Heating
Main Oven Interior Dimensions (W X D X H)
Oven Size
Easy to Clean Oven
Grill Type
Removable Shelf Runners
3rd Oven Interior Capacity
Removable Shelves
Oven Door Opening
Programmable Oven
Viewing Window
Oven Door Material
Slow Cooking
Shelf Position
Oven Interior Dimensions (W X D X H)
Oven Power
Oven Net Capacity
Oven Gross Capacity
Oven Position
Oven Power Source
3rd Oven Power
Telescopic Shelves
Usable Shelf Size (W X D)
Case Design
Storage Compartment
Display Type
Interior Material
Built-in Display
Integrated Clock
Control Position
Control Type
Internal Coating
Logistics Data
Pallet Quantity
Number of Layers
Number of Layers Per Pallet
Packaging Content
Trivet Included
Grill Plate Handle Material
Wok Ring
Grill Pan
Plinth Panel
Roasting Pan Included
Gas Conversion Kit Type
Child Lock
Adjustable Feet
Timer Type
Oven Timer
Rear Wheels
Energy Efficiency Class
Required Fuse
AC Input Voltage
Connected Load (Electric)
Connected Load (Gas)
Energy Consumption (Conventional)
Wok Burner
Pan Support Material
Wok Burner Position
Electronic Ignition
Flame Failure Device
Extra Large High-Speed Burner/cooking Zone
Large Burner/cooking Zone
Regular Burner/cooking Zone
Simmer Burner/cooking Zone
Gas Burner
Top Surface Type
Type (Burner/cooking Zone 5)
Power Source (Burner/cooking Zone 5)
Power (Burner/cooking Zone 5)
Position (Burner/cooking Zone 5)
Power (Burner/cooking Zone 4)
Type (Burner/cooking Zone 4)
Power Source (Burner/cooking Zone 4)
Position (Burner/cooking Zone 4)
Power (Burner/cooking Zone 3)
Type (Burner/cooking Zone 3)
Power Source (Burner/cooking Zone 3)
Position (Burner/cooking Zone 3)
Power (Burner/cooking Zone 2)
Fascia Cooling System
Type (Burner/cooking Zone 2)
Power Source (Burner/cooking Zone 2)
Position (Burner/cooking Zone 2)
Power (Burner/cooking Zone 1)
Type (Burner/cooking Zone 1)
Power Source (Burner/cooking Zone 1)
Position (Burner/cooking Zone 1)
Electronic Ignition Type
Gas Type
Removable Burner Crown
Integrated Splashback
Removable Pan Support
Gas Inlet Position
Gas Inlet Type
Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) Convertible
Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) Compatibility
Weight & Dimensions
Minimum Height
Packaging Data
Package Weight
Package Height
Package Depth
Package Width
Other Features
Country of Origin
Safety Protections Feature
Package Dimensions (WxDxH)
Power Requirements
Dimensions (WxDxH)
Technical Details
Weight (Incl. Packaging)
Oven 3
Oven 3 Fan Grill Function
Oven 3 Top, Bottom & Fan
Oven 3 Energy Consumption (Forced Convection)
Oven 3 Slow Cooking
Oven 3 Bottom Heating
Oven 3 Energy Efficiency Class
Oven 3 Top Heating
Oven 3 Base Heating & Fan
Defrost Function (Oven 3)
Door Opening (Oven 3)
Telescopic Shelves (Oven 3)
Convection Cooking (Oven 3)
Interior Light (Oven 3)
Grill (Oven 3)
Viewing Window (Oven 3)
Door Material (Oven 3)
Shelf Position (Oven 3)
Oven 3 Conventional Cooking
Shelf (Oven 3)
Power (Oven 3)
Net Capacity (Oven 3)
Gross Capacity (Oven 3)
Position (Oven 3)
Power Source (Oven 3)
Oven 3 Programmable
Oven 3 Number of Functions
Oven 3 Usable Shelf Size (W X D)
Oven 3 Number of Glass Door Panels
Oven 3 Interior Dimensions (W X D X H)
Oven 2
Bottom Heating (Oven 2)
Oven 2 Fan Grill Function
Defrost Function (Oven 2)
Conventional Cooking Function (Oven 2)
Top Heating (Oven 2)
Energy Consumption (Oven 2)
Grill (Oven 2)
Energy Consumption (Forced Convection - Oven 2)
Convection Cooking Function (Oven 2)
Energy Efficiency Class (Oven 2)
Interior Light (Oven 2)
Power (Oven 2)
Gross Capacity (Oven 2)
Oven 2 Top, Bottom & Fan
Oven 2 Base Heating & Fan
Oven 2 Slow Cooking
Size (Oven 2)
Oven 2 Door Opening
Telescopic Shelves (Oven 2)
Function (Oven 2)
Door Material (Oven 2)
Glass Door Panel (Oven 2)
Viewing Window (Oven 2)
Oven 2 Interior Dimensions (W X D X H)
Shelf (Oven 2)
Shelf Position (Oven 2)
Net Capacity (Oven 2)
Oven 2 Position
Oven 2 Power Source
Oven 2 Programmable
Oven 2 Grill Type
Oven 2 Usable Shelf Size (W X D)
Oven 2 Grill Power
Half Grill

Product Identifiers

Manufacturer Part Numbers

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 00000444444069,  00000444444070,  00000444444071,  00000444444105,  00000444444106,  00000444444107,  05052263040410,  05052263040694,  05052263040700,  05052263040717,  05052263041059,  05052263041066,  05052263041073

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