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Samsung HMX-W200
Samsung HMX-W200
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Samsung HMX-W200 Camcorder

Reasonably priced
Good battery life
14 Reviews + 1 Award Recommended

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Several customers wrote in their reviews that it was good at resisting water ingress. Alecs Prodan gave the product a rating of 5 stars and mentioned in their review of the Samsung HMX-W200 on Amazon “Great underwater and land videos”. Alecs Prodan also mentioned “Although a bit skeptical at first sight, great video underwater as well as on land”. mentioned in their review six years ago “Good waterproofing and toughness specifications”.

Some Samsung HMX-W200 owners who bought the Samsung HMX-W200 considered that it was strong and durable. Hannah Banks said on Amazon “I love that it is rugged and I don't have to worry about dust or dirt particles getting in, which has caused problems with other cameras”. Kevin Coombs said in his review of this camcorder on Amazon “This one is way above what I hoped for, tough, easy and quick to use”. mentioned “Rugged designed water proof, sanddust proof, shock proof, fog proof” .

One Samsung HMX-W200 owner wrote in their reviews that the product was well made. said in their review of this camcorder “The Samsung HMX- 200 produces very good video, has solid sharing and editing software”.

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Easy to Use

A number of customers who bought the Samsung HMX-W200 concluded that it was easy to use. Hannah Banks wrote in her Samsung HMX-W200 review “Is easy to use” and rated the Samsung HMX-W200 4 stars. mentioned “Simple and straightforward to use” . said “Has a couple of handy features including a pause button”.

Good Product Quality

Several Samsung HMX-W200 reviewers considered that it was good quality. Kindle Customer gave the Samsung HMX-W200 a very good review and mentioned “Fantastic quality, great!”. Kindle Customer also mentioned “Videos we have captured are of fantastic quality”. S. Newton wrote on Amazon “Because it can record up to 1080p (very high quality) format” in their review of this camcorder and rated this camcorder 5 stars.

Nice Design

One customer considered that it was good looking. mentioned six years ago “10MP still pictures, stylish design and simplicity is what this camcorder offers” in their Samsung HMX-W200 review.


Good Battery Life

One person said in their reviews that it had a good battery life. Keith Ward said “Battery life s good and it is easily recharged via the USB” in his review. One Samsung HMX-W200 owner who purchased it thought it was quick to charge. S. Newton mentioned in their review of the Samsung HMX-W200 on Amazon “You'll need to order a USB male A/female A lead to charge easily”.

Weight & Dimensions

Good Size

A number of customers who reviewed it thought it was compact.

Smart TV

Good Connectivity

One customer reckoned that it was good in terms of USB connections.


Acceptable Noise Level

One customer who purchased it said that it was noisy. Wellu wrote six years ago “In low light there are visible amounts of noise”.


Only Released Five Months Ago

This video camera was only released five months ago, so it is likely to have better features than some of the older video cameras.


Good Technical Features

One person who bought it concluded that it had good features.


Samsung Camcorders Have Good Reviews

We checked 129 expert and owner reviews for Samsung video cameras and found that on average Samsung has good ratings compared to other brands. We also found that Samsung has good ratings specifically within its video cameras range.

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Poor Technical Guidance

One person concluded that it did not have good technical guidance. Six years ago mentioned in their review “Few manual controls”.

Product Identifiers

Manufacturer Part Numbers samsung hmxw200tpedc

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