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Every week we analyse the technical specs, reviews and prices of every bread maker on the market in the US to determine our top 10 list. In total we compared over 96 bread makers, 245 reviews and 91 prices. Last updated 17 October 2017.

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#2 Russell Hobbs 23620

A highly rated and very economical to run 1kg loaf size bread maker, with a reasonable price and great features
97 Reviews
Value for Money
Very Good
Running Costs
$89 / 5 Years
Overall Score
Maximum Bread Weight
Auto Programs
Aug 2015
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Bread Maker Buying Guide

A bread maker, as the name suggests, is a machine that allows for the easy baking of all different types of bread. Bread makers usually consist of a rectangular box, with a removable baking tin into which the ingredients are added. This is then placed into the machine, and a program controls the mixing, rising and baking of the bread. They dramatically cut down on the work required to make high-quality bread, meaning it's easier than ever to bake it in your home!

Bread makers are primarily differentiated by their capacity. The bigger the bread maker, the larger the loaves it can bake. Some smaller machines can only bake loaves around 500-600g, while larger models can bake loaves as big as 2-3kg.


Nearly all bread makers will come with some form of programs already set up on the machine. These provide easy ways to make specific different types of bread - from standard slicing loaves, to French bread, doughnuts, pizza bases, cakes and buns. Many machines also allow you to specify the crust of your loaves - you can set it to light, medium or dark depending on how well-cooked and crispy you prefer your bread.

Some bread makers will allow you to create custom programs, so you can experiment with different recipes. They may also contain extra programs for non-bread cooking - such as making risotto, soup, pasta sauce, and even jam!

Finally, if you frequently find yourself short on time, and need to bake some bread quickly, it may be worth seeking out a bread maker with a fast bake program. While it doesn't create a loaf as high-quality as the longer settings, this mode can create a full loaf of bread from scratch in under an hour - perfect if you need some quick bread for dinner, or are running to a tight schedule.

Timers & Pre-programming

One of the large benefits of bread makers over standard hand baking is that they contain a timer for baking the bread. You can schedule the bread to be ready for exactly when you want it - the machine will automatically start baking at the correct time. This is especially useful for breakfast - simply load up the machine with ingredients before you go to sleep, set the program to finish when you wake up, and you’ll have fresh bread waiting for you at breakfast!

Fruit/Nut Hopper

Some more advanced types of bread maker contain separate hopper for additional ingredients to be added to the bread, such as dried fruit or nuts. When used in a program, these ingredients are gradually introduced to the dough during the mixing stage, allowing the nuts or fruit to be mixed consistently through the dough. With this addition, it's easy to create delicious specialty loaves such a walnut loaf, dried cranberry bread, or Greek black olive bread!

Included Extras

Most bread makers will also include a recipe book that gives more details on the included programs, and how best to use them. Many also include a free measuring cup, to accurately measure out ingredients for your bread.

Bread Maker Retailers, Prices and Features

Bread Maker Brands - Price Range

The average price of Russell Hobbs bread makers is $183 which is the highest average price of all bread maker brands. Russell Hobbs bread makers range in price from $183 to $183.

The average price of Nesco bread makers is $75 which is the second highest average price of all bread maker brands. Nesco bread makers start at $75 and the most expensive Nesco bread maker costs $75.

The average price of Sencor bread makers is $0 which is the third highest average price of all bread maker brands. Sencor bread makers range in price from $0 to $0.

Bread Maker Brands - Average Ratings

We have checked 4 expert reviews and 214 user reviews for bread makers available online and used this data to calculate the average rating for each brand of bread maker. Russell Hobbs is the top rated bread maker brand with an average rating of 91%. Morphy Richards is the second best brand with 86% and Panasonic is the third best brand with 85%.

Biggest Bread Maker Retailers

We found 2 current offers for bread makers from eBay making it the biggest bread maker retailer. That is much bigger than the second biggest retailer, Factory Outlet Store for whom we found 1 current offers for bread makers. The third biggest retailer is Amazon US with 1 current bread maker offers.

When Are Most New Bread Makers Released?

Most new bread makers tend to be released between January and March. If you wait until January 2018 then you might be able to get better features on your bread maker. It's also worth keeping in mind that the price of the current bread makers tend to drop off when the next models are released. Four new bread makers were released in March 2016 making it the biggest month that year for new bread maker releases. January was the biggest month in 2015 for new bread makers, with 15 new bread makers released that month. In July 2014 14 new bread makers were released making it the biggest month that year for new bread maker releases.

How Fast Do Bread Maker Prices Drop After Release?

On average bread makers drop in price by 2% in the first 6 months after release. If you are prepared to wait then you could save an average of $2 on a typical $129 new bread maker by waiting 6 months before buying.

Maximum Bread Weights

This is the largest weight of bread that can be made in your bread maker.

Across the range of bread makers, the maximum bread weights range from 450g to 1.5kg. The maximum bread weights of most bread makers range from 870g to 980g. The Russell Hobbs23620, which can be purchased for $182.59, has the biggest maximum bread weight and is a 1kg loaf size bread maker. The bread maker with the smallest maximum bread weight is the Russell Hobbs23620, which is a 680g loaf size bread maker and currently retails for $75.31.

Auto Programs

This denotes the amount of built in programs that your bread maker will come with. These allow for the easy creation of everything from loaves and rolls to more specialist types of bread, and even non-baking foods like jam or risotto.

Comparing all bread makers, the auto programs range from 3 to 33. The auto programs of most bread makers range from 12 to 15. The bread maker with the most auto program is the Russell Hobbs23620, which is a 12 auto program bread maker and can be purchased for $182.59. The Russell Hobbs23620 has the least auto program. This bread maker is a 12 auto program bread maker and is available at $75.31.

The more programs on your bread maker, the more versatile it'll be, and the more foods you can cook with it.


The most popular colour amongst new bread makers is white. We found 18 bread makers that are bread makers that have a white coloured. Black is the second most common colour amongst new bread makers. We found 13 bread makers that are bread makers that have a black coloured.

Biggest Bread Maker Retailers

The biggest bread maker retailer by number of products currently for sale is eBay. We found 2 current bread maker offers from eBay. The second biggest bread maker retailer is Factory Outlet Store with 1 offers. That means eBay is much bigger than Factory Outlet Store when it comes to bread makers. Amazon US is the third biggest retailer with 1 current offers.

Which Are the Cheapest Retailers for Bread Makers?

eBay most frequently has the cheapest bread maker prices (found to be cheapest for 2 bread makers).

Proportion of Bread Makers for Which Each Retailer is Cheapest?