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Compare The Best Balay HobsJuly 2020

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What is the Kagoo Score? Our unique hobs rating which considers: 140 US prices • 4,100 expert & user reviews • 4,900 product comparisons • Score breakdown
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

QWhat is a wok burner?
AA work burner is a larger circular burner specifically made for wide-bottomed woks, in order to evenly distribute the heat across the whole base.
QWhat is a fish burner?
AA fish burner is a long rectangular burner, designed for grilling whole fish.
QWhat is a residual heat indicator?
AA residual heat indicator is a glowing light (usually red) on the hob to show when an electric burner is still hot, so as to prevent accidental injury.
QWhat is a flame failure device?
AA flame failure device monitors the flame on a gas burner, and automatically cuts the gas supply if the flame goes out.

Hob Buying Guide

A hob is a collection of gas or electric burners arranged together in a single unit with a unified power source. While they are usually included with an oven as part of a cooker set, they can also be bought seperately. We have a large selection of hobs in all different shapes, sizes and colours, allowing you to pick the perfect hob for your needs, as well as one that complements the style of your kitchen.

Burner Type

When choosing a hob, first you must decide whether you want gas or electric burners. Both have advantages and disadvantages:

Gas Hob: Gas burners have no heat-up time, so are far quicker to use, and the heat levels are easier to control than electric. Gas flames tend to spread more evenly across the bottom of pans, meaning quicker heating and more even cooking. They are also cheaper to run than electric hobs, saving you money on daily use.

Electric Hob: Electric hot plates take time to heat up, and tend to have a far more concentrated heat radius, leading to uneven heat distribution with large pans. They are also more expensive to run than gas hobs - however they are easier to clean, and significantly easier to set up and use.

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All our hobs are graded on their energy efficiency. The higher the grade, the less energy will be used during cooking, and the cheaper the hob will be to run. Look for a hob graded at A++ or above for the best efficiency in daily use.
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Number Of Burners

Another consideration is the number of cooking zones (burners or hot plates) on the hob. Most hobs have 4 burners spaced evenly across the top of the machine - however some models have as few as 2, or as many as 7. These burners will be of differing sizes and shapes - most 4-burner hobs contain a small, medium, large and extra-large burner, suitable for a range of different pots and pans. While 3-4 burners will be sufficient for the majority of users, people that find themselves cooking a lot of dishes at once may wish to look at extra-large hobs that can fit several different pans at once.

Specialist Burners

It's not only the number of burners that is important - several more advanced hobs also contain specialist burners as well. These can include:

Fish Burner: A long, thin burner, large enough to fit a whole fish on at once.

Wok Hob: An extra-large circular burner, suitable for the large flat bottoms of woks.

Teppanyaki Hob: A large, flat, square burner, suitable for the preparation of teppanyaki - a Japanese form of cooking that involves cooking ingredients at high heat on a metal plate.

Power Level

The power level of the hobs are measured in watts (W). The larger the power level, the quicker and more efficiently food will be cooked. Hobs also have a different amount of power settings - on some more basic models, this can be little more than 'low' or 'high'. However more advanced models feature a large number of power settings, allowing for extreme precision when cooking.

Balay Hobs

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Hob Brands - Average Ratings

We have evaluated 26 expert reviews and 3,917 user reviews for hobs and used this information to evaluate the average rating for each brand of hob.