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An spectacularly many output but only middle of the road spec drip coffee maker
Drip Black Ground Coffee 15 Cups Aug 2015
Type Colour Coffee Input Type Output Release Date
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Tefal Express Review

With average features, we have ranked the Tefal Express number 455 across all coffee makers.
Average Features
Overall Score

Why Has it Scored 42?

It is over 2 years old and it is likely that newer, better coffee makers are available. View the latest coffee makers 2017.
This coffee maker has running costs of $70 over 10 years, which puts it typical compared to the other 541 coffee makers that we have compared it to. View all energy saving coffee makers.
It has some good features, but is also missing a few features:
More than average output
Supports adjustable coffee strength
Does not have a built-in grinder
Does not have a built-in display

Tefal Express In-Depth Analysis

Running Costs

Average Running Costs

Based on average energy prices we estimate that the 10 year running cost of the Express is $70, which is typical compared to the other 541 coffee makers.

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Average Water Tank Capacity

The Tefal Express's water tank capacity of 1.25L is pretty standard compared to most other coffee makers. It is bigger than 48% of all coffee makers when sorted by this feature.

What does "water tank capacity" mean? Less Edit

Does Not Have a Built-In Grinder

The Express does not have a built-in grinder, although keep in mind that 75% of coffee makers also do not have a built-in grinder.

What is a built-in grinder? Less Edit

Does Not Have a Built-In Display

Like most other coffee makers, the Express does not have a built-in display. 67% of coffee makers do not have a built-in display.

What is a built-in display? Less Edit

More Than Average Output

The Express's output of 15 cups is more than 96% of all coffee makers when ranked by this feature. Coffee makers have output of between 1 cups and 400 cups, and the average output is 6.4 cups.

Chart Hide Chart What does "output" mean? Less Edit

Supports Adjustable Coffee Strength

The Express supports adjustable coffee strength. 79% of coffee makers do not support adjustable coffee strength.

Chart Hide Chart What is adjustable coffee strength? Less Edit

Has a Hotplate

The Tefal Express has a hotplate, which is unusual. 93% of coffee makers do not have a hotplate.

Chart Hide Chart What is a hotplate? Less Edit

Has an Anti-Drip Function

The Tefal Express has an anti-drip function, which is unusual. 80% of coffee makers do not have an anti-drip function.

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Product Identifiers

Manufacturer Part Numbers:

tefal teffryah950040, tefal teffryah950840, tefal tefirogv8962, tefal tefirogv8976, tefal 002402150010, about rkwgv7620g0, express gv7555g0, product gv7555g0, tefal 200010457, tefal 400006065, tefal 400015148, tefal 400006576, tefal ah950040w, tefal pikte7620, tefal vp145945, tefal gv9060g0, tefal gv7555g0, tefal gv8962g0, tefal gv8930g0, tefal gv8976g0, tefal gv7630g0, tefal ah950840, tefal gv7620g0, tefal gv8931b, tefal gv9461, tefal gv8932, tefal gv8461, tefal gv8956, tefal gv8431, tefal gv8963, tefal gv7550, tefal gv9071, tefal gv7450, tefal 4ulvv, tefal 77qfa, tefal 11828, tefal 11980, no gv7555g0, tefal 11718, tefal 11829, tefal 4ulvw, cm390811, gv8461g0, gv8431g0


00002402150010, 00312040058034, 00798256086656, 02190012746527, 03045386365074, 03045386365081, 03045386365142, 03045386369065, 03045388688331, 03121040027561, 03121040039397, 03121040042793, 03121040046388, 03121040046937, 03121040047354, 03121040048689, 03121040050347, 03121040056851, 03121040058046, 03121040058060, 03121040058152, 03121040062951, 03121040064382, 03121040065983, 04056352263019, 05054186886601, 07578548646491, 07659795879594

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