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Black Pod Coffee Machine Capsule / Pod 2 Cups Dec 2015
Colour Product Type Coffee Input Type Capacity in Cups Release Date
Good user reviews
A best selling coffee maker
Reasonably priced
945 Reviews

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Weight & Dimensions

Good Size

Fourty-nine customers who bought the TASSIMO VIVY agreed that it was compact, four people who purchased this coffee maker reckoned that it was thin and three people who reviewed it agreed that it was lightweight.


Poor Technical Guidance

Twelve owners said in their reviews that this coffee maker did not have good technical guidance.

  • If you can work out the ridiculous very poor pictorial "instructions" you will eventually be very pleased with this…
    Mr J (Amazon) - February 2016
  • It came on the day expected and it was a beautiful machine! Make sure you follow the instructions (using the yellow disk before use…
  • It's understandable since there are no written instructions, just a really unhelpful series of pictures…
    Mike (Amazon) - January 2016
  • Instruction photos nice and clear…
  • Instructions are a little poor…
  • It has no proper instructions…
  • Poor Instructions…
  • The machine didn't work properly despite following the [crappy] instructions (ended up going online to get some better instructions with words…
    Txmom (Amazon) - March 2016
  • The instructions are a bit vague.
    Nutkin (Amazon) - January 2017
  • Once you use the machine and know how it works (and it's simple) the instructions make sense.


Good User Reviews

On average, based on 996 user reviews this coffee maker has an overall user rating of 88 out of 100. 674 reviewers (71% of all reviewers) gave this coffee maker the highest possible rating of 5 stars.

Good Brand

We checked 997 expert and owner reviews (including 996 verified purchases) for TASSIMO coffee makers and found that on average TASSIMO has good ratings compared to other brands. We also found that TASSIMO has good ratings specifically for its few capacity in cups coffee makers.


A Best Selling Coffee Maker

The VIVY is a popular choice of coffee maker.

Released Over a Year Ago

It was December 2015 when this TASSIMO coffee maker was released.


Nice Design

Thirty customers mentioned in their reviews that this coffee maker was good looking, twenty people mentioned in their reviews that it was neat and three customers said that it was well designed.

Easy to Use

One hundred and sixty-eight people who reviewed the product agreed that it was easy to use and seventeen people who reviewed the product thought it was easy to setup.

Good Product Quality

Twenty-five owners who bought it said that it was good quality.

Does Not Have a Built-In Display

The TASSIMO VIVY does not have a built-in display, unlike most of the other coffee makers of a comparable age and type to this coffee maker.

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Eight customers who purchased it considered that it was well made, two owners who reviewed this coffee maker reckoned that it was strong and durable and two people reckoned that the product was reliable.

Makes Good-Quality Coffee

Two people concluded that it produced excellent coffee and two customers wrote in their reviews that the product made good-tasting coffee.

  • Another thing you may want to bear in mind it that unlike some other coffee machines, because it's a one button system it means you cannot change the water amount if you prefer strong or weak coffee.
    Lee (Amazon) - January 2016
  • Small, neat and makes good coffee quickly…
    VickyA (Amazon) - August 2016
  • Quicker than any kettle and the coffee, tea etc tastes divine…
    Carl87 (Amazon) - January 2017
  • Easy to use and tastes great…
    Amanda King (Amazon) - September 2016
  • Easy to use and the coffee tastes great…


Acceptable Noise Level

Four people who purchased the product reckoned that it was quiet.

Technical Details

Dishwasher Proof

The TASSIMO VIVY is dishwasher proof. Most of the other coffee makers that came out around the same time as this coffee maker also are dishwasher proof.

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Has a Dishwasher-Proof Parts

The TASSIMO VIVY has a dishwasher-proof parts, as do most of the other coffee makers that are a comparable age to this coffee maker.

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Quite Small Maximum Operating Pressure

When compared to other coffee makers of this age and type, the maximum operating pressure of the TASSIMO VIVY of only 3.3 bar is one of the smallest. The maximum operating pressures of few capacity in cups coffee makers that have been available for around the same time as this coffee maker range from 3.2 bar to 19 bar.

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Quite Small Water Tank Capacity

The TASSIMO VIVY has one of the smaller water tank capacities (only 0.7 liters) amongst comparable spec coffee makers of this age. Across all the coffee makers that came out around the same time as this coffee maker the water tank capacities range from 0.15L to 2.7L, and the average water tank capacity is 1.2L.

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2 Cups Capacity in Cups

This is a 2 cups dispensing capacity coffee maker.

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Product Identifiers

Manufacturer Part Numbers tassim vivy tas1254gb, about epetas1252gb, tassimo tas1256gb, tassimo tas1254gb, tassimo tas1251gb, tassimo tas1202gb, tassimo tas1252gb, tassimo n125980w, tassimo n140982w, tassimo n128665w, bosch tas1252gb, about tas1252gb, tassimo tassimo, tassimo ta0484, tassimo 6gdm9, tassimo 3vv7j
Barcodes 00781068048363, 00787162595307, 04242002796628, 04242002830292, 04242002830322, 04242002830384, 04242002830674, 04242002830735, 04242002830759, 04242002882703, 05054480569231, 05054480647441, 07622201348779

TASSIMO VIVY Review Sources

To prepare this TASSIMO VIVY review we compared this coffee maker to 674 other models. For each coffee maker that we compared, we collated thousands of pieces of information including technical specs, reviews, and prices. In total we analysed 158,814 product attributes, 5,978 coffee maker reviews and 801,700 historical coffee maker prices from 0 coffee maker retailers. We then picked out the standout features of this coffee maker compared to the other models as well as any areas where this coffee maker is lacking.