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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

QHow much is a kilogram of laundry when measuring capacity?
A1kg of washing equates to approximately a single change of clothes (for example top, jeans, underwear, socks). Therefore an 8kg washing machine will be able to hold clothing approximate to 8 'outfits'
QWhat is the benefit of faster spin speed?
AFaster spin speeds mean that the water will be removed from the clothing faster and more efficiently.
QWhat is a load balancing system?
AA load balancing system helps to spread the clothes evenly around the drum of the washer-dryer, rather than have them all bunch in a single place. This helps keep the machine more stable while in the spin cycle.
QWhy do washer-dryers have a different washing and drying capacity?
ABecause the washing expands when it's being dried, washer-dryers can normally hold fewer clothes when on a drying cycle. For this reason it's generally better not to pack the washer-dryer too full, otherwise you'll have to dry the clothes in batches.