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The 10 Best Coffee Grinders - June 2017

Every week we analyse the technical specs, reviews and prices of every coffee grinder on the market in the US to determine our top 10 list.
In total we compared over 84 coffee grinders, 8 reviews and 260 prices. Last updated 20 June 2017.

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#2 in Coffee Grinders
CM 702

Graef CM 702

Burr Grinder
Adjustable Grinder Settings
Coffee Beans Capacity
Product Type
Feb 2015
Release Date
  • $195.51
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#9 in Coffee Grinders
Coffee Grinder

Dualit Coffee Grinder

Burr Grinder
Adjustable Grinder Settings
Coffee Beans Capacity
Product Type
Aug 2015
Release Date
  • $138.00
    Save $14.00 (9%)
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Tefal GT203840

Blade Grinder
Adjustable Grinder Settings
Coffee Beans Capacity
Product Type
Apr 2015
Release Date
  • $107.59
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Buying a Coffee Grinder

At its core, a coffee grinder is a small machine that take whole coffee beans and runs them through a grinder, providing fresh ground coffee for an excellent brew. While it’s definitely fine to use pre-ground coffee, coffee snobs generally agree that coffee tastes better when you use freshly-ground beans rather than pre-packaged grounds.

Blade grinders

These grinders use sharp blades powered by an electric motor to chop the beans into very fine pieces. These machines are generally the cheapest type of coffee grinder, but they do not produce a particularly even grind - some ground may be significantly different sizes than others, leading to a less-efficient brewing, and less tasty coffee. More troubling, the high RPM of the blades on these type of grinders generates quite a lot of heat, which can lead to actually burning the grounds, making coffee brewed from them taste far more bitter.

Burr grinders

This method of grinding is the traditional way of grinding coffee, and has changed very little since the manual grinders that used to be used. The ‘burrs’ in question are toothed or notched gears, which crush and grind the beans into a uniform manner. They give a far more consistent grind than blade grinders, but tend to be slightly more expensive. Burr grinders also improve on blade grinders by being able to vary the size of the grind, allowing them to be effectively used for a wide variety of coffee brewing methods.

There are two main types of burr grinder: conical and wheel. Conical grinders are quieter but also slighly more expensive than wheel grinders.


Coffee grinders all have a different capacity, measuring that amount of ground coffee the machine can hold. Some grinders contain a big hopper that can hold enough grounds for several cafetieres, others will only product enough grounds for a single cup - these usually have inbuilt ‘dose controls’ to make sure only the right amount of grounds are produced at once.

Which capacity is best for you depends on what kind of coffee you mot regularly make - families and companies may prefer a bigger capacity, while solo coffee drinkers may only need a grinder that dispenses a single dose at a time.


More advanced coffee grinders will allow you to set a timer for how long the grinder will run - this allows you to create the precise grind quantity for the amount of coffee you want to make, especially when using bladed grinders. Some coffee makers will measure out in seconds of grinding, others will measure in cups. In both cases, you will need to experiment to find the right amount of coffee grinds for your chosen method of brewing.

Grind Settings

Burr and disc coffee grinders have settings to change the size of the coffee grounds produced by the machine. This is important because different types of brewing methods favour different sizes of grinds - an espresso machine requires an extremely fine blend, whereas using a cafetiere requires far coarser grounds. Many will have pre-programmed settings to allow for easy selection, but will also allow manual adjustment.

For bladed grinders, it is more difficult to adjust the side of the grind, since the blades cannot be modified to cut coarser or finer. However you can gain an approximation of different grind sizes by grinding the beans for longer. As a good rule of thumb 8-10 seconds will give you a coarse grind, with 12-15 seconds giving a medium grind, and 15-20 for a fine grind.

With all types of grinder, you have to experiment a bit to find the perfect grind setting for the coffee you want to make. If you find too many ground leaking into the coffee, try a coarser grind. If you want a more intense flavour, try finer grounds.

Coffee Grinder Retailers, Prices and Features

Coffee Grinder Prices

In total we found 14 coffee grinders ranging from $0 to $266. The average price of a new coffee grinder is $104 and the 80% of coffee grinders are priced between $0 and $219. The Graef CM 800 is the most expensive coffee grinder that we found at $265, and the Cloer 7560 is the cheapest at only $0.

Coffee Grinder Brands - Price Range

The average price of Graef coffee grinders is $230 which is the highest average price of all coffee grinder brands. Graef coffee grinders start at $196 and the most expensive Graef coffee grinder costs $265.

KitchenAid coffee grinders start at $219 and the most expensive KitchenAid coffee grinder costs $219. The average price of KitchenAid coffee grinders is $219 which is the second highest average price of all coffee grinder brands.

Breville coffee grinders range in price from $130 to $130, and the third highest average coffee grinder price out of all brands is Breville coffee grinders with an average price of $130.

Coffee Grinder Brands - Average Ratings

We couldn't find any reviews for coffee grinders.The top three coffee grinder brands are Sencor, OBH Nordica and Adler. Sencor has an average rating of 0%, OBH Nordica has an average rating of 0% and Adler has an average rating of 0%.

Biggest Coffee Grinder Retailers

We found 9 current offers for coffee grinders from eBay making it the biggest coffee grinder retailer. That is over 9 times bigger than the second biggest retailer, Overstock for whom we found 1 current offers for coffee grinders. The third biggest retailer is Best Buy with 1 current coffee grinder offers.

When Are Most New Coffee Grinders Released?

July to August is the most common period for new coffee grinders to be released in. If you want the latest coffee grinder features you may want to think about waiting until July 2017. Alternatively you might be able to buy one of the current coffee grinders cheaper in July once the latest models have been released. In 2016 most new coffee grinders were released in August, with six new coffee grinders released that month. In January 2015 seven new coffee grinders were released making it the biggest month that year for new coffee grinder releases. The biggest month in 2014 for new coffee grinder releases was July, with 13 new coffee grinders released that month.

How Fast Do Coffee Grinder Prices Drop After Release?

New coffee grinders drop in price by an average of 60% in the first 6 months after they wer first released. On a typical new coffee grinder costing $33, by waiting 6 months before buying you could save on average $20.

Coffee Beans Capacity

Across the range of coffee grinders, the coffee beans capacity range from 30g to 700g. The coffee beans capacity of the majority of coffee grinders range from 30g to 97g. The DeLonghiKG 520M has the biggest coffee beans capacity. This coffee grinder is a 350g capacity coffee grinder and is on sale for $0.00. The DeLonghiKG 520M has the smallest coffee beans capacity. This coffee grinder is a 50g capacity coffee grinder and currently retails for $0.00.

Adjustable Grinder Settings

Biggest Coffee Grinder Retailers

The biggest coffee grinder retailer by number of products currently for sale is eBay. We found 9 current coffee grinder offers from eBay. The second biggest coffee grinder retailer is Overstock with 1 offers. That means eBay is over 9 times bigger than Overstock when it comes to coffee grinders. Best Buy is the third biggest retailer with 1 current offers.

Which Are the Cheapest Retailers for Coffee Grinders?

eBay most frequently has the cheapest coffee grinder prices (found to be cheapest for 9 coffee grinders).

Proportion of Coffee Grinders for Which Each Retailer is Cheapest?

The cheapest store by number of coffee grinder for which they offer the cheapest price is eBay with the cheapest price on 100% of its coffee grinders.