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Compare the 10 Best Cooker HoodsDecember 2017(Last Updated 12 December 2017)

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The best cooker hoods on the market, to keep your kitchen smoke and odor-free
Compare top brands including Elica, Siemens and Bosch
Every week we rank the best cooker hoods based on features, reviews and price
We compare: 3,830 Cooker Hood Models 783 Cooker Hood Reviews 4,580 Cooker Hood Prices
We compare:
3,830 Cooker Hood Models
783 Cooker Hood Reviews
4,580 Cooker Hood Prices
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Bosch HCP30E51UC

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

QWhat is the power level of a cooker hood measured in?
AThe extraction power of a cooker hood is measured in cubic metres oer hour (m³/h) - the higher the extraction power, the more air it can clean in a short amount of time.
QWhat is the average noise level of a cooker hood?
AMost cooker hoods have a low, medium and high power level - these have different noise levels. At their most powerful, cooker hoods can be as loud as 70Db, which is loud enough to make conversation difficult.
QWhat is the difference between vented and recirculating cooker hoods?
AVented cooker hoods use a duct leading from the hood to outside, meaning air can be removed and sent outside. Recirculating cooker hoods suck in the air, clean it via a filter, and blow it back into the room again.
QWhat is a filter on a cooker hood?
AA filter serves to remove grease and odors from the air, cleaning it.

Cooker Hood Buying Guide

Types of Cooker Hoods

Cooker hoods come in all shapes and sizes. The 3 main fitting types of are island (free hanging), wall-mounted and built-in. The hood that is best for you will be dictated mostly by the shape of your kitchen, and the position of your cooker within it.

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They are regularly used for kitchens where the cooker is situated in a central ‘island’ work surface. They are the most stand-out and visually impacting style of hood, and give a kitchen a modern, open-plan feel.


These hoods are attached to the wall of your kitchen directly above the hob, pulling smoke and dirty air away from the cooker. They aren’t as dramatic as island hoods, but aren’t hidden like inbuilt extractors. They can be simple as a ‘visor’ hood over the hob, or as eye-catching as giant ‘chimney hoods’ looming over the whole cooker. Wall-mounted hoods are the most common type of cooker hood, and suit all kitchens, from the very small to the larger ones.

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These hoods are generally smaller and quieter, but also come with less power. They are meant to be integrated into cupboards and ‘hidden’ away from obvious view. Because of their smaller size, they are ideal for more cramped kitchens, or places where a traditional chimney extractor hood would be too bulky.

Extraction Types

Cooker hoods work by sucking up the air given off from cooking, and either moving it to the outside through a duct or cleaning and recirculation it inside the room. Most cooker hoods can be operated both ducted and in recirculation mode.

The extraction power rating is measured in m³/h - the higher a hood’s extraction rating, the quicker it extracts air from the room.


Ducted hoods feature a duct which channels hot air and smoke to the outside. Because they require access to the outside air (normally through a hole drilled through an outside wall), these type of hoods usually require specialist installation, or a hole from a previous installation. Extracting the air is more effective than recirculation the air.


Recirculating hoods take the dirty air and smoke given off from cooking, pass it through a filter to clean it, then blow it back into the kitchen. They do not require outside access, so are easier and less invasive to install, but are not as efficient at removing smoke and cooking odours as ducted hoods.

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Filters serve to trap grease and smoke given off by cooking, leading to a better-smelling and cleaner kitchen. There are 2 different types of filters for cooker hoods - grease filters are important for all different types of hoods, since they help reduce the grease in the air and the smell of cooking. Carbon filters, on the other hand, are only necessary with recirculating air systems, since they strip the smoke from the air before it is recirculated back into your kitchen. These filters last about a year before they need to be replaced.

The hoods in our system are given a grease filtering efficiency grade. The better the grade, they more efficient they are at removing grease and odours from the air.

Cooker Hood Colours

Cooker hoods come in many different colours to best complement your cooker and kitchen. Most hoods can be found in plain silver, white or black but you can also find more adventurous colours - from bright red to fluorescent green - if you really want to make a statement!

Noise Level

A cooked hood is basically a large fan, so they make can make quite a lot of noise when turned on. The noise will depend on the power level of the extractor used - generally speaking the more powerful the fan, the louder it will be. Other factors such as the material used for the hood may also affect the noise level of your cooker hood.

Many hoods feature a low and high speed, with differing noise levels for each.

Most hoods also have a built-in lamp, to make cooking easier in dark conditions. Many newer models have extra bells and whistles, such as displays for showing the current mode and when the filter needs changing, remote controls for easy activation, and movable structures so you can set the hood at the perfect height for cooking.

Cooker Hood Retailers, Prices and Features

Extractor Fan Prices

In total we found 8 extractor fans ranging from $489 to $1,300. A new extract hood costs on average $957 and 80% of extract hoods are priced between $849 and $1,209. The Bosch DUH36252UC is the cheapest extractor fan at only $489, and Bosch HCB56651UC is the most expensive at $1,299.

Extractor Fan Brands - Price Range

Bosch extract hoods range in price from $489 to $1,299, and the highest average extract hood price out of all brands is Bosch extract hoods with an average price of $957.

Siemens extractor fans start at $0 and the most expensive Siemens cooker hood costs $0. The second highest average cooker hood price out of all brands is Siemens extractor fans with an average price of $0.

Thor kitchen extractors start at $0 and the most expensive Thor extract hood costs $0. The third highest average extract hood price out of all brands is Thor kitchen extractors with an average price of $0.

Kitchen Extractor Brands - Average Ratings

We have analysed 821 user extract hood reviews written online and used this information to determine the average rating for each brand of extract hood. The top three extract hood brands are Elica, New World and Hoover. Elica has an average rating of 88%, New World has an average rating of 85% and Hoover has an average rating of 83%.

Biggest Extract Hood Retailers

The biggest cooker hood retailer by number of products currently for sale is Best Buy. We found 9 current cooker hood offers from Best Buy. The second biggest cooker hood retailer is Appliances Connection with 7 offers. That means Best Buy is significantly bigger than Appliances Connection when it comes to cooker hoods. Walmart is the third biggest retailer with 1 current offers.

When Are Most New Kitchen Extractors Released?

The most common period for new cooker hoods to be released in is between July and August. The biggest month in 2016 for new kitchen extractor releases was August, with 138 new extractor fans released that month. 351 new kitchen extractors were released in April 2015 making it the biggest month that year for new extract hood releases. In 2014 most new kitchen extractors were released in July, with 581 new kitchen extractors released that month.

How Fast Do Kitchen Extractor Prices Drop After Release?

In the first 6 months after release, cooker hoods drop in price by 0% on average. If you are prepared to wait then you could save an average of $2 on a typical $957 new extractor fan by waiting 6 months before buying.


We found 822 extractor fans that are wall-mounted extract hoods, which makes wall-mounted the most popular type amongst new extractor fans. We found 303 kitchen extractors that are built-in kitchen extractors, making built-in the second most popular type amongst new kitchen extractors.

Maximum Extraction Power

This denotes the maximum speed of air extraction for the cooker hood.

Comparing all extractor fans, the maximum extraction power range from 21m³/h to 1,651m³/h. The maximum extraction power of most kitchen extractors range from 630m³/h to 740m³/h. The extractor fan with the highest maximum extraction power is the BoschHCB50651UC, which is a 600m³/h max extraction power extractor fan and currently retails for $1,209.10. The BoschHCB50651UC, which is priced at $849.10, has the lowest maximum extraction power and is a 21m³/h max extraction power cooker hood.

A higher extraction power means that the cooker hood will remove odours quicker, and be more effective as a whole.

Energy Efficiency of Cooker Hoods

The Energy Efficiency Class of a cooker hood shows how well it uses energy, and how much is unnecessarily wasted. Products are ranked from G to A++ in terms of how little energy they use compared to the norm.

Amongst new extractor fans, the most frequently found energy efficiency rating is A+. We found 386 extractor fans that have an energy efficiency rating of A+. We found 196 cooker hoods that have an energy efficiency rating of D, making this the second most popular energy efficiency rating amongst new cooker hoods.

A cooker hood with a better energy efficiency rating will consume less energy whenever they are used, saving you money and making them better for the environment.

Biggest Cooker Hood Retailers

We found 9 current offers for cooker hoods from Best Buy making it the biggest kitchen extractor retailer. That is significantly bigger than the second biggest retailer, Appliances Connection for whom we found 7 current offers for cooker hoods. The third biggest retailer is Walmart with 1 current kitchen extractor offers.

Which Are the Cheapest Retailers for Extractor Fans?

With the cheapest price on 7 cooker hoods, Appliances Connection is most frequently the cheapest cooker hood store.

Proportion of Extractor Fans for Which Each Retailer is Cheapest?

The store that most frequently offered the cheapest price on kitchen extractors is Appliances Connection and offers the cheapest price on 100% of its kitchen extractors.